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Review #1, by Jet LaBarge Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

21st March 2014:
Re read this story again.

Jet LaBarge

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Review #2, by bonnie_russell Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

4th October 2009:
nice tutorial! you write well

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Review #3, by Beatrice Scrypte Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

13th January 2009:
Hey, I was just wondering if I could become a member of the staff? It seems like I have all the requirements: a sense of humor, a love of IM, and a passion for reading Harry Potter stories while sipping a cappucino for hours on end. Even if I can't, I'd really appriciate it if someone would take the time to email me back. I think you have my email since I was required to add it when I made my account. Oh, and I just wanted to say hi to Logical Raven! I am a huge fan, and I love all your puzzles. (Though I've never actually solved any. I'm working on it. ;) ) Anyway, write me back!


Beatrice Scrypte

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Review #4, by Girldetective85 Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

11th September 2007:
I'm interested in the fact that you don't consider Cygnus chucking the pot at Druella abuse, as well as him aiming his wand at her and shooting spells. I'm just curious, because my story was rejected due to having my character's father simply grab her arm and push her aside. Is it somehow more acceptable to have abuse directed at a spouse rather than a child (the character in my story is 18)? Thanks for the example, though, I can see how you hinted at the child abuse but didn't actually depict it.

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Review #5, by tjwhermione Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

21st August 2006:
Another good tutorial that will definitely help me for my fanfictions.

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Review #6, by Islander Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial

19th August 2006:
First, don't get me wrong: I know about child/spouse abuse (though a bit more about emotional than physical), and I am very against it. This being said, this "mature" child/spouse abuse reference tutorial came off rather tame. As with the "mature" rape tutorial, this could also get away with a Teen/PG-13/equivalent rating on other sites or in movies. And allowing it only in historical contexts really inhibits the raw emotion you could get out of such a scene. Flashbacks in general are hard to pull off, and often come out very sentimental and woozy, or at least only half-there. It gives the sense that the problem was in the past, and that it is no longer a big part of the story, and that it should simply be cut altogether. Perhaps you should give a bit more credit to children's nerves; I know that I could have handled this story five years ago (when I was 11), or at an even earlier age. But, once again, you guys make the rules, and I can submit my conflicting stories elsewhere. I'm simply stating my point of view just to state it, and not because I actually think I can make this site any less strict. And I'll even put a smily emoticon on the end of this review to show I mean no ill will :)

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