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Review #1, by GriffinClaw The Island Escape

14th May 2007:
Haha, that was funny! I love it!

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Review #2, by Rozanne The Island Escape

22nd April 2007:
Hahahaha! Amazing.

Very good =P

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Review #3, by ss10009 The Island Escape

5th December 2006:
What a great answer lol. Great story.

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Review #4, by Hermione33 The Island Escape

30th November 2006:
Oh! This was definitely a funny chappie!!

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Review #5, by StarrGirl08 The Island Escape

28th October 2006:
Ha!!! That was really good. I actually believed that it was from Petunia's point-of-view, which is something not alot of authors on this site can do. All of that stuff about "no waking Dudders" and things like that were really believeable. Great funny story!!!!!

~Tabby, the Kat

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :) Writing Petunia was fun actually, a change from the norm anyway. I'm glad you liked the fic.

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Review #6, by scarletLady666 The Island Escape

18th October 2006:
I liked it..Yes i had always wondered what happened to them!Very realistic senareo..I actually may like Petunia a bit in this fic..thou i dunno if she would be as optomistic and impassive about Dudley and magic, i think she might have been more parshal for ranting and venting.However it did not detract from my overall love of it.Well done , great summary it caught my eye imediately !!

Author's Response: Thanks :D I'm glad you liked the fic!

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Review #7, by EvilSmurfa The Island Escape

5th September 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I hope the 'lol' means you liked it and found it funny hehe.

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Review #8, by Ydnas Odell The Island Escape

13th August 2006:
You are a very talented writer, with a nose for understanding char. You also have a distinctive style very unlike others. I have read some of your all dialogue stories as well, but this story proves you can also write description well and you choose such an interesting topic by undertaking one of JKR unanswered questions.

I greatly enjoyed this.

I like to offset praise with criticism, but I've had a hard time finding anything specific to critcize here. Your very close to being among the top writers on this site. You're not quite there for some undefinable reason. It might just be word choose, which is hard to quantify, or it might be that you focus a little to much on fluffy pieces.

I'd like to see you use your talent for true angst or for a battle scene. I think you prob have more talent then you realize or display.

I wish I had your ability to decribe char and write dialogue as dialogue is my greatest weakness and the ability write great and true sounding dialogue is what seperates the pedestrain writers from the succesful ones Dialogue is also one of JKR's great stenghts.

Overall a great job. This is a 9!

Author's Response: Wow, thankyou so much for your amazing review! Dialogue is one of my favourite things to write - it seems to come easier to me than description, and I'm happy that this shows in my writing. Thankyou once again for your review, and I'm glad you liked the story :)

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Review #9, by LostMaeblleshire The Island Escape

10th August 2006:
This was lovely, and funny! It made me laugh aloud at some parts, especially when it got to the table part, and I understood how Petunia had got off the island on her own. Very well done! You made me actually like the Durselys for a little while!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And to actually make you like the Dursley's - well, that's an accomplishment in itself :D

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Review #10, by tjwhermione The Island Escape

6th August 2006:
I loved it! It was very well-written! I give it a 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by PadfootandProngs91 The Island Escape

5th August 2006:
Cute. Entertaing and funny,

All around a great read.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad that it had all those aspects to it that you enjoyed :D

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Review #12, by elfbwillow/elfie/me! The Island Escape

2nd August 2006:
lol sorry - i didnt have time to sign in, and I thought I had reviewed this - ah well - here i am now hehe!

My dear roo! You never fail to amaze me with your writing and this was just...brilliant! As always, brilliant!!

Author's Response: Hey sharon! Thanks for the review and glad you liked it! :D

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Review #13, by FairyPrincess The Island Escape

1st August 2006:
lol i loved it! Well written Amy, well done!

Author's Response: Yay, glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by rip_dogfather The Island Escape

27th July 2006:
heehee....i have always wondered what happened to the Dursleys on the rock.

Author's Response: Thankyou for the review! Well, now you know!

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Review #15, by running_swift The Island Escape

27th July 2006:
Oh you moo! You should have left them there!!! Oh, you have a typo somewhere... 'Dursleys', I think it is... hehe. BUT... erm.... LMAO. :D Haha this was funny, as most of your fics are, and it has made me laugh, which is always a good thing lol. Me enjoyed it :P Well done on another well-written fic :) Lis xx

Author's Response: Hey Lisa! Well, leaving them there wouldn't have kept to canon now, would it? And you know how much I love canon :D Thanks for your review though, glad you liked the fic :)

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Review #16, by Quick Wit The Island Escape

26th July 2006:
This one cracked me up! Petunia and her carrot cake, Vernon and his blustering, and Dudley with his piggy tail - classic. I love how you portrayed Petunia as not always being the dutiful wife and having her little piece of rebellion against her husband, even if it was tiny. Not to mention the fact that she can't swim and yet she's the one that has to make it back to shore. A very funny little one-shot that answers one of the possible ways the Dursleys could have gotten off that island - though it would have been nice if they had to stay there forever. Great work.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for your lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and my portrayal of Petunia, which sort of wrote itself as I was writing the fic. Thanks again :)

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Review #17, by acciowand The Island Escape

26th July 2006:

Author's Response: I'm taking this as you liked it lol. Thanks!

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