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Review #1, by ariellem Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

1st February 2012:
Hello again!

Before I start off this review, I just want to say that I'm sorry my reviews are so short. It's just that I don't have a lot to say.

Anyway, like usual I loved your story! I thought it was sweet and realistic, and I liked the Remus/Tonks dynamic! Great job as usual!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

1st February 2012:
Ahhh! I so want to cry now that Ive finished that! It was so beautiful! You had such deep and raw emotions built into Remus character that it was impossible not to feel with and for him. I mean, the start he was feeling more.reserved, I guess? He really was ready to reminisce on the past and share his past with Tonks. So now Ill go into each of the memory sections before flipping to the commentary between :)

The first story (section ii), where Remus tells how he became friends with those in his dorm was amazing. I like that it wasnt an automatic connection, and he justhes happy at that moment. Even thinking back on the memory, hes happy. And with that section, one thing that I caught that was a little confusing was this line here:

and Remus is trying desperately to save his camera from being broken while Peter is groaning from behind the curtains to get some sleep. --The part that confused me is the part with Peter. It may just be that I fried my brain finishing up some homework, but it just was a bit confusing as what was intending to be said.

Along with that one small error, I also want to share my favorite part of that section which is: What are you going to do? Hex me with a toothbrush? I just about died laughing at this line. Not really sure why, but I absolutely loved it! Also, the last line of section ii was great! :D

The next section of memory is section iv. This section I really love the characterization you have or Remus, James and Lily. Remus frustration and anger is easy to feel and understand. Its really well written too I also love Lily making Remus smile [Severus was dressed in a fluffy pink bunny]. I nearly died of laughter with the mental image that came with that one. I would have for sure been worried about Remus if he hadnt smiled!

I also love how in that section, it turns serious for a while, with James and Remus talking, followed by the whole nicknames thing. The belonging Remus felt, and the acceptance was so strong that I honestly almost did start crying it was justit was amazing! Really strong emotions there!

With the last section of memory, vi, I actually have to start with a quote from part v, which I think is my number one favorite of this whole piece: Wars corrupt people and turn the closest of friends into feuding enemies.

This quote spoke volume. It was strengthened so much with that last section of text. Having Sirius unable to control his mouth and Remus and him getting into itit just, it was a strong message. Add to that the words James spoke after he forced Sirius and Peter to leaveit was a pretty incredible job there.

Also, as you continued back to real time after that, with Remus going to the graveyardI had a feeling he would end up there. Just from the memory and the emotion. And it was justit was amazing. It was so greatly written. Especially with Harry showing up and forgiving him. Once again, a spot that I was almost in tears through. It was justit was great!

And, finally, jumping back to parts i and iii, which I jumped over (I think it was only those two). They were beautiful, really. I am a real sucker for Tonks/Remus, I always have been. But your characterization of them in those two parts is just incredible. You show the softer side of Remus and a different side of Tonks than is usually shown in fan fiction, and for that, I applaud you. It really was fantastic, me being biased or not ;)

So with this review, I will leave it off with one last quote that I quite liked. Then Ill be donepromise ;)

And hes willing to do anything, whether it is to tell a story about his childhood or lay his life on the line for this woman, if only to see her smile this way every day. This is just so sweetand it justit made me smile. I so adore Remus and Tonks. They are just amazing!

Great job, really! I loved this more than even this review can say! I also hope it was okay that I went back and read one of your older stories, too, because this was quite lovely! :D


Author's Response: I love making people cry with my fics! Remus is definitely a character that I can write well and emotion is a strength of mine as a writer so I try to exploit that in all my fics. I'm not a big Remus/Tonks fan, but this was a good exercise for me. I love that he has Tonks to share those memories with.

I love thinking of Remus making friends with the rest of the boys, his reservations because of his condition which doesn't help with that immediate connection. He is happy, he's happy that Dumbledore has given him this opportunity to attend Hogwarts, like a real boy, and not some monster.

The part with Peter is that I was talking about them boys all wrestling and Peter is the only one not involved and he's sort of muttering about the noise they're making while he's trying to sleep. I'm sorry that was confusing for you but I hope that clears things up.

Heh, I loved that line. It's such a boy thing to say. They're all a bit combative, trying to one-up each other. It's all sorts of lovely.

Lily is a great friend to Remus and she sort of picks up on his anxiety. I feel like it must've been so hard for Remus because there's always that worry that once they've found out his secret, they'll go back on their friendship or somehow try to ruin them. Of course they wouldn't, but Remus is all sorts of worried and it's easy to jump to conclusions when you have a secret as big as his. They sacrificed so much for him and it makes my heart ache to think about how strong and deep their friendship must have been and then to lose it all in one night. Ouch.

That last section with them arguing, it was so hard to write. But I wanted to show how wars affected even the strongest of friendships.

I thought it was fitting to end with him at the graveyard. Saying goodbye, coming to terms with things, apologizing for everything. James couldn't forgive him, but at least I got the next best person. Harry lost his parents that night and I think he understands where Remus is coming from with his grief.

I'm really glad you liked the Remus/Tonks parts. I'm hoping to write more of this ship despite the fact that it goes against my OTP but there's something lovely about Remus finally having someone after all those years alone.

Thank you for your lengthy and detailed review. It was amazing. :)

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Review #3, by lizmusic45 Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

13th September 2011:
I love Remus and Tonks an this story made me cry! I loved, loved, loved this story! Oh my gosh it was so perfect, lovely and just perfect!

You are the most amzing athour ever!!! I loved every one-shot of yours that I read.

You are a guiness!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you loved this story! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments and for reading and reviewing all my one-shots. I promise I'll get to the rest of yours soon. :)

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Review #4, by academica Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

14th August 2011:
Okay, so you made me cry. Sign of a good story. Sigh.

