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Review #1, by James and sirius 4 eva Despair

14th December 2007:
OMG now i understand why harry was so upset! this was amazing! Really sad but kinda of happy then sad all over again.

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Review #2, by kuuz Despair

5th April 2007:
Wow! Very emotional. I was thinking more along the lines of hell on earth. You know Voldemort comes back and everyone dies, but this is much harder choice for Harry. It's wonderful!

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Review #3, by ant122992 Despair

1st March 2007:
Aw, I want to cry!

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Review #4, by Cassidy Evans Despair

10th November 2006:
Tear, tear, tear... Oh, now look, my makeups ruined! Look at what you made me do! Damb. oh well, it was worth it... Phoenix and James... not sure if I like that idea too much... ~Cassidy~

Author's Response: LOL! I keep hearing that same sentence. "Phoenix and James...not sure if I like that." It's an odd twist, but yeah...they have had some chemistry, and in the event neither had Remus and Lily, they would've ended up together. They wouldn't have been as happy, but they would've been happy enough. Because deep down, their friendship is stronger than their love for each other is. But after living together for eight or nine years as they did, they were basically a married couple anyway. Funny thing was that they were hands-off for most of that time.

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Review #5, by Dee Dee Despair

11th October 2006:
Oh woooaaawww....such a brilliant one... i almays wondered what harry saw....its soo sad! and briilliant!

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Review #6, by Golden_Snitch Despair

7th September 2006:
*sniff* I don't want to like this ... No offence, but I ust don't like this image. It's just ... wrong. So wrong ...

No digs at your writing, it's just ... I want it back the way it was! Don't ever make it like this again! Please? *begs* James/anyone but Lily is like ... Lupin/Tonks is to you!

Author's Response: *dies laughing*

I know it's wrong...but was a "What if?" situation, okay?! It didn't happen.

Of course, in that situation, could you really expect James and Phoenix not to end up together? They lived in the same house, raised their sons together, and remained close because they were the only ones left of their little group.

And they did wait a long time. At this point, they'd only been married for three months. Phoenix is only about two months pregnant, if that. And I really and truly believe that Lily and Remus would have encouraged it if they could communicate with them.

James and Phoenix will NEVER forget Lily and Remus. They both accept that from themselves and from the other...

..."There are some wounds that can never be healed."

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Review #7, by Michaela Dragonsworth Despair

17th August 2006:
*cries waterfalls rivaling Niagara*

Author's Response: *sniff* Glad someone found it as sad as me. I cried a little when I killed everyone. >_> Of course, that's probably my own fault...

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Review #8, by Jessy_ann_Black Despair

5th August 2006:
omg sooooooo sad :(:(

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Review #9, by Caty Despair

30th July 2006:
It nearly made me cry... OK I`M CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Author's Response: AHAHAHAHA!!! *points and laughs* Oh, wait...I cried too. *points and laughs at self?* *shrug*

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Review #10, by LoveIsAlways Despair

30th July 2006:
This is such a good one shot! It made me tear up. So sad, yet happy.

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Review #11, by sydneybristow Despair

27th July 2006:
woot woot!!!!! another fanfic!!!!!!!!! wait that means more cliffies once this one's over.....oh well hahaha

Author's Response: Muahaha! That's right, dear Watson...more cliffies. ^_^ Pwned.

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Review #12, by Ginevra_Black Despair

26th July 2006:
sad and bautyful!!
i loved it like your other stories...
keep writing milady... you're amazing!!
but i must ask: is it suppose dto be better or worst for everyone? i don't know...

Author's Response: GINNY B!!! How I've missed your sweet, sweet reviews... *bats eyelashes* Ahem! Yes...your question. It is both better and worse in ways. It's mostly a big twist of emotions. The reason Harry is so torn apart by it is that yes, he would have had his father, but he would have lost Sirius, Remus, and most importantly, his mother. Either way he loses, but how can he decide which one he would rather have had? Like it's mentioned in my fanfic: the grass is rarely greener on the other side. In order to gain something (in Harry's case, a happy childhood) he has to lose something (some of the people he loved dearly). The same is for Phoenix and James. They remain alive, with two sons and a daughter on the way. They end up marrying each other...but their former lovers will always be dearest to them. For instance, James loves Lily more than he will ever love Phoenix. Phoenix knows this, because she will always love Remus more than James. Both understand that this, and they can live with that. They love each other very much, but never as much as they once loved the father/mother of their child. It's very complicated and very emotional...and James, Phoenix and Harry (in the Letting Go era) all have to deal with those emotions and make a choice: who has to die?

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Review #13, by Demon_Darkheart Despair

25th July 2006:
that was awesome!!!
i luved it and i always thought if something happened to lily and remus they'd get together!!!
your an amazing writer and i am running out of things to say because you've heard most of it because i review so often so
RoCk On!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Don't let that keep you from reviewing, though! You guys have no idea how much your reviews mean to me!!!

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Review #14, by sydneybristow Despair

25th July 2006:
omg...its soo sad, im tearing up i know why harry was so sad....volume one...does that mean there's more?? hmmmm

Author's Response: That's right...there is going to be more than one. I was going to write another One-Shot after I finished writing Letting Go...but now I think it's going to be a fully-fledged fanfic. In fact, I'm sure of it. So there you have it. I'm writing one more! :)

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Review #15, by ant122992 Despair

25th July 2006:
Noooooo way! I'm so glad you decided to write this, I was hoping you would. I don't believe it, that's crazy...The ending...woah.

Author's Response: Hehe...funny thought, innit?

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Review #16, by miss_mooney Despair

25th July 2006:
Oh my gosh that is soo sweet and so so sad!

Author's Response: Very much so, yes. I cried while writing it... *sniff*

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Review #17, by Cserri Despair

25th July 2006:
wow....*breathes* hmm....pretty crazy. Really good. Props sissa. Lots of suprises. *ahem*

Author's Response: *dances* Na-na-na-na-na-na!!! You're in Azkaban!!! ...Okay, not really. Cserri got out, went back to France, and lived happily ever after. Sort of, anyway. I mean, you still have Emberlynn...and I dunno if that can be considered true happiness...

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