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Review #1, by Jameslovelily123 Are You Happy Now?

4th July 2009:
hahahaha that was so funny :D
11/10 :)

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Review #2, by Isolde Eris Are You Happy Now?

23rd April 2007:
aW! So sad!

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Review #3, by HarryandGinny Fan Are You Happy Now?

5th November 2006:
how is this completed? you need to make a sequal? 10/10

Author's Response: My idea of a one-shot is not necessarily an entire short story that goes on really long... its just a chop out of a big story... like the climax of a story that's been going on in the background that we dont really hear about in depth. That's all this was really... just a slice of a big story that has no real beginning or end :-p It's just my one-shot style I guess lol

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Review #4, by seamusluver Are You Happy Now?

31st October 2006:
OMG!!! i absolutely LUV michelle branch!!! u did such a good description of the Quidditch stuff i was blown away!!! By the way, i was thrilled that u took the time to read and review Fate's Desire! U R THE BEST!!! lol

Author's Response: lol... thanks! And no problem-- I love returning reviews to my readers when I can :-D Sometimes tho I miss people and then I can't remember whose I read and whose I didn't... and that bothers me :-(

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Review #5, by Heavensshortie Are You Happy Now?

25th October 2006:
... and? and????? continue please?

Author's Response: lol I'm SoOoOoO bUsY!!! I will try to get back to this tho... I've really let it go too long... I can't hardly remember where I was going with the plot :-S Yikes!

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Review #6, by Ravenclaw Seeker Are You Happy Now?

2nd September 2006:
Aww, that was so sad! Personally, I don't see Ginny being that angry... I know she's probably a bit upset, but she's supposed to understand Harry's reasoning! But it was a good songfic, very well written.

One technical thing, is you don't need to have the *flashback* and *end flashback* there. That part is in Italics, so everyone knows it's a flashback anyway.

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought that would be a dead give-away... but you never know sometimes. I didn't want to confuse people and have to explain, so I put it in there and ignored how redundant it seemed lol. Thank goodness everyone seems to have understood though...

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Review #7, by Audes Are You Happy Now?

25th August 2006:
Great story! you really empathise with both harry and ginny in this, and ron talking with a bloody nose is just the sort of thing that would happen to ron! lol poor kid! i would really love to know if harry and ginney ever sort things out though.. would be great, to you know ease my curious mind! :P

Author's Response: Wow! Hey Audes! :-D Well, I can promise you that they do-- I mean, don't they always? They are just meant to be. Not exactly my favorite ship but it's just too meant-to-be to not work out in the end... no matter what!!

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Review #8, by Lily Evans Fan Are You Happy Now?

13th August 2006:
amazing writing, i love one shots like this. with the right style, these can often be more effective than a whole story, and i think youve nailed this 1. cant wait to read more of your writing. xXx

Author's Response: Wow! Wonderful review! I agree... i used to never really read one-shots and I certainly never wrote them... now I love it... because they are quick, easy to write, and yet they can be more packed with emotion than a whole novel simply because it focuses on one event in an instant... it also lets a writer pay more attention to detail since you have all the time in the world to describe this one meeting or memory... I love it! I'm addicted to them now!

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Review #9, by ForgottenSoul_14 Are You Happy Now?

3rd August 2006:
Oh. My. God. I love it like so much. I mean it. Tears in my eyes and my fingers pounding on the keys to get all my thought out. It's amazing. Don't give this up! None of your stories, okay? Oh, thanks for reviewing my story. I appreciate it lots. Now onward to read more of your stories!

Author's Response: :-D *smiles big* That's so wonderful to hear! I wouldn't give up on them for the world-- even if it takes me a while to update... I couldn't leave people like you hanging! You all keep me going-- I started writing fanfic for myself as a hobby... but now I write it for my fans :-D I love you guys!

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Review #10, by olivie Are You Happy Now?

28th July 2006:
uh, kind'a sad ending. I like the way you wrote this story it made me feel good reading people like, taking each other out instead of me taking people out (not like I do that or anything!!) I just felt better after reading it! Thanx! 9/10!

Author's Response: LoL... thanks Olivie... it was kinda nice for me to write it as well :-p

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Review #11, by Death2Muds Are You Happy Now?

26th July 2006:
Much more pleasant with the tags up and going. I read the summary; I actually haven't heard of the artist this time, much less the song. Eh, no matter. Doesn't change anything. Cheers.

Author's Response: Thanks for the imput Erik... I know I promised blood... but i didn't lie... i never said how MUCH blood lol

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Review #12, by thechosenone Are You Happy Now?

26th July 2006:
that was a really good songfic. I was thinking about writing an H/G with "Are you Happy Now"... it's interesting to see how different people interpret the same song...

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Really? Weird... great minds think alike tho! :-D

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Review #13, by HP_Fan Are You Happy Now?

25th July 2006:
I loved the drama and it was an all around great story but do try to get back to puppy love 3 I just love that story

Author's Response: I guess i might as well be honest with you... lately I've been going through some personal hardships, so its just easier to write a bunch of one-shots to release some feelings rather than butcher a happy, funny, lighthearted fic like PL3... i really don't want to see a twin die, but in my state, i think i might kill one. No one wants to see that happen. Hopefully I'll be feeling more cheerful soon and get back to writing fluff... but we will see. I hate to keep everyone waiting but the fun-loving plot bunny is out of commission right now.

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Review #14, by hermiones_patronus Are You Happy Now?

25th July 2006:
oh so sad! im crying. yes, i am really sensitive, but still. you are an amazing writer. you really captured the character of Ginny very well. this is exactly as i thought she would feel. 10/10

Author's Response: LoL... thanks! I tried... i know she had to be pReTtY furious :-p I know I would be!!

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Review #15, by holly bergman Are You Happy Now?

25th July 2006:
great fic!

Author's Response: thanks! :-D

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Review #16, by dreamer Are You Happy Now?

25th July 2006:
that was pretty good...haven't heard that song though lol....i liked how ron was talking funny wen he hurt his nose :P lol

Author's Response: yeah... i heard it on commercial for something lol... i liked the lyrics :-p

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Review #17, by The5Potters Are You Happy Now?

25th July 2006:
Good story! I like it! 10/10

Author's Response: LoL.. thanks... my first and only review :-p This story took me like 30 minutes to write... i just heard the song and had an idea and went with it without really planning it out... i just hoped it didnt turn out terribly :-S

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