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Review #1, by mary_hpfan The Big Day

4th November 2006:
That was sssoo unbelivily ( if thats how u spell it =P ) cute and i loved the bit were they say their vows it was so cute! if somebody does not like this story then.*haystack*i hv no idea! =) ur the best

Author's Response: thanx dude!!!

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Review #2, by Evil Topaz The Big Day

14th October 2006:
hey great story and yes i would like you to make me a banner for my story thank you!

my email is:

byexxx ~jem~

Author's Response: thanx 4 the review

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Review #3, by Bubbles The Big Day

12th October 2006:
Two stars and a wish:

* Really, really cute!

* The perfect ships!

- Would Ron really go into so much detail about the outfit?

Loved it ,though. 9/10!

Author's Response: thanx 4 the review!
u can read my other stories 2!!!

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Review #4, by LolaStarz The Big Day

3rd October 2006:
That was a sweet story!!!!!!!!!! The wedding was greatly explained and Ron and Hermione having a baby completed the hole thing!!!!!!!! I love the banner!~LOL~

Author's Response: THANX!!!!
thankyou for the review

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Review #5, by Rachkin the Munchkin The Big Day

26th September 2006:
Hey, I'm Rosie's frend. I quite like this story, i think u should continue it, but u need 2 check your grammar and keep in character more! apart from that it's good. I give it 8/10.
From Rachel

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #6, by dreamseeker The Big Day

8th September 2006:
WOW, that was really good, i would love to see Snape in a suit, lol. I'm not very sure they have Hilton hotels in Harry Potter but oh well. Yay, you used my suggestion for the song and i'm a bridesmade, whooooo! Anyway great story.

Author's Response: thanx for the nice review!!!!
remember i set it in muggle world!!!
thank you

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Review #7, by rozie rocks The Big Day

8th September 2006:
i love it! its really good! is it only a one-shot though???plz tell me it isn't! i want more, lol
cya on monday, luv rosie
p.s. i give it 10/10!

Author's Response: no sozzie its a one shot
=) :)

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Review #8, by pens82 The Big Day

7th September 2006:
great story

Author's Response: thank you!!!!

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