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Reading Reviews for Changing Fates
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Review #1, by Mirgob The Prisoners of Azkaban

12th November 2012:
WOW! I love this story!!! It is very well written and very enjoyable! Please post the next chapter! :)

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Review #2, by ravenclawbrunette The Prisoners of Azkaban

8th May 2009:
Oh my god, i am absolutely addicted to this story. I like how you're making everything more believable. It's true that Harry would have eventually accepted Draco because of Harry's soft spot for family. I like how you got Ron and Draco to be more or less friends and how you aren't rushing Hermione and Draco's relationship although I'm sure at Hogwarts it's going to progress a little more rapidely? I look forward to reading more of this amazing story. The format and writing style is great. Keep up the good work! =)

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Review #3, by Melefante_Malfoy The Prisoners of Azkaban

1st January 2008:
Great story, I look forward to seeing an update. I enjoy the extreme detail you have worked so hard on to develop the characters. Cheers.

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Review #4, by Brown Eyed Leo The Prisoners of Azkaban

20th July 2007:
Why aren't you updating? I have lost count on how many months I have waited for you to post chapter 11, and you still haven't, ARG!
In the name of Albus Percivel Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, I command the to post the next chapter! Please ;_; Pretty please with Burty Botts every flavor beans on top. I would thank you whole-heartidly.

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Review #5, by Brown Eyed Leo The Prisoners of Azkaban

14th June 2007:
PLEASE post more chapters! I would be so happy if you did. Come on, for me ;_;. Do I have to beg? OK! FINE, I'LL BEG! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU, POST CHAPTERS 11 AND BEYOND! All right, I begged. Now please post those chapters. :)

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Review #6, by Brown Eyed Leo The Prisoners of Azkaban

29th May 2007:
Could you PLEASE post chapter 11 soon, I read chapter 10 MONTHS ago and I am getting impataint. Please post again. Please.*puppy dog eyes* ;_;

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Review #7, by DMandme4ever The Prisoners of Azkaban

18th April 2007:
luv it keep writin!

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Review #8, by Brown Eyed Leo The Prisoners of Azkaban

26th March 2007:
Please post chapteer 11 soon, I realy like this story and waiting is throwing me into a deap depression. *SIGH* *SOB* *SIGH*

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Review #9, by Brown Eyed Leo The Prisoners of Azkaban

14th March 2007:
I LOVE this story, it is funny, emotional, realistic, and each chapter is long! I realy like it and I wish to read more, so PLEASE post more chapters SOON! I hope sometime before the end of the week, it is currently Wednesday March 14 2007 and I finnished chapter 10, and I would be very happy to see more chapters before next week. Keep up the good work! ^_^

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Review #10, by Brown Eyed Leo Home for the Holidays

13th March 2007:
I realy like this story because you're explainations make it believable and the features you gave Draco also make it believable, so good job and keep it up so you can make more chapters! ^_^

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Review #11, by llaa The Prisoners of Azkaban

12th March 2007:
Wow, this story is so good.

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Review #12, by hi_my_name_is_susan The Prisoners of Azkaban

11th March 2007:
I love this story! please update soon!

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Review #13, by Oneirik The Prisoners of Azkaban

11th March 2007:
Yayayayya!!! I love this story. I truly do. More more!

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Review #14, by Ohsnap Vacation at Grimmauld and Godric

6th March 2007:
Dude update thus is a good story.

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Review #15, by Oneirik Vacation at Grimmauld and Godric

6th December 2006:
Amazing story. I LOVE this idea. I love your style of writing and I do hope to read another chapter soon.

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Review #16, by snakecharmer Vacation at Grimmauld and Godric

21st November 2006:
While I have seen this idea (Draco and Harry being twin brothers) before, this is definitely the best version I have seen. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU FULLY DEVELOP EVERYTHING!!! Oh character development, how I have missed you. So many authors say 'and then Draco became very close to his brother and while the others were slow to accept him, they learned to tolerate him' and then that's all you hear about it. So much of the actual exposition part of the fic is glazed over to get to the action and it leaves the reader with a bad taste in their mouth, but woohoo! You don't suck! I am one of the pickiest readers ever and I read a lot of fanfic (most of which I don't even get past the first chapter) but this story is amazing. That, and the chapters are longer than a thousand words, which is refreshing on a level I'm trying not to think about. Keep writing, or I will be forced to hunt you down and prod you with a stick until you update.

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Review #17, by Quick Wit Vacation at Grimmauld and Godric

20th November 2006:
That was sad. I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this fic. It's a plot used a lot, but you've managed to make it your own and the way you've written it isn't overused at all. I'm really enjoying it and look forward to the next update.

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Review #18, by ArchMage Amidon Plans For the Future

19th October 2006:
Very Good indeed. You are doing well with slowly getting Draco and Hermione involved with each other, and also with getting Harry and Draco closer but still keeping that bit of tension at times. Keep up the good work and update soon.

Your faithful servant,

The Arch-Mage Amidon

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Review #19, by sparklespazbunny A Wizarding Wedding

1st October 2006:
yay! hehe. i love this story!!! can't wait til it gets romantic ;)

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Review #20, by ArchMage Amidon A Wizarding Wedding

30th September 2006:
Very well written stucturally as well as creativly. I like that you are making it a little harder for the rest of them to exept Draco. I have read so many fic where he and Harry will connect either as friends of lovers and Ron will of course scorn it while Hermione is ready to throw them a party. So thanks for a breath of fresh air and update soon. PS just as a bit of a suggestion that you can take and throw right out the window if you like. But Draco has been rather stioc for most of the fic as far as he feelings towards his late parents and now having a brother. Yes he and Harry have heatedly discussed everything at times, but for a good bit of angst or drama he is due for an emotional breakdown at any moment. Could be useful if you want something to form between him and Hermione, have her see him show his softer side hmmm? As I said, just a suggestion. ta

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Review #21, by sparklespazbunny Through the Looking Glass

18th September 2006:
oooooh. buuuurn.

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Review #22, by Kim Through the Looking Glass

18th September 2006:
Very interesting!! Great story line :D

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Review #23, by Gryffy Girl917 Through the Looking Glass

17th September 2006:
Loved it! I love how Hermione's gonna call him Potter. It'll be like he's James and she's Lily. Lol. Anyway, write more soon!!!

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Review #24, by debturp Life, Death and Moving On

31st August 2006:
I found your story at about 1:00 this morning and read what you have posted so far. Your beginning was twisted nicely from the scenes in HBP.
I've found very few typos or errors throughout the chapters. I think this is very well written, as well.
I have read another fanfic somewhere where Harry and Draco are supposed to be twins - but I am honestly more impressed with this particular story. I like the memory album and how things are moving along slowly, but not too slowly.
You are doing a good job of "showing" - not "telling".
I particularly like the references about Lily being so much like Hermione. Nice job of setting the "stage" (so-to-speak).
If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate you emailing me when you update. Although I didn't review chapter by chapter this time, I will do my best to do so in the future. (I have several writing projects going on, myself, although HP fanfic isn't on my agenda right now. *smile*)
Thanx so much!

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Review #25, by Karma101 Life, Death and Moving On

31st August 2006:
awwww that was so cute especaily the "mum mum" thing aww i couldnt help but laugh! nicely done! 10/10

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