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Review #1, by grangerrox My Great Friends

4th June 2009:
i love this story!!!

i love boulavard of broken dream also its on my ipod.

anywho i love it!!!

Author's Response: thanks! it's an awesome song, awesome band!

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Review #2, by SBSL My Great Friends

28th August 2007:
really good. sirius is still my fave marauder, but remus is a very close second. i'm writing a remus/oc fic now, and i think i'll tell you a little about it. okay, there's this girl and she's cursed, but i'm not telling you how or why. sirius and james see her during her cursed state and she does exactly what remus does. she denies it and hides it. is that enough so you want to read it?

Author's Response: thank you! i agree with you, sirius and remus are the best, though i think i like them equally, i could never choose who i liked better. and i think i read the first chapter, right? and it does sound interesting. cursed, mmmmm. and yah, i do want to read it, i want to see how her and remus end up and how they both find out about each others curse and what her curse is and how she got it!!!! aaaahh!

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Review #3, by Ryana My Great Friends

5th March 2007:
I like it! The way you (Remus?) described his body and mind as a kind of wall was intriguing. It might be a little less confusing, however, if you put the song quotes in italics, instead of astricks.

...Just a thought. But I love it, keep writing this stuff!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you! That's a way to see it I suppose. None the less, thank you! Ok, I'll try to if I have free time (when I'm not doing icky math problems, which I seem to finishing quickly....sorry, rambling again). Really, if I remember, then I will. I'll (try) to keep it in mind, but it'll probably pop up at the weirdest time! Again, thank you sooo much for the awesome review! I do have tons more stories and lots of ideas/stuff written for more song fics, but I need to intall Word onto my laptop, can't find the cd... Ok, thanks again, and don't forget to read my other stories (and review). Hows about this: you r/r my other stories (or a few of them) and I'll change the astricks sooner! Maybe this way, the "deal" will be stuck in my head and I'll change them first thing tomorrow. 'Cuz I need either reminding twice or something that helps me remember, dude, I think I've got Short Term Memeory Loss! Oh no! Now it's on my "Maybe I have some type of Malfuntion" like I might be bipolar, or perhaps that's because I'm a dang Libra? I think that a lot of Libras, not just me I hope, are indecisive like one of my friends just told me he is too today (also a libra). Ok...I'm sooooo sorry that I've rambled. But thanks for reading this (if you've actually read the whole thing, I bow to you)! And remember our "deal" (if you agree to it!) /D ~I-RAWR!

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Review #4, by mini_marauders My Great Friends

12th December 2006:
hey gurl,
great story and thanx for adding me and cass to your favs. if you hav been waitin for my story updates i was on camp and im sory to say im gunna have a break over the holidays to recoop cause i hav had EXTREME writters block. thanx again and its a beautiful story!!!
keep of truckin and rockin,
Holly(one of the two infamous and crazy mini_marauders)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks very mucho! And your welcome very mucho! Yah, I've been checking from time to time for updates, but I think I can wait a while longer. I konw how the blocks can be...Such a pain...Freaking TOM! Since I'm bashing the blocks, might as well bash TOM, too! But sorry, I've been saying that all day with my friend, calling some boys TOM...Odd story...Anyways, thanks again, I really appreciate your review for this fic, since I didn't get too many for it.

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Review #5, by Demon_Darkheart My Great Friends

15th August 2006:
i luved it!!!
it was soo good and really like that song, but also i like how it showed Remus's way of seeing things!!
luved it rOcK oN!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I tried my best to put it in his pov. Thanks again and I'll try!

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Review #6, by BillyBobWriter My Great Friends

5th August 2006:
That was good I love the song!

Author's Response: Thanks! Now, I'm hooked on the song this summer, been listening to it all the time!

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