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Review #1, by Pm Remus Knows Everything

20th February 2017:
Your story is wonderfull, really good job

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Review #2, by harrypotterforever24 The Running Rat

28th December 2011:
Sigh. This story is so amazing. But its been almost 4 years since you've updated, so im pretty sure you're not going to anymore. But I wanted to say anyways how much i love your writing and creativity. I hope you are okk.

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Review #3, by OH SIRIUS WTF HAVE YOU DONE! The Running Rat

18th January 2011:
well my name says it all:P seriously he is an idiot but the mauraders beter get back together

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Review #4, by UPDATE The Running Rat

18th January 2011:
i absolutley love this story but it is 2011 and you still haven't updated :'( I understand that your going thru tough stuff but please please do update for the sake of my exsistence.

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Review #5, by Happy The Lily Evans Twist

9th September 2010:
It makes no sense for James to want to be around Lily now. I'm looking forward to how you take the AU now. Is harry going to be Sirus's son because James will absolutely not want her anymore?

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Review #6, by Fireball Nymph The Running Rat

18th March 2009:
I really lovesd this chapter. It had alot of drama and angst and was just all around really wonderful. I love the way you potray Remus.He's always so calm and collected, which is what I love him for. But, your story is just great and keep on writing. Well, update soon please so i don't kill myself with the tension of what happens next! **1000/10**

Author's Response: I'm trying. :)

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Review #7, by G Marauders Broken

16th December 2008:
Oh my god...I feel bad for Sirius, but not really cause he kind of deserves it? And finally Sirius and Lily have broken up! Only he's so sad now. But if she hadn't ended it with him, I'd have no respect for her anymore
Anyways great job!

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Review #8, by G Explosion

16th December 2008:
Ahhh intense! Nicely done, but I was kinda hoping James would make Lily become herself again without using the antedote. Also, this creepy Snape? Ummm no.

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Review #9, by G Cornered

16th December 2008:
Uh-oh...I'm getting nervous now. While I'm still not a huge Lily/Sirius fan, I feel for both of them.
And Regulus is one of my favorite characters after the 7th book, so its kind of upsetting seeing him so...mean and Slytherin-ish.

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Review #10, by G Right and Easy

15th December 2008:
2) If you think Peter wasn't truely involved with the Marauders, this story is ill advised to you- Ahh thank you! I hate it when stories pretend Peter never existed

But yay! This is really good so far. Normally I hate the idea of Sirius and Lily, cause it seems to unbelievable but this made it seem real. So great job.

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Review #11, by julia The Running Rat

9th October 2008:
HI Rain,

just wanted to let u know what a great story u created.
I am so down lately that nothing but HPFF could cheer me up a bit and your story is part of it.

I especially loved the part how u included the Whomping Willow incident with Snape. It was just GREAT!
I would have never thought that Lily and Sirius could have been an item but u described it so realistically and also all the trouble which arose out of the love triangle that I was truly convinced.

Now I have a question.
I only stumbled upon this story now and since I've figured that u haven't updated this story for months I would like to know if u abandoned it?
Would be great to hear from u.

Author's Response: no, I haven't abandoned it, I've gone through some tough stuff lately and my muse is completely dead. I have hope still that I can finish it eventually, I just need to gather all my thoughts again, and that could take a while.

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Review #12, by dracolover4ever Bug Bites

31st May 2008:
i swear that if james gets lily i'll scream! i love lily and sirius, they would be so amazing together! i hope that that's how it ends, with them being together

Author's Response: *zips lips* you'll have to wait and see. ;)

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Review #13, by megz The Running Rat

26th April 2008:
hurry up and add another chappie...i m dying to know what happens!!!

Author's Response: I shall try, I shall try.

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Review #14, by Emily The Running Rat

1st April 2008:
Oh I love this story! Please update soon! It worries me that you abandoned it since you haven't updated since January 12. I love how you incorporated the whole Sirius/Snape/Whomping Willow ordeal. Makes me wish this is what really happened!

