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Review #1, by CC Consequence of Betrayal

28th May 2011:
Personally, I always liked Snape, so this isn't a wonderful story for me. (:

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Review #2, by snapeangel Consequence of Betrayal

29th May 2009:
beutifully written, though i don't like the twistedness of it..

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Review #3, by Sindie Consequence of Betrayal

15th January 2007:
Wow, I couldn't write this story. I'm glad you really think Snape is good. I think so, too, which is why I think it would be damn near impossible for me to write a story like this. It's so cold. :( You wrote it well, though.

Author's Response: Thank you. It was a very difficult one to write so I am glad you like it

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Review #4, by Hermione713 Consequence of Betrayal

10th September 2006:
This was amazing purely on the fact that you managed to write evil Snape so well...but, as that is not the only thing that's amazing about it, I should probably mention the others as well. :) Your imagery is spectacular, and you captured Harry's emotions perfectly, in my opinion--he's a hard character to do. I usually prefer a bit more dialogue, but this was just fine without it! I'm sorry I can only click a ten out of ten--it deserves much more. Have a nice day! :)


Hermione :)

Author's Response: aww thank you so much. this review means a lot to me. Thank you

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Review #5, by WaterLily15 Consequence of Betrayal

26th July 2006:
Hey Elfie! I challenge well kept!!!

I loved this, *sniffs* it made me cry...

Author's Response: aww thank you mitalee!!

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Review #6, by running_swift Consequence of Betrayal

22nd July 2006:
That's actually quite good. Seeing as how hard it was, of course. Although you incorporated the Hinny thing kinda... badly. XD Hehe although I still say that Amy can set you harder challenges than that... =D Anyhoos, I applaud you for writing this!! *applauds* =P crackles xx

Author's Response: lol thank you dear crackles!

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Review #7, by Quick Wit Consequence of Betrayal

21st July 2006:
Wow. You managed to throw me right into the picture with your descriptions and even though it was short, made me feel Harry's anger, bitterness, and the depression creeping upon him. I'm with you on the belief that Snape is good, well, maybe not good, but not bad either and certainly not evil. I can't imagine how much trouble you had trying to portray him as a heartless monster like that, but you pulled it off so wonderfully!

I love the way your words flow together, and it's remarkable the way you manage to get the most out of short, clipped sentences - making them tell so much more than their length. You've managed to tell an entire story in a quick one-shot, something that a lot of novel-length fics can't pull off as effectively. This was a great read - very powerful in how you managed to show the destructiveness of taking lives and how it's had a much larger effect on Harry. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks!

Author's Response: Wow! Was an amazing review - I dont think I could recieve another review so heartfelt. Thank you so so much

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Review #8, by Liadan Lightflower Consequence of Betrayal

21st July 2006:
Loved it. This was dismal and sad. It made me cry. *Tears slowly falling down my cheeks*. I think you won that contest of making Snape evil. Well done. Hope you get to read my fanfic,"Fragmented Mind". Peace. = D

Author's Response: wow thank you for a lovely review. I will certainly try to read yours at some point! ;-)

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Review #9, by cricketsong Consequence of Betrayal

21st July 2006: almost works. But the dialogue needs to be longer, showing that Snape actually enjoyed his dark work. (I for one share your hope--however misguided it might be considering JKR's insistence that Harry lives in a dark-light/wrong-right/black-white kind of world-- that Snape was loyal to Dumbledore and the Order, even to the point of doing the heinous work of killing Albus D.

Author's Response: That, I think, was half the problem with bringing in Snape's speech more, due to the fact that I actually believe he is good and loyal to Dumbledore! Thank you for your review

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Review #10, by k2_vet Consequence of Betrayal

20th July 2006:
very gd. you have writtern thbis amazingly well! well done!

Author's Response: wow thank you!

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Review #11, by dreamseeker Consequence of Betrayal

20th July 2006:
Wow, i really like your style of writing. You use lots of description, don't get too carried away with the description though.

Author's Response: Thank you - you review means a lot :-)

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Review #12, by Duck the Duck Consequence of Betrayal

20th July 2006:
Yay! You managed the challenge, and even though Snape wasn't in it for very long, I'll let you off *grumbles about missing out on the 200 points*. But it was very good - your descriptions as usual very evocative and give you a sense of being there.

Well done for completing the challenge and well done for a great fic!

Author's Response: lol it was difficult to write snape as bad because he is GOOD!!!! thank you for the lovely review and yay! i won the challenge hehe!

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