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Review #1, by musicgirlhp14 Through the Window in My Portrait

9th May 2007:
This story has so much potiential! If you maybe made it longer, prehaps make it into a chaptered story, I'm sure people would love to read it. Why not make Dumbledore find a way to make the potion, and she come out of the portrait. Then she and Ron fall in love or something. I don't know. But good story anyways.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm sorta having a writer's block for it. So, I don't know what to do.

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Review #2, by Jellyman Through the Window in My Portrait

20th December 2006:
You should continued this. Maybe, if you want to keep it sad, you could have her come out of the wall and Ron reject her? Or, if you want it happy... Yeah. You know where I am going.

Anyway, either way, it is great and would be fantastic if you continued...

Author's Response: Oh thanks so much. You're one of the first people to tell me that. Everyone wanted me to continue it, but I had such writers block on it. Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by Meggie Through the Window in My Portrait

18th December 2006:
I liked it, it was different. I could have used more, Missy needed to interact with Ron a few times or something...

Author's Response: Maybe if I write another chapter...

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Review #4, by Anony_Mouse Through the Window in My Portrait

16th December 2006:
Wow...this is just...wow! It's brilliant; I love it. You truly made me feel for the paint. How awful that would be-to have to watch people every day, longing to jump out of your portrait, but not being able to...it's just...wow! It makes me so glad I'm human. Whether you continue this or not, it is one of the best stories you've written. 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh really? Wow! Thank you so much! One of the best? Really? I'm shocked. Thank you so so much.

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Review #5, by RunPleaseIfThatsAlright Through the Window in My Portrait

12th November 2006:
Oh wow, this is such an original idea! You should definately do a second chapter x

Author's Response: I'm trying to think of a 2nd chapter. I might just leave it and have it be all angsty and such, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for your review =D

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Review #6, by abstractpotter Through the Window in My Portrait

5th November 2006:
Really original plot and well written. Beautifully sad. Great job :)

Author's Response: Thanks a billion! Beautifully sad- I like that alot. I think I may steal that saying from you. I never know what to say when.. yeah, you get it, right?

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Review #7, by natasha grint Through the Window in My Portrait

22nd October 2006:
awwwww luv it there has 2 be a sequel or somethin close to it

Author's Response: Once I'm finished with my current stories, I plan on writing a sequel.

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Review #8, by xUnforgivableSinnerx Through the Window in My Portrait

4th October 2006:
..... Wow! That Was Soooo Inventive And Original! I Luffed It! Outa This World! Suport Always! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by Ravenclaw_girl Through the Window in My Portrait

14th September 2006:
this is sad.....are you going to make a 2nd chapter?? cuz you should! lol
anyway 10/10 keep going


Author's Response: I'm caught up in some of my other stories right now.. so maybe when I run out of ideas, then I'll come back to this one.

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Review #10, by Shasterian Noble Through the Window in My Portrait

20th August 2006:

I have to say, I only read this story becuse it was shot and an idea I've never come across before. However, it's really intriguing! Have you got any plans to use this idea in a longer story? It's a fascinating concept, the realtionship between painting and human! PM me if you do decide write something on these lines!


Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm trying to work out another chapter. It may be a while but I'll be sure to Pm you.

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Review #11, by golden_emotion Through the Window in My Portrait

19th August 2006:
This is really good. It's a different plot. I love it. Can't wait 'till you update!

Author's Response: =]

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Review #12, by mrs_heather_grint Through the Window in My Portrait

19th August 2006:
Awww. That's creative. And so sad. Imagine loving someone and there being no way to make it work. :[. You made me sad :[. But I love it, so that's good, right?

Author's Response: Sad is good, I guess. Haha, such a bittersweet moment.

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Review #13, by Nevillefan Through the Window in My Portrait

19th August 2006:
It's not over is it? It can't be! A story through the eyes of a painting... I L OVE IT!

Author's Response: It's not over yet. I'm currently working on the second chapter.

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Review #14, by last_black Through the Window in My Portrait

10th August 2006:
In your story you said that the twins visited her, so what is their relationship with Missy? Dose Missy know they’re related?
Don’t give up hope it will hit you soon! *Smiles*

Author's Response: It doesn't really have anything to do with it, they just visit her occasionally. Maybe, that will tie in with the story. I have a couple of ideas, but i just hope they aren't cheesy.

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Review #15, by SiriusLivesOn Through the Window in My Portrait

10th August 2006:
Great start! Keep on wrting!

Author's Response: thanks soo much!

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Review #16, by Calista Stone Through the Window in My Portrait

9th August 2006:
Awww! That was so sweet and sad! I really liked it!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm not sure if I want to keep it at a sad ending, or kep writing and make it happy. Suggestions?

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Review #17, by last_black Through the Window in My Portrait

9th August 2006:
Your story is wonderful. I can’t wait for another chapter, you are writing another chapter right?
Anyway keep up the good work!* Smiles*

Author's Response: I actually don;t know what else to write. I have no clue how to get her out of the portrait. I thought of an ending but it was really cheesy. I thought about it just beening a sad story and living it at that, but i'm not sure what else to do with it.

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Review #18, by Serenity0047 Through the Window in My Portrait

9th August 2006:
interesting perspective! i've never thought of writing a story through the portrait's point of view. can't wait to see what you do with it!

Author's Response: I can't wait to see what I do with it too. Haha. Thanks so much!

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