Author's Response: I promise I haven't, life has just been getting in the way of my updates. n_~ I'm very glad you love the story! :)

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Review #15, by tara The Running Rat

21st March 2008:
oh gosh this is such a good story.
everyone is in character so well...especially Peter, who is usually either not in the story at all, or just made to look horrible from the beginning...
Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: LoL. Peter is my LOVE! Wouldn't have a Harry Potter to adore if it weren't for him turning over to Voldemort, and he wouldn't have had the chance to if he wasn't trusted! :) So he's got to be fun and a friend! Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by dianap00 The Running Rat

8th March 2008:
Wow, that was quite a busy chapter. I love how you included the evol Orion. And the fact that Peter was a little bit sore with Sirius, but he hardly hated him... It was undeniably my favorite line.

Author's Response: LoL, thank you! I'm very glad you liked it. Dear Pete never is recognized as the friend he once was. I mean geeze, he was, indeed, a Marauder, he just /eventually/ turned out to be a bad one...but right now he's still good. :)

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Review #17, by devils_snaree Bug Bites

26th February 2008:
this is a really cool chapter about the map. i really liked it!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #18, by hermyemma The Running Rat

15th February 2008:
You know, I read your chapter two days ago and I was like "Huh. I am NOT reviewing for that late, late chapter". And I read the chapter and I was GOING to review, when I went, 'No'.

In the end, I guess, I just couldn't resist telling you how much I liked this chapter although I found drastic character changes occuring and also the fact that half of them seemed out of character. For example, Sirius, he was Mr. Popular with everyone! He couldn't exactly become so heavily depressed. And also, I am sure that some teacher should have said something about James kicking Sirius out of the dorm. They didn't know, you say? Well, my guess is that Lily, being Lily, would have told somone. After all, everyone was talking about them splitting up.

Well, I will stop attacking your story (although secretly you know you deserve to be attcked for the late update; in fact, i thought you abandoned this story. The status kept me hopeful). Sorry, I was just kidding. No one deserves to be attcked. I take my words back.

Please update soon! (Not like the last one!) Please fast!

Author's Response: I believe that we have two very different views of who Sirius and Lily are. Remember that my Lily is NOT the goodie two shoes that loads of people think she is, and Sirius' act of popularity is just that, an act. My Sirius came from a very abusive childhood and he's well aware of how easy it is for him to slip into depression, and when everything comes on top of him at once, he can't quite help it. Further it wasn't so much that James literally threw Sirius' things out of the Dorm so much as Sirius would rather sleep in the Common Room rather than listen to James wishing Sirius would go somewhere else. So the way Lily saw it, it wasn't her place to tattle because Sirius could have easily told James to belt up, but Sirius didn't think that he deserved to. ;)

I am glad that you reviewed though! Reviews give me good reason to continue to write for this story. Unfortunately today I am very sick and afraid to finish the next chapter least my stuffy head sees sense in something that my clear one would think was horrific! But hopefully I'll finish the next chapter within the week. ;)

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Review #19, by Harrys_Patronum The Running Rat

10th February 2008:
GAH HOW COULD YOU LEAVE IT AT THAT! *chews her lip furiously!* Poor Sirius! Poor James! Poor Remus! (I can't feel bad for Peter no matter how hard I try) GAH *cries* CAN'T LILY AND JAMES JUST GET TOGETHER AND EVERYONE BE FRIENDS AGAIN?!?!?!

PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: That would be too simple! Besides, Remus and Sirius said that Lily and James didn't get together until their seventh year! ;) And I'm about 80% finished with the next chapter. :D

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Review #20, by Infantasia The Running Rat

22nd January 2008:
Argh, this is annoying. Can't review twice for one chapter so I had to log out and review ;) Haha. I just wanted to thank you for your explanation. And like you guessed, no I don't have a sibling, which is probably why I don't understand. Haha. But now I do :) I'm glad James isn't a monster and I'm glad that James and Sirius love one another like brothers. It just makes the story sweet.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that ;) Have a nice day!

Author's Response: I'm glad that I could clear that up for you! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #21, by sara_fm The Running Rat

19th January 2008:
I missed reading your fic... it was a great chapter as usual, no reason for you to worry about it.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

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Review #22, by Infantasia The Running Rat

15th January 2008:
Holy Merlin...10 years and you FINALLY update :D You cannot believe how much I love you for doing this. Honestly. I've been dying for an update and now I get one ;) It's like...well...a second Christmas of sorts. But enough with that. I love this chapter :) Yes, I REALLY love this chapter. Actually...there were some parts of it that I felt was a little...blegh...but that's just cause I'm such an avid James supporter. Haha. Anyway, I'll get into detail later. But I love the action, I love what happened, and most of all, I really think that they're getting somewhere...and once again, I'll repeat: FINALLY. Haha. I don't know how much this encounter will change their feelings for one another, but at the same time, I know things will never be the same again for them :) It just makes me happy. Haha.

