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Review #1, by Sall Puppy Love

12th January 2009:
Love this story, gets me every time

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Review #2, by ginnypotternic5 Puppy Love

17th May 2007:
I love it such a good story. WHOOO Go Sirius! Dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks glad you enjoyed.

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Review #3, by Lutien Puppy Love

17th December 2006:
Haha! Relly fun Idea.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #4, by rachel_n_ron4ever Puppy Love

6th August 2006:
omg that was long but alsome(sp)im a sucky waz awsomely great(?)!

Author's Response: Thanks Rachel :)

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Review #5, by mrs_heather_grint Puppy Love

4th August 2006:
Awww. I loved that. I really loved how close Harry got to the dog. It was actually sort of heartbreaking. This was really long and I almost didn't finish it, but I wanted to know how it turned out. Okay, now for the constructive criticism crap.
You have some grammar problems. Like, not putting commas in the right place, not really a big deal, but I'm a crazed writer and that stuff drives me mad. Oh, but I liked how you didn't clutter this story up with conversation. Some stories just don't need it and this was one of them. Well, it is now 2 am, and I really need some sleep, so au revior :]. And I reward you with a 9/10 and a virtual trophy!

Author's Response: Aww! yay!! a good review!! thanks Heather! I really really should have split it up into chapters but between lately having problems getting stuff into que and having been late for the deadline for the challenege I decided to be lazy and just stick it all in there because I originally wrote it just one chapter.. lol.. soo in it went..

I'm glad it had enough stuff to keep you reading to the end :)

*giggles* if Commas are my only problem I'll be cheering.. I can spell like a whiz, in fact I almost got to go compete in the national spelling bee.. but sit me down with a paper to edit with commas and semicolons and other stuff besides spelling and... lookout.. won't be

I've been told I should get a beta.. but I've had some... unsavory... experiences there in the past (stole my story and ran off with it into the sunset never to be seen again)

Yay!!! Normally I use more dialogue, not so much as to be cluttered.. but a bit more... being in Sirius' pov, however, all this needed was his entertaining comentary to everything! LOL!! one of my good guy friends says "I'm reconsidering my part time summer dog at the local animal shelter because of this!"

I've got a bunch of fics in the up and coming all written.. I just have to get them up.. that should be fun.. lol.. so stay tuned :)

anyways.. I should stop I talk waayy too much.. lol.. oohh you speak French too.. I'm getting ready to start my second year of it.. soo.. Au Revoir et abientot :)

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