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Review #1, by Roonyskatoony Ellie Was A Witness

14th January 2011:
OH MY GOD! You're an amazing writer! Seriously amazing!
Again your characterizations are amazing! It's difficult to have a good Volde/Tom romance fic that doesn't turn him into some mushy romantic character. You did it perfectly!
You had me enthralled from the beginning!
It works really well as a one-shot.
Well done! :D

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Review #2, by Winni3 Ellie Was A Witness

24th June 2007:
Wow, this one-shot was awesome! I'm definitely going to start reading more Tom/OCfics! ^^

Author's Response: Yay! Glad to spark that. thanks for the review :) hope you find lots of other interesting Tom fics, i've come across quite a couple.

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Review #3, by Isolde Eris Ellie Was A Witness

13th April 2007:
OIy I liked it!

Author's Response: yay! i like that you liked it

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Review #4, by Meg101 Ellie Was A Witness

3rd February 2007:
Awesome! I really liked it. Kind of told what might have happened when Tom Riddle was at school, and I like how you told it through Elle's eyes. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank youu. I really want to go back and make it a short story at least, but I’m too busy with my other two WIPs. I will after though.

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Review #5, by thedeadaddict Ellie Was A Witness

2nd February 2007:
Wow, I enjoyed this so much. The ending was unfinished, yet finished. I loved it.

I can't really pinpoint why. It's the entire piece.

Author's Response: haha awww thank you :D

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Review #6, by MixedTapeRomance Ellie Was A Witness

22nd January 2007:
WOW. I've never really pictured Tom being capable of love, but this definitely changed my perspective. You kept Tom in character which is really important. You also really put a lot of emotion into this, and it showed. I absolutely loved it, keep up the amazing work!


Author's Response: heheh thank you :) Tom Riddle is this paradox of a character that I hate but am fascinated by. The fact that he is both extremely evil and extremely charming is probably the reason.

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Review #7, by Natalia_ Ellie Was A Witness

21st January 2007:
Oh. Wow. That was great :) This is, just so you know, the first Tom Riddle fic I've ever read.
-adds to favourites-
Awesome job!!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you. It was actually a Tom/OC fic that inspired me to write my own fan fiction. It showed me that things don’t have to be as they seem etc. etc. I forgot the title of the story which I’m really upset about though :( maybe one day i'll find it again...

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Review #8, by muggleotter Ellie Was A Witness

19th January 2007:
that was a really intersting look at tom riddle, im just wondering how did Ellie die?

Author's Response: i know i know i have to go back and change this from one-shot to short story to fill in all the spaces. i will someday, really. :))

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Review #9, by aliveinyoureyes Ellie Was A Witness

6th December 2006:
Awesome story...but how did Elle die? Was she one of the other six people that Tom had to kill even though he loved her? Just curious...anywho good work ^^

Author's Response: sorrry i know it is very open ended but you'll have to stay curious for a little while longer. i'll really try go back and fix all the holes once i'm done with my sirius fic :) thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #10, by BB Knight Ellie Was A Witness

3rd December 2006:
Ha! This was a very good fic^^. I was hesitant to read it, because I have a giant fear of sad and depressing endings. But this wasn't that, and beleive you me, that made me quite the happy girl. Anyway, I loved the way you made Tom's character. Original, yet not out of character. Very good!

Author's Response: yay! im glad you liked it

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Review #11, by peanut4butter Ellie Was A Witness

20th October 2006:
wow your a very good descriptive writer. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #12, by chocolatefrog [not logged in] Ellie Was A Witness

13th September 2006:
hey, that was seriously awesome. it sorta has a loose end, like what happened to ellie, but it was still pretty great. depending on where you take your story, i am sure there will be an explaination on why Voldy shuns love. i like how you captured their relationship, like first, then love and elie's part and confusion on tom's part, it brings out his character really well. 3cheers!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! Ill go back and tie up the ends someday, im just working on another story for now. :) :)

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