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Review #1, by Daphne brown Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

8th April 2017:
Wow, 2nd person. That's different.

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Review #2, by gottalovem Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

30th July 2013:
What if the student has graduated and it's an ex-professor?
And by indication that the teacher returns the affection, does that mean outward indication? Say if the was in first person of that professor and they never showed any outward indication of affection but instead kept it inside?

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Review #3, by Britney Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

19th May 2011:
What if they (the teacher and student) have an innocent kisses, and then directly the story jumps where the teacher is no longer a teacher and they get it on???

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Review #4, by Jsez444 Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

22nd April 2011:
I don't know if anyone will respond to this but here it goes.

What about a teacher making moves on a student? Example: an evil young witch gets a job teaching at Hogwarts during Harry's 7th year and has an evil plan to seduce him and get him hated by his friends. He's 18 since it's after DH.

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Review #5, by Ruby_Elsi_Riddle Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

26th January 2011:
What about if you write a story where a professor and a graduated student are in a relationship?

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Review #6, by friendofafriend Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

10th October 2010:
Okay I have a question. I'm writing a story where Hermione goes back in time to the marauder era. She is only 18 but she's teaching DADA. If she were to have a relationship with Sirius or Remus would that be allowed?

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Review #7, by Jaymexoxo Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

27th January 2010:
i read this one story where ginny and harry had been together and where engaged, but harry was the dada teacher while ginny was in her seventh year. they had sex still, and kissed and had a relationship. would that be allowed?

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Review #8, by xxstaindrosesxx Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

14th December 2009:
I doubt anyone would respond to this but I don't see the big deal with having a student/teacher relationship as long as the student is of age in the series, which in the wizarding world is 17.

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Review #9, by Caesar Mariana Magna Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

24th September 2009:
That's very good. I spotted two mistakes in the summary: teachers and actual. But the story was, overall, flawless. It was very detailed. Terrific!

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Review #10, by jamesf141 Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

12th January 2009:
hmmm... ok. Thanks for the help.

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Review #11, by DangerDog Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

23rd July 2006:
thank you for the help

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