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Reading Reviews for Secretly Ginny
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Review #1, by nobody Epilogue: Understanding

16th April 2013:
Loved it! Hope you write a million more stories because I like stories the same way I like chocolate!

Author's Response: oh me too, believe me. Glad you liked this :)

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Review #2, by Ginevera Epilogue: Understanding

5th December 2010:
This is amazing!
I wish it was longer...

Ginny xx

Author's Response: haha thank you (:

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Review #3, by evanesca Epilogue: Understanding

5th September 2010:
this was super awesome.
Keep writing, because you are very good at ideas! All of your stories are the best ideas ever!

I love Secretly Ginny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you liked these :D

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Review #4, by evanesca "First" Impressions

2nd September 2010:
Oh no! I want him to find out but I don't!

I hope that Ginny is randomly really good at occlumency

Author's Response: haha you'll find out :D

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Review #5, by evanesca Monica Gould

2nd September 2010:
The suspense! Luckily, I can just click on chapter ten and continue on my way.

This is a lovely chapter, really
Keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks so much! haha yes, the upside of completed fics xD

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Review #6, by evanesca The Scar on His Forehead

2nd September 2010:
I liked the poem
Good job on this!

Author's Response: thank you! (:

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Review #7, by evanesca Kingsley's Decision

2nd September 2010:
I'm glad Kingsley didn't turn her in.

This is super.


HOW is it possible to make me so addicted to this?

Author's Response: haha thank you xD I HAVE SPECIAL ADDICTING JUICE. FEAR ME. :D

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Review #8, by evanesca Drowning

1st September 2010:
"And you're going to be here all along next year, Ginny"

Just wondering - should that along be alone?
A typo or am I just confused?

This was great :)
I am seriously in love with everything you have posted on this website.

Author's Response: Ahh oops a typo, thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it. (: thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying it.

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Review #9, by evanesca Deciding

1st September 2010:
I'm off to read chapter two!
The magical chapter two!

You are very awesome.

How is it that everything you write is SO amazing?

love it. And I am going to wrap up this review so I can hop along to CHAPTER TWO

Author's Response: xD thank you. Honestly by now I don't really like this fic anymore but I'm still glad you do (:

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Review #10, by DemetersChild Secrets

18th November 2009:
Huh, still not sure what to make of this story. The glaring gap of why Ginny is going to fake her own death is bothering me too much to really enjoy the story.

The writing style is still awesome anyway.

Author's Response: yeah looking back on this I kind of agree xD thanks anyway hon (:

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Review #11, by DemetersChild Deciding

18th November 2009:
I loved that bit of humor. I imagine the rest is going to be more dramatic. But the twins are awesome! Gotta love 'em!

Now, I'm confused as to why Ginny feels she has to fake her own death. I hope there's an explanation later because right now it makes no sense.

On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: whoa okay. i was so confused for the longest time because i thought this was for Hey Fred as well and I was like whattt since when does Ginny fake her own death?? xD My own idiocy aside, glad you like this as well, and haha yeah i hope it is adequately explained to you later xD thanks for the review (:

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Review #12, by Rhoanna Epilogue: Understanding

12th June 2009:
A wonderful story. Zoomed right up onto my list of favourites on the first chapter.

Author's Response: whoa, thanks so much! :P

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Review #13, by Twinsmom Epilogue: Understanding

26th May 2009:
This ended up being pretty good. I was a bit confused at first 'cause Ginny just seemed to be making a lot of bad choices.

But, you did a good job of explaining your plot and sticking with it. Not perfect- but well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for all the reviews, and I'm really glad you ended up enjoying this fic :P Definitely not perfect, I agree, reading back on it now two years later xD Thanks again though (:

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Review #14, by Twinsmom Harry and Hogwarts

26th May 2009:
First Silly Ginny. Now Silly Harry. Good grief- will those two never learn.

Author's Response: yeah. Love does weird things to people, I suppose.

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Review #15, by Twinsmom To Believe

26th May 2009:
Ron was great. Very loving and brotherish! Hermione was great too. And a bit proud of Ginny for carrying it off, I think. But, at the same time sad that she did.

Poor Harry. Not much time to win him over. But, I'm sure Gin can do it.

Author's Response: Glad you approve of this one - I was so worried it was too fast. :P

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Review #16, by Twinsmom Prisoner

26th May 2009:
Cats out of the bag now. Interesting twist having Ellie be the "tattle tale". They sure turned on the Gould's quick enough. But, I was surprised about Kingsley.

Author's Response: yep. How so?

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Review #17, by Twinsmom After A Year

26th May 2009:
I'm hoping that if Ginny wants her incognito-ness to stay put that she'll stay far away from that Veritaserum when Hermione's done. 'Cause you know she'll brew it right.

Cute moment with the wager.

Author's Response: Oh yes, definitely. THanks :D

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Review #18, by Twinsmom Founders and Poems

26th May 2009:
Interesting horcrux talk. I am wondering if Hermione is catching on somewhat to Monica/Ginny. Or is she just trying for Harry to be practical. Totally impossible of course- he's too emotional. Nut, well see.

Author's Response: haha I like that - you're totally right about Harry xD

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Review #19, by Twinsmom Second Impressions and Ginny's Obsessions

26th May 2009:
Just enjoying the ride now. Hoping that for whatever the reasons Ginny did this that they work out well for everyone.

Author's Response: that works (: glad you're enjoying it though.

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Review #20, by Twinsmom Occlumency

26th May 2009:
They kind of gave her a name and then threw her to the wolves. She go the third degree and did pretty well, except for the test with Harry. She did reveal too much, I think.

Author's Response: They can't lead her by the hand the whole way though, can they? Hope it works anyway :)

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Review #21, by Twinsmom Monica Gould

26th May 2009:
I like the sound of Gin's new look. I thought is was funny she didn't want to leave the house after going to all that trouble.

Wonder what Harry is going to think? He's so natually suspicious.

Author's Response: yes he is. maybe that's why she doesn't want to go :P

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Review #22, by Twinsmom The Scar on His Forehead

26th May 2009:
That keeps them both sane? What does that mean? Yikes!

Well, I gotta hand it to you- I'm stumped. I was glad to see the part of "being driven for his safety to hide" that obviously refers to Ginny. At least she's kind of got an out. Off to read more.

Author's Response: Glad you're approving of this part - I was really iffy on it...

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Review #23, by Twinsmom Kingsley's Decision

26th May 2009:
I can't believe Kingsley didn't out her. I know he's thinking she'll run, but what would be the point if everyone knew she was alive.

Wondering if Kings is in a relationship with Jen or what?

Author's Response: Oh yeah, I forgot to specify - he's her brother.

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Review #24, by Twinsmom Kingsley

26th May 2009:
She got caught awfully fast.

Author's Response: yeah, story's gotta go forward right? :P

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Review #25, by Twinsmom Woods and Words

26th May 2009:
Harry is already starting to amp up his worry-ness for Ron and Hermione. Weird that Voldy seemed to find Ginny being dead noteworthy.

Author's Response: yep... Well I mean he's Voldemort, one more blood traitor dead isn't gonna go down too bad with him right? xD

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