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Review #1, by Quick Wit The Opening

29th July 2006:
Oh I hadn't read this chapter, but I liked it. A bit short, but good. Haha, poor Josie getting lost. Seems as if she's ended up at the Weasley's - that should be interesting, next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks QuickWit,

I know we have already spoken about this, but i promise i will get some more written for you! I know you are hanging in there for another chapter.
Thanks again

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Review #2, by Piper_Bridget A Tragic Past

28th July 2006:
OOOH LALA!! I like it! I will add it to my favorites!Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading, and i am extremely sorry i havent updated in ages. I am at uni, and i got swamped with assignments. I promise over the next 4 months i will get some more done. :)


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Review #3, by Quick Wit A Tragic Past

26th July 2006:
Okay, so I decided I wanted to be your first review. Yay me! Even though I already told you what I thought. Anyway, what we need to do is a little bit of editing, things that I missed going through the first read. Just simple things like question marks and that, we'll do that with the next chapter and all.

Now I know you're worried that Josie may turn into a Mary-Sue, but we can work on that too and make sure she doesn't. All in all, I like the beginning, although even you yourself say it's a bit short. Perhaps add in a bit more emotion and description? Anyway, I've already talked to you about all this and we'll talk some more. Great start!

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