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Review #1, by heidi_gurrl Freedom to Become

3rd March 2009:

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Review #2, by gocnocturna Freedom to Become

22nd April 2008:
It's really cute! I like it a lot. I love D/Hr stories, they're so sweet together. 10/10

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Review #3, by jmclay Freedom to Become

17th April 2008:
aw that was absolutely ADORABLE!
ah! cutest story ive ever read!!!
10/10 of course!!

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Review #4, by groteskq_fatality Freedom to Become

22nd February 2008:
awww that was amazing.
loved the whole concept.

somthing freshhh! :]

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Review #5, by mickey Freedom to Become

7th October 2007:
well, this one was a REALLY good story despite it's one-shoot. actually, it's amazing how did you managed to make such short story so unforgetable. and idea - it's also something cute and original as well. thank you for the nice story to read in sunday evening before writting school essay xD

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Review #6, by IS bookworm Freedom to Become

3rd October 2007:
OOH!! I loved it! Very fun! I love how they dressed like the opposite sex of each other not even knowing what the other was dressing as! :7)

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Review #7, by thebfsgf Freedom to Become

21st June 2007:
This was cool!

Rebecka M.

PS It was... different as well. Not quite what I expected!

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Review #8, by New Kat Freedom to Become

23rd May 2007:
This is so cute! You've got a very distinctive style and I really enjoyed this story.

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Review #9, by Ms_Malfoy Freedom to Become

7th April 2007:
aww, that was cute, i liked the plotline, but you switched tenses a bunch of times, but other than that, good job on the plot: )

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Review #10, by VeniceLily Freedom to Become

15th February 2007:
Aww. Thats absolutly adorable! I love it.

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Review #11, by eyes wide shut Freedom to Become

9th January 2007:
for a one-shot story, this is beautifully written.

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Review #12, by melyda Freedom to Become

28th December 2006:
great work! well done you! very clever.

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Review #13, by vguanne_ice_princess Freedom to Become

20th December 2006:
one of the best oneshot d/h fan fics ive had the pleasure to read 10/10

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Review #14, by Malfoysprizepossesion Freedom to Become

13th December 2006:
Good. I personally like Divine Humiliation better, but I really liked the idea. Clever.

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Review #15, by Ultimate_Trickster Freedom to Become

11th December 2006:
That was absolutely brilliant... Thank you for writing it.

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Review #16, by hpdude_4life Freedom to Become

9th December 2006:
its not fair!
ok, but i gotta say, ur stories really do rock!
and sumthin i 4got 2 mention in 'Divine Humiliation':
uh, wot happened 2 their NEWTs?
just wondering.
all ur stories r in my faves now.
and u as an author.
PLZ write more! 8D

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Review #17, by Malfoy_Lover Freedom to Become

1st November 2006:
this was such a great story!!! i really loved it. i wish you could ave made it a novella instead of a one shot but all the same it was awesome!

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Review #18, by Quidditch Chick 01 Freedom to Become

26th September 2006:
I LOVED it! This story was amazing and I loved your story plot! :)

Quidditch Chick 01

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Review #19, by mbstargirl123 Freedom to Become

2nd September 2006:

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Review #20, by MystcFaySttcRynFgttnPhenx Freedom to Become

1st September 2006:
i loved it so much it was an amazing piece of work thank you for sharing your talent

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Review #21, by Yui Freedom to Become

21st July 2006:
Great fic i really loved it. The two of them are just so cute together lol i dont think that i could even picture draco dressed as a griffendor that is just so funny anyways great Fic i really loved it

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Review #22, by CCC Freedom to Become

20th July 2006:
What a neat idea for a story. I loved it.

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Review #23, by hpffreader Freedom to Become

18th July 2006:

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Review #24, by Rf Freedom to Become

18th July 2006:
This was really good. i loved it. keep writing

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Review #25, by 3_ltl_elves Freedom to Become

18th July 2006:
:) very well done! im a DH shipper through and through, so of course i liked this story :) good job.

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