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Review #1, by Harry_Inu_lover Strange Things

12th July 2007:
NOOO!!! !!! !!! !!! YOU HAVE TO HURRY UP AND UPDATE!!! !!! !!! !!!

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Review #2, by bearcollector07 Strange Things

15th August 2006:
I totally adore this story, chapter, everything. It's funny, and serious( Ha Sirius. sorry) and soooo intertaining. You have to update soon. Oh PLEASE update soon, PLEASE!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I appreciate you taking the time to review. I try to keep it interesting for everyone!

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Review #3, by screaming_madman Strange Things

14th August 2006:
This chapter is longer than some short stories, cool. Well lets get started. The exchanges between the sisters in this chapter were very realistic. The more realistic a thing is the easier it is to follow so good job.

The idea that Hermione reminded her of a nagging grandmother or aunt was quite funny. I had always thought of her as an old woman as well.

The writing that was supposed to be from one of Harry's books was very well written. It definately sounded like something a person would read in a history text. Very descriptively written. I especially liked the idea of Ravenclaw's children being squibs. I'm pretty sure where you are going with that but do not want to say what i'm thinking because if i'm correct it might take the fun out of it for others.

Question. Do you really think that guy stuff in the bathroom is staring at yourself trying to look sexy? That's ridiculous. Who told you? LOL

Her two best friends being withches was an excellent plot twist. It effectively blended the two worlds and gives her a way in, good thinking.

This is some of the most original writing i've read yet.

There are a few minor typos but nothing to get into a hissy about. This isn't an english class and I'm not a professor so what the heck, drive on.


Author's Response: Wow, I ♥ ur long reviews! I think u are my FAV reviewer EVER! I remember it taking me FOREVER to write this chappie last summer. Oh, you're a smart cookie aren't you? Well, I'm trying to add in some twists, so hopefully you won't get bored. Thanks for not spoling it for the rest of the kiddies. :p. Lol, all I can do is imagine what guys do in the bathroom, cause I am a girl, I know what girls do in the bathroom, but no clue about guys. Maybe you should inform me. I just took a guess, figuring that they must do it sometime, so why not in the privacy of the bathroom, where there is a mirror, and a lockable door? Makes sense to me. Thanks so much for all your nice compliments! These chappies were all written before I got a beta, but I mass-edited the whole story and changed it a bit even in March, so it annoys be that some little bleeping bleeps are still left floating around. Grr. Again, thanks!

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Review #4, by Haley_Pitter Strange Things

12th August 2006:
its great so far and i have read to at least chapter 7 on so i know it will be good throughout the story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing here! I'm glad you like it so far. I hope you like the rest of it too.

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Review #5, by screaming_madman Underwear, Ghosts, and Other Craziness

3rd August 2006:
A very good story especially for your fiirst fan fic. I really like the names you have given the chapters, they really stand out.

In chapter 1 I liked the was that you broke down Voldemorts name as it may sound from a muggle perspective. In addition your description of the Dursleys, particularly Petunia, were the most creative I've read so far. I believe the high point of that chapter however was the battle she was having with her conscience over rather or not to watch Harry shower. Well written chapter.

Chapter 2 initially left me slightly confused about the time period that it takes place in but you did a good job of clearing it up. If I may suggest putting the time period in the story summary it would help clear it up a little. You did a very good job moving from one perspective to another smoothly, an area I particularly have a hard time with so I always enjoy it when others do it so well. Finally the way that they both realized that it was much more than a dream at the end of the chapter was very well played. Perfectly timed.

All in all I should tell you that I very much enjoyed the story as a whole and look forward to reading more. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: Wow. I think that is the longest review I have ever gotten in my life. Which is a very good thing! I very much appreciate how detailed you were in your review. I was actually just bored in my own french class one day, reading HP under my desk, when I realised how creepy it is that 'flight of death' is the actual translation of Voldermort. Very good name-chosing on JK's part. By time period I assume that you mean does it follow the time of when the first book was released or the sixth correct? This fic is based during the fifth HP book, and I will put that in the summary if there is room, that has never been brought to my attention before. Thank you! Thank you also for the compliments on my writing! I am updating as soon as the chapters are validated. It's that that you are waiting on unfortunately. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by dont_FOOL_with_the_COOL Dreams...or Not.

1st August 2006:
Really good, I LOVE THIS STORY! (as soon as my password gets sent to me I will add it to my favourites) and yes, I agree, ice-cubes taste wonderful, but croutons are better! Are you from Canada? ME TOO! Uodate soon=)

Author's Response: I am from Canada. We rock! I am glad you like my fic. My sister also likes croutons better than ice cubes. I hope you keep reading!

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Review #7, by Piper_Bridget Dreams...or Not.

28th July 2006:
OMG!! I LOVE THIS STORY!! Keep it up!! I am adding this to my favorites!!! Seriously, good job! Please hurry and add new chapter. Please?

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reviewing! You like it this much after only one chapter? It gets better, seriously. I will keep adding the chapters (I have 12 written and posted on already) here as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Review #8, by Amy Dreams...or Not.

28th July 2006:
Good story. Can't wait to read more. Keep updating

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It gets better, believe me. I will be updating ASAP.

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