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Reading Reviews for Definitely Not Deja-Vu
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by No Homo Kit Parker

10th December 2007:
I would like this story, but I'm heterosexual.

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Review #2, by Lily Roselyn Missing in action

30th May 2007:
This is really good, but I'm a little confused, where are Ron and Hemione? What is it they didn't tell Harry? Or am I not supposed to know?

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Review #3, by xxMugglePrincess Missing in action

25th January 2007:
I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed how Harry is still after all the years sturggling about his friends deaths, or in Rns case, not death. It's more believeable then if he wasn't still missing them. Keep up the good job!

Author's Response: Cheers! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #4, by ILoveLost1888 Missing in action

25th January 2007:

Author's Response: er, cheers...i think...

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Review #5, by cliche but oh so true Visits from an old friend

14th October 2006:
this is such a great story! suspenseful, realistic... its not one of the norm, thats for sure. its going on my favorites. and a cliffhanger...! update soon!

Author's Response: brilliant! just the enthusiasm i needed! you know what, i'm gonna write that next chapter now...i feel enthused! cheers!!!!

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Review #6, by GinnyGirl1992 Prologue

6th September 2006:
It was pretty good but i think u should use more detail.

Author's Response: okay, more detail you say...

...well in that case i'll take another look and see where it needs it

thanks for the response!

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Review #7, by thechosenone Of Photographs and Families

30th July 2006:
It's really sad that Ron and Hermione had to die, but I can tell already that this is going to get better and better...


Author's Response: two reviews from you! thats brilliant!

oh yes, it will get much much better!

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Review #8, by Fizzypop Of Photographs and Families

30th July 2006:
Although you only have two chapters, I think this story will turn out to be really amazing. I really enjoy your style of writing.

Author's Response: mmm...i've come over all deja vu...

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Review #9, by Fizzypop Of Photographs and Families

30th July 2006:
Although you only have two chapters, I think this story will turn out to be really amazing. I really enjoy your style of writing.

Author's Response: Cheers!

i'm glad you liked it!

i hope i can manage to make it as amazing as you think it will be, be sure to tell me if i don't!

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Review #10, by paulio Of Photographs and Families

30th July 2006:
i like this story.. its fresh and stright to the point.. i like tht.. this Caitlin character intrigues me.. i would surely like to know if there will be any more of this story? if so.. i cannot wait to read them. thanks.

Author's Response: of course theres more! at least 10 chapters worth of it! (most of which is done...though i may have to edit some of it).

i'm sure Caitlin will be glad to know you find her intriguing. i'm thinking of doing another story about her when i finish this one.

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Review #11, by xxnatalie Of Photographs and Families

29th July 2006:
I'm sort of at a loss for words... this story is different. And you've done a good job making it interesting. I saw a few mistakes, but nothing huge, although "Godric's Hollow", "Death Eaters", "Muggles", and I *think* "Burrow" should all be capitalized.
What really caught my attention was this banner, and then the title. I don't know, they both just looked neat (for lack of a better word).
The mood of this story is sort of sad and melancholy, which stirs up a lot of emotions for the reader. But there are some fascinating aspects, such as the mystery about how Hermione and Ron died, and how Caitlin will be going to Hogwarts. Obviously there is a lot more details that you are going to explain later, and I like the mysteriousness of this fic. Good job.

Author's Response: thanks for the compliments (i'm especially pleased that you like the banner! done with an extremely low tech programme you know...very similar to paint!).

your probably right about capitals...my excuse is i'm lazy and normally i let word do things like that for me. its funny how i'd point that sort of thing out in other peoples stuff and forget in my own.

i hope the rest of the story manages to clear up a few of those mysterys! don't hestiate to tell me if i forget to tie up a loose end!

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Review #12, by thechosenone Prologue

28th July 2006:
I think I like where this is going, but I won't know until I see a little bit more! It's a little vauge, although I think it's supposed to be that way!

Keep it up!!

Author's Response: i know what you mean by vague...that may be because i wasn't sure where i was going with at the time, i do now though.

i'll just say i was going for a bit of intrigue!

hopefully the end won't be too vague!

cheers for the review!

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Review #13, by Charmed_Im_Sure Prologue

28th July 2006:
i good start keep it up

Author's Response: cheers! will do!

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Review #14, by DeathByMoonlight Prologue

26th July 2006:
!!! Oh! I hope you have more of that up your sleeves! I need more.

Author's Response: i most certainly do, in fact i have at least 10 chapters worth of stuff, most of it all ready and waiting.

watch this space!!!

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Review #15, by FredWeasleysGF Prologue

25th July 2006:
I thought this was moving and really good!! Good work, check out my story "Nothings Fair in Love and War" chapter three just up, I think you might like it but I need ideas!!!!! Good job anyway, I'll be looking for more!!

Author's Response: Cheers!
i've the next chapter all written so i'll be postin it soon!
i'll definatly look for you story.
and congrats on being the first reviewer :-p

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