Anyway...I have to admit that I didn't really like the beginning half of the chapter. Not because it was badly written, because by hell it was awesome, but just because I can't imagine Sirius as a...depressed figure. It just doesn't seem right. And I can't imagine James being so vindictive. He's practically Severus Snape reincarnated in here! It just didn't seem right, you know? I know Sirius can be a bit of an idiot...okay, a HUGE idiot in this case...and I'm sure James knows that too. But to yell at Lily because she put a blanket on Sirius? I don't think that's very least not the James I imagined. He seems more like a even-though-you-messed-up-I'm-still-here-for-you guy.

I think James gets a little contradictory towards the second half of the chapter when he just mindlessly leapt to save Sirius from his father. Just a few minutes ago, he didn't understand why Lily would put a blanket on Sirius and now he's putting his life on the stake for the guy? Kinda strange. If it were the James from a few minutes ago, he'd probably be...I don't know...a little colder? Yeah, at least that's what I think.

Now moving on. I would've really liked to see Sirius's reaction to James, Remus, and well...Peter appearing to rescue him. He was still conscious at the time, right? So yep, it would've been kinda nice to see his astonishment and happiness at James's rescue :) And then there was Peter, who I think you portrayed perfectly. He's just so...HIM. Cowardly creep. And then there was Lily, who followd ;) That was sweet.

Anyway, great chapter...even though I really didn't like James's personality in here. It just kinda ruined my image of him for a while. Sigh. Oh well. I hope they fix their little problem soon enough. Glad to see you've updated though :) I'll be looking forward to another one.


Author's Response: Do you have a sister or a brother? Because that's the only real way that I can explain James' reaction. Well, assuming that you don't, or you do but have never had this issue, I'll explain. I have a younger sister, and in that one package she is simutaniously my best friend and my worst enemy. There are times that she and I have come to blows so horrific that I wished every nasty foul thing on Earth and heaven and hell would come to hurt her in ways even I couldn't dream possible. After everything James had seen Sirius do, he felt this desire too. However, when it comes down to it, when I truly feel that my sister needs me, I'm there for her, no matter what because she's still MY sister. In the moment that James heard Sirius' scream, that's what he felt. No matter what Sirius had done, no matter how he'd screwed up, the bottom line was that Sirius is the closest thing that James has to a brother, and brothers come to blows, and brothers fight, and brothers occasionally hate each other. But hate though they might, love conqures all and James loves Sirius, so James ran to save his brother, his best friend, his Sirius.

So the good news is that James isn't a monster, he's just never had a sibling before and he's never had a fight on such a scale before. It was new to him and he treated it much like a child does the first time he discovers that his little brother isn't going to follow his every rule...he overreacts. It's just that James is older and can be a bit more vindictive because of it. (Besides, Snape will kindly tell you that if it wasn't for James he wouldn't have grown into quite so mean of a person anyways.)

Thanks for the review! I hope that I handled your inquiry to James' reaction properly...I have an author's page if you'd like me to clear it up any more. ;) I hope to have another chapter out soon. :D

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Review #23, by Megan Elaine The Running Rat

15th January 2008:
more! excellent chapter! it was very good! i hope they are okay! and poor sirius!

Author's Response: Thank you! ;)

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Review #24, by fantastically happy The Running Rat

15th January 2008:
i feel like ive been waiting forever but it was worth it! i hope sirius and james can possibly get past at least a few of their problems now (im crossing my fingers) anyway, great chapter and update asap!

Author's Response: We shall see...*evil grin*

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Review #25, by mochalatte The Running Rat

13th January 2008:
Aw! I acually really liked this chapter! It was well written (as is the rest of the story). This story is one of my favorites on here- Keep up the good work; can't wait till you update! Hope its not as long as a wait this time :)

Author's Response: Thanks! And I hope it's not so long either! :)

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