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Review #1, by bluestickie Past and Present

11th January 2009:
It was a bit corny, but it was also really cute, so that's alright. Besides, there's not nearly enough KBOW fics here, so :D Great job :)

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Review #2, by MElizabethPenn Past and Present

22nd September 2007:
Um, yes. So, because I'm weird, I have made a banner of this story since I love it so very much. Let me know if you want it and I will send it to you. My email is

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Review #3, by *stargirlsuperstar* Past and Present

9th August 2007:
Very cute! And one-of-a-kind!

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Review #4, by urperfect Past and Present

17th September 2006:
Wootness, i love KBOW stories....... the are just so cute.
anyway, i'd have to agree with everyone else, this story really......i don't know, has something that i like... i'm adding this to my faves soon. i wonder why there isn't more KBOW stories around...maybe you could write some more for me,..... that would make me happy ^_^

and never forget it

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Review #5, by JadePotter Past and Present

23rd August 2006:
Oh, this was so adorable! I loved it so much! Will you make a sequel to it? Pretty please?

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Review #6, by anonymous Past and Present

19th August 2006:
This is so sweet!!! I love it!

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Review #7, by LostMaeblleshire Past and Present

7th August 2006:
Maybe an eensy bit corny, but there's certainly nothing wrong with that! I was glad to find some KBOW (I'm always so tempted to say kay-bow) on here. I like the way you set up the story, entwining it with a canon event. A bit like a missing moments sort of thing, (Which, funnily enough, is the sort of thing that I started tinkering with this morning. Fancy that!), and those are always lovely to read. The flashback was also neat, because it showed how they weren't necessarily romantically involved, but there was certainly a strong bond between them. You didn't just rush into things, so even though it was a one-shot, it had a sense of... time, I suppose one could say.
Ah yes, and I think that this part was my favorite: "Katie Bell was confused. It looked like a hospital, and it smelt like a hospital, but, the problem was, she couldn’t actually remember getting hurt. Frowning, she gazed around the room, looking at the assorted cards and flowers stacking the shelves, until her eyes alighted on the flying miniature broomstick busily tearing round in circles by itself. Now, that wasn’t something you found in an ordinary muggle hospital. But then, she reasoned, neither was the tall, handsome young man draped uncomfortably over a much too small chair." That really set the scene quite well!
Anyway, this was very good for your first time meddling in the Potterverse (fanfiction-wise), so good job! By the way, to do italics, you would type (without the spaces)
< i > TEXT < / i >
If you need any more help, just give a call and I'll see what I can do. You also might want to try joining the forums. There is a section where new users can ask questions about the site. ^^

Author's Response: Wow, thankyou so much for the huge review!!! im so glad you liked the story, i was worried about rushing through it too fast, so, thats good that it didn't seem too quick...thanks for telling me how to do italics, its really appreciated.

good luck with your 'tinkering' in the 'missing moments' thing!! ;-)

thanks again for your lovely review...
luv, Nut1

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Review #8, by Nut 2 Past and Present

29th July 2006:
You still refer to yourself as Nut 1! Looks like we do have to add the other one now so it makes sense eh? :D Well, I'm glad it has posted now, excellent work!

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