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Review #1, by Potter71500 Home Sweet Hogwarts

22nd June 2014:
I liked your story, but didn't Remus get turned into a werewolf after he was done with Hogwarts? I might be wrong though.

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Review #2, by jake epstein The Beginning of the end prt 2

6th March 2009:
Why is this story posted as abandoned? Don't tell me you made the same mistake as me! Anyway, how do I get a hold of you on this damn thing? This site has been updated so magnificently that I can't find or do a single thing! LOL. Anyway, thank you for adding my story, "The Friendly Foe," to your faves! Late.

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Review #3, by harrysgirlthroughandthrough The Beginning of the end prt 2

16th March 2007:
no dont stop i love it whos diary is it malindas yay! updatupdateupdate

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Review #4, by harrysgirlthroughandthrough Begining of the End

16th March 2007:
I pity any children you two have." said Sirius hahahhahha so do i

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Review #5, by nazozink The Beginning of the end prt 2

21st February 2007:
yes its alive ALIVE I TELL YOU! wootness!! im so happy this day just gets better and be- ooo piza pizzas here!!! so happy!!! I have one suggestion well actually 2 but hey im saying its one!! try writting more details emotions and paragraphs im not saying turn this into a fic were all it is is a bunch of paragraphs discribeing random stuffbecause if u do that i will cry ---sniff. sooo the other one is not really a suggestioon rather than a call to demand pleeeaaassseee write faster!!! i was sad i couldnt read it. wow that was more of a beg wasn't? ah well... and look i reviewed dont stop!! i will cry and turn emo..looks at clothes ...well more emo? im a prepy goath cause im hyper but i look rock and black and chains oo chains well like i said keep it up i love this story becaus eit has a goath so very little do and because Sirius is an idiot(sniggers) K bye
SINcerly nazozink

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Review #6, by dragon Begining of the End

3rd November 2006:
why'd you kill it ? ( sobbs in dissponent ) plaese start it again. i love it.

Author's Response: lol i havent looked at this in....*cough* 7 months. I dunno y i loyal reviewers to read it. I may start it again. Since I liked writing it.

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Review #7, by nazozink Begining of the End

24th September 2006:
ok hold on for a long review (at least on my standers)
WOW I love the james lily thing!!! I pridect they will have a son named harry one
Melinda is kool punk, and rebellious I love it reminds me of a friend of mine *coughGabicough*
Sirius does have bad grmmer no and then and some of the other charcters do to but mostly Sirius no Im not sure if that is supposed to be how it is for him... If it is kool.... Its still easly understood just a beta or a quick read threw should sufice.No one to the rest of it
This is going on my fav list because u know wat its funny very funny so funny my side hurts ow...
Reading this is a pure joy I hape u update soon
PS ok heres were I talk a bout nothing
did u know ps stood for post script?
I didn't untill about 2 weeks ago
toaster Martians throw jelly at people.
and if you are still reading this Im imppressed.
I can jumpand down oh how lucky am I so what if a lot of other people can I'm just proud ok
ok done now bye bye goodbye farewell (and thanx for all the fish if you don't get it its from Hitch hikers guide for the galxy movie)
k bye

Author's Response: lmao...NICE review. I was very amazed my concentration never wandered so for that *thumbs up* lol. I kind of thought nobody was reading this story and abandoned it but as you think its to great *writes more*....hopefully there will be an update soon....very soon mwah ha ha ha

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Review #8, by nazozink Home Sweet Hogwarts

24th September 2006:
Omgosh How could no one review yet this roks Its haillarious and I love the plot next chappter for longer review!!

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