Very well done, as always. The photograph thing is an excellent vehicle for taking Remus back into his memories. And I love the Yeats theme in your titles. Really classes it up! :) I'm also glad that Remus shared his thoughts with Tonks, and I think you really painted his devotion to her in a great way here. We don't get a whole lot of insight into the happy portions of their relationship in canon, so when I see a happy Remus/Tonks story in fanfiction, it's always a relief for me.

You know, I've never given the whole Animagus thing much of a thought, but reading this really hammered home for me that they did it for Remus, that it was a surprise and a sacrifice that was committed out of friendship and love. I also loved the attention to little details of each character, particularly Remus's shyness about being seen without clothes because of his scars and Sirius's pain concerning his family. I really liked how Sirius's last name followed him for so long, even after he'd demonstrated his allegiance with the good, just as Remus can never wash himself clean of his lycanthropy. Still, the friendship between the two of them and James is really touching, and I like the way you wrote it here.

Nice job. No errors, flows well, blah blah blah. You know :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: I don't mean to make you cry! I always feel bad, but like you said, I guess it is a sign of a good story.

I thought the photographs were fitting and I'm glad you like Yeats - he's a great source of inspiration for me. :)

As you know, I'm not a huge Tonks/Remus fan so writing a story where they actually work out is a huge deal for me and I like that she's there for him, helping him remembering his past.

I think it's amazing how much they sacrificed, how much they could've lost should they have gotten caught. It's such a phenomenal friendship.

I feel like Sirius's last won't leave him, you know? It's a part of him and especially at the beginning, he would've been judged solely on his last name and nothing else.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Akussa Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

10th August 2011:

This is such a lovely story; I almost cried all through those memories. The mix between the present and the memories was so well done; it flowed perfectly.
Thank you for this heartfelt trip down the marauders' past. The moments you chose to present were such definitive times and life changing; they were perfect for showing the true nature of those boys. One of the things I particularily liked is your portrayal of Peter. Sure he is a bit quiet through these memories but the way you describe him is as a true, loyal friend which is something we rarely see in fics. You didn't feel the need to present him like someone the boys shouldn't have trusted or that was shifty and bad to the core. He was just changed by the war.

Your characterization of every single boy was spot on. Everything from the descriptions to the dialogues was just a real treat to read and enjoy.

The relationship between Remus and Tonks is also very beautiful and true. Their love was palpable through the words and the quiet looks they shared. It is refreshing to imagine them happy and peaceful.

The only little thing that I might have more difficulties with is the ending. Harry coming to the graveyard makes this piece AU and I can't pinpoint when, in the timeline you would have set this story. Harry saw his parents' graves at Christmas during DH; before that, he didn't know where they were buried. Remus died 5 months later and Harry wouldn't have seen him between these two moments. Therefore, this story is either AU because Harry has seen his parents' gaves earlier than in the books or it is AU because Remus and Tonks didn't die in the war.

Other than that, it was a truly beautiful story and I greatly enjoyed my read. Your writting style flows nicely and the descriptive aspects of this story made it all the more realistic.
Wonderful work,

Akussa (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you for such a lovely review. I always pride myself on including Peter in most of my stories as a good friend. I hate authors who write him as shifty and evil. Sure, it makes the idea of him betraying the Potters believable but that's the point, isn't it? That it wasn't believable that he could be capable of such treachery. They trusted him with their lives and if they had any indication he was fighting for the other side that never would have happened.

In regards to the graveyard scene - this was written before DH was published so yes, it is AU. I know in the other places I posted this, I wrote that it's post-GoF and post-HBP so disregarding DH, but I don't think I did that here, so I'm sorry.

Thanks again for the lovely review!

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Review #6, by Via Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

2nd February 2010:
This was a wonderful story, really touching and what I thought was written in a realistic way. Although I (and others, I imagine) hate thinking of the marauders in a somewhat negative way/when they're fighting or doubting each other, your characterization of each of them was so spot on and very realistic to what may have actually happened. Obviously a war brings out tensions and you were able to capture those moments in the brief scenes you wrote! I love the way you portrayed Lily, she was perfect. Oh how I love Remus, he was written beautifully as well. Loved this, thanks for the read! :)

Author's Response: I think it's hard to imagine them fighting and/or doubting one another, but it's definitely more realistic than imagining them as these picture-perfect friends. How else can they have thought that one or the other was the traitor if they were all best buddies? A war does bring out tensions and I'm glad you recognize that. Thank you for such a lovely review. :)

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Review #7, by Nadiya Iman Lestrange Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

4th December 2007:
I first read this story over on Mugglenet, and I loved it there, but I love it even more here, since I do believe that visualisations always enhance the quality of a story. Beautiful and touching as always!

Author's Response: Aw, well thank you for revisiting my stories here. Your reviews are always greatly appreciated.

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Review #8, by Bright Green Eyes Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

3rd July 2007:
I like your story! It is very cool!

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Review #9, by T vivacious (not signed in) Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

30th May 2007:
great character development, and its very true to canon, while being original. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you. Remus/Tonks isn't my favorite ship so I'm glad to see people still like the story. :)

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Review #10, by Rettopyrrah Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

17th May 2007:
Merlin's Beard! That is such a great story.

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Review #11, by The Junebug Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

25th December 2006:
I don't know why, but this fanfic made me cry when Remus was just finishing that last memory and at the graveyard talking to James. This is great. You're able to draw emotion from your writing. Keep up the great work!

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Review #12, by Ydnas Odell Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

2nd December 2006:
Wow just simply great! Someone told me that If you want to read good writting reaf Forsaken Phoenix and they were right. Now I'm eager to read the other 16!

A 10!

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Review #13, by delta Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