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Review #1, by Black fan Of Time Passing

16th December 2007:
Great chapter!! KEep it up!

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Review #2, by xLoversxKissx Of Time Passing

12th August 2007:
Well, i've only just come across your story and i must say, i'm glad i did. It's great! It's one of my favourites on here, even though there's only three chapters, but hey, you know what they say, it's quality not quantity!
I also love your banner, i haven't seen any like it before, if you have any spare time on your hands, i would love it if you could do me one? My story's called 'The Riddle of the Marauders' and my email addy is '', you know, just incase ^_^

Anyway, great story, keep it up, i can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Gahs, thank you so much! And I promise I'll keep working on the story. I don't know why I suddenly dropped it for a year. :P
And I'll get to work on a banner for you as well. ^_^

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Review #3, by hjplover Shaking Summer's Daze

12th August 2007:
this is a very interesting story so far!! I really like ur banner, that is such a neat idea. if you have time to make me a banner, for my story seven is lucky, that would be amazing! keep updating!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'd be happy to do one for you. ^_^

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Review #4, by fred_sob_lover Shaking Summer's Daze

12th August 2007:
would you be willing to doodle a banner for me? *asks nicely* i would greatly appreciate it. I dont care what it is like.

Author's Response: No problem! I can't believe people actually took me up on the offer. ^_^ I'll get working on it right away.

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Review #5, by CandyCaneBear So Good to be Back

16th December 2006:
Noice. You didn't bore me to death. Now you have to go read mine...

Oh, and I think I said Adele in the first review. =\ Sorry. lol.

Author's Response: ^_^ Haha, that's alright. And I will read your's. And... what else? Oh yeah, so I'm still working on the third chapter... my brain is starting to turn itself on again. I forgot how much fun this is. Hoorah for Adela.

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Review #6, by CandyCaneBear Shaking Summer's Daze

16th December 2006:
I LOVE YOU! And Adele's story is the best! =D Nice chapter, now let me read the next...

Author's Response: Hahaha, Adela's stories are a lot like my stories. ^_^ I'm still working hard on chapter three... if I'm lucky I'll finish soon. Like... within the next two days. Enjoy!

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Review #7, by phobia_of_seaweed So Good to be Back

3rd November 2006:
Heya, remember me? Ha ha. Again a most wonderful chapter but where are your updates? actually i can't talk but never mind! Olivia.

Author's Response: Of course I remember you! Hehe. I uhm... haven't even thought about writing anymore until just now, because yeah... life is crazy and I didn't think many people were reading. :P But thank you SO much for inspiring me in my moment of boredom to get started on an update right away! -Colie

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Review #8, by PrincessInge So Good to be Back

22nd August 2006:
even a better next chapter!!! post more asap!!! Love, Ingexx

Author's Response: Hmmm.... I haven't even started the third chapter! Oooh, but now that I know someone is paying attention I will! Thank you Inge!

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Review #9, by PrincessInge Shaking Summer's Daze

22nd August 2006:
Good good good story!!!!! Really loved this chapter!!!! Love, Ingexx

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Ahaha, hmmm... I should work on this story more...

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Review #10, by Amour So Good to be Back

6th August 2006:
I think the story is great! I love the Adela, and the personalities of the other characters. You definitly don't get carried away and talk forever, and I like long chapters. I love how close she is with the marauders. Okay, well I better go now!

Author's Response: I just want you to know how much I really appreciate you reviewing. It makes me feel a lot better about what I'm writing. I'll start working on the third chapter pretty soon.

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Review #11, by poisoned_thoughts Shaking Summer's Daze

31st July 2006:
I really like the story. I also love indigo inthe princess bride.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for reviewing. I'm working on the second chapter, and it should be ready to submit soon. I also love The Princess Bride. It's one of my favorite movies. :P

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Review #12, by phobia_of_seaweed Shaking Summer's Daze

30th July 2006:
I liked your story how it was, don't worry. Will the whole insomnia thing happen at hogwarts as well? if so, who will recue her? Is she going to fall in love with Sirius. So many questions!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you are my very first reviewer EVER! I will remember you for all time and mention you to my grandchildren (if I have any). Yeah, she still has the nightmares at Hogwarts, I'm covering that in the next chapter. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she'll end up with Sirius, that's in my plan, but maybe something BAD will happen! *gasps* Hahaha, actually I don't have anything really bad planned out so far. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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