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Review #1, by dancer Scars of Her Past

7th September 2007: reminds me kinda of this book i read..cant think of the name

but whatever lol
keep going

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I hope the reference to the book is good? I am currently trying to write more chapters to this, and working on Victory Girl. Not sure when i will post!

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Review #2, by dancewithme Dates, Dresses, and Deadlines

20th June 2007:
i really like your story and cant wait for more!
sry..but are you still going to continue with your other story i like that one too.

Author's Response: Thanks! Wow, I was beginning to doubt anyone was reading my stories. Well, I didn't think anyone liked my other one, but since you do, I will try to update it soon! As for this story, I have another chapter that I have just added, so it just needs to be validated!

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Review #3, by DeathWeezeMCR Sirius Trouble

15th June 2007:
i do love a good intriuge.

Author's Response: Ha, thanks. Keep reading!

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Review #4, by EvilSmurfa Dreams

6th October 2006:
aw, poor kit! I feel so bad for her!

Author's Response: Kit is my favorite character. (Am I allowed to say that? Oh well) There's much worse to come for dearest Kittie, trust me, I know. Thanks for the review, evilsmurfa! By the way, I like your penname!

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Review #5, by Willow A New Project

28th August 2006:
I think this story is a very good idea.
Very good for a first fanfiction. What I would say you have to improve is the reactions on some things. Like Lily when Kit yells at her I missed some adjectives there.
I think the end of this chapter is good, because people would think now Kit's secret is lifted (which I say would be too aprupt) but I'm sorry, `'m very ignorant, I bet your story is really good but you just left Peter out. You mentioned him once, in one sentence and well like I said, I'm ignorant (I don't think that's good and I'm really ashame but I can't change it) and it really isn't your story I would rather say it's something personal and if I would be someone else I would surely like this story...but well," bonne chance"

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll try to work on my reactions, thanks for the suggestions. I'm sorry I left Peter out, I just really despise him, but I suppose I should include him, as he WAS a marauder. Well, I'll try to include him a little bit more. Thank you!

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Review #6, by a_shooting_star A New Project

26th August 2006:
Lol, i loved the last bit :) An interesting idea!! The bit with Kit and Lily was interesting too - i feel sorry for Lily though, she was only trying to help.
Nice chapter :) Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks! Poor lils, her intentions were good, but I shouldn't be saying that because its my fault...
I really want kit to be kinda mysterious tho! She's so much fun to write!
Thanks for the review, I'll update asap!

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Review #7, by a_shooting_star A Time for Joy, Sorrow, and Packing

14th August 2006:
Hehe, came back to review the first chapter :D Aww, Remus is in an orphanage - that's a different idea. And what a contrast between all of the characters, i like that!! By the way, i'm definately adding it to my favourites :D

[oh and i'm really sorry but i already have a banner for "The Return of the Star" - i was in a really daydreamy mood when i responded to your review and i didn't even realise what story it was for! I'm really sorry that i forgot. I keep meaning to put it up but i keep forgetting! Thank you soo much for offering though :D and sorry again]

Author's Response: I put Remus in an orphanage because...well, I can't tell because that would be a spoiler. But it's for the later plot. Favorites, wow! OOPS, I didn't know you already had a banner! Sorry! Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #8, by a_shooting_star Sirius Trouble

14th August 2006:
lovely story so far ;) I'm liking the blue streaks and i think your dialogue flows really well. The bit with James and Lily was funny :D
Looking forward to more :D

[oh and did you mean what you said about making me a banner??? i would love it if you would please! I said, in my response, that i would e-mail you but i can't seem to log onto my account at the moment! Lol! Sorry and thank you :D]

Author's Response: Thanks! I've posted chapter three, but the validation stuff takes forever! I've written up to chapter seven, so validation should be quick! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Natalia_ Sirius Trouble

13th August 2006:
Lol, great chappie again :D I like blue streaks, I wish I had them! Yes, blue streaks rawk... ;o)

Author's Response: My best friend at camp has blue streaks, and I have always wanted them, too! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Concused_Duck Sirius Trouble

12th August 2006:
I liked it =] wooo first review as well! This has the potential of becoming a great story so keep it up =]

Author's Response: I don't think I can post links in reviews, so email me at, please, and I'll send you the link! Thanks!

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Review #11, by Concused_Duck A Time for Joy, Sorrow, and Packing

12th August 2006:
Hey! You left a review on one of my storys so i thought i would come and check yours out =] Great opening chapter, i thought it was good how you put all of the main (i think anyway!) characters waking up and getting ready for hogwarts.

Btw, did you mean it about making me a banner? Because it would be awesome if you would =]

Author's Response: Of course! I loved your story. I'll leave a link to it in a review. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Natalia_ A Time for Joy, Sorrow, and Packing

11th August 2006:
Hey! I *finally* made the banner, sorry for the long wait, but family was/is in town; didn't have enough time....
And, cutting out all further rambling and excuses, here's the banner!
You don't have to use it; if you want me to make a different one, email me ;o)

Author's Response: I love it! It's awesome! I'm so excited, it's not even funny!!

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Review #13, by private_ryan A Time for Joy, Sorrow, and Packing

3rd August 2006:
nice beginning chapterm it gives us and by us i mean me, a chance to look at all the main characters. although it was a tad boring....sorry. but it was only the first chapter =) so the second will be better? *smile a nd nods*

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, it's my first fanfic, and I'm sorry its boring. I've updated, just waiting for validation. I hope the second chapter is better!

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