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Review #1, by padfootgirl94 Bye-Bye Birdie

20th September 2007:
Aw! so good, but so sad!

Author's Response: Yay! Review!

My other one-shots are better, I think. You could read and review those too if you want... *wink*

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by snape_is_good Bye-Bye Birdie

22nd August 2007:
*sobs* the poem is beautiful!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by Nymphie Lupin Bye-Bye Birdie

16th February 2007:
I really really really enjoyed this! You like to kill off Harry and leave Ginny lonely, don't you? *sniff* Oh well, sometimes we all need breaks from the happy endings. Poor Ginny and Robin!... Robin is a pretty name... Well anywho, I don't think that if I were Harry I would be able to abandon my family like that. I just couldn't.

Was the poem the bold writing? 'Cause if it is, that was great! I really liked that! Do you write a lot of poetry? Maybe you should write another fan fic based on poetry because I actually liked this one more than "Boston," which was excellent!!!

You use a lot of emotional language and I love your style! That's it... you are definitely going to become one of my fave authors!!! You are so great!!! The details all fit together and... OMG!!! You're so great!!!


This definitely gets like a zillion out of ten!!! Please take my suggestion and write more fan fics based on poetry. It seems to me that it's a strength of yours that you can transfer the power and emotions from poems and weave it through a piece of prose to make your readers feel. I don't care that that sounds really really really cheesey! Oh well...

Try to write another fan fic soon! PLEASE!!! *gives you a puppydog face that you can't resist!*

Author's Response: Wow. I think I just fell in love with you. Thanks so much for reviewing.

And Yeah, I guess I do like to kill Harry off and leave a lonely Ginny. That situation also fit the best for many of my poems. I write sad poems. Very sad. They usually never rhyme either. Maybe i should try it for once.

Thanks so much for reviewing. Again. :D

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Review #4, by Dawn_of_the_Day Bye-Bye Birdie

30th November 2006:
okokokok ill review.
i love this story.
its so sweet.
the ones where harry dies are so sad.
especially from ginnys point of view.
loved the poem too.

Author's Response: thanks so much for reveiwing!!! And thanks again for the poem compliment, I wrote it myself. ;) Love you for reading!

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Review #5, by Angel Of Stupidity Bye-Bye Birdie

26th November 2006:
HELLO! i had to review like this cuz they wouldn't let me on bluemoon. Every time i read this i get that funny choking feeling in my throat like i'm gonna cry! (that's a good thing btw lol). Beautiful banner and even more perfect story. PEOPLE REVIEW GOD DANG! I CAN'T IMAGINE WHY PEOPLE WON'T REVIEW. k, i let out all the sugar, lol. btw, what happened to the prodigy? and chole and the cute little monster thing? The lil rating thing won't go to 11 so i'll just write it. ~11/10~

Author's Response: For one, it's not that great. And you've already reviewed on your other. I deleted my other stories, they were stupid, though I DID like the little monster! lol ;)

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Review #6, by bluemoonradiogirl Bye-Bye Birdie

2nd August 2006:
Hey! brillant,Brillant,BRIllANT! Lol i probably sound stupid to you, but i'm jealous, dude if i could write like you it'd be awesome, but i can't ( =(] ). Anywho...Nice Job, ~10/10~ luv ya muches, (Eyb-doog)

Her Royal Highness,
Queen Of Connell,
....:::Aries:::.... (Lol)

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments Aries! And no, we just have a different style of writing. But I like yours better. ;)

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Review #7, by whocares Bye-Bye Birdie

1st August 2006:
Aw, so sad. Tell me, is this poem one of the amny written for a certain magazine ina certain language arts class? I can't remember. It's beautiful, though.

If this story is supposed to take place this year, in 2006, he lived to be 21 and died in 2001. He was born in 1980, I believe. Yep, that sounds right.

Author's Response: Thanks for the time span. And no, that was a different one, not used for class.

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Review #8, by Fall Season Bye-Bye Birdie

30th July 2006:
This was so touching!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by Tini Bye-Bye Birdie

30th July 2006:
it's so sad

Author's Response: I know.... *sniff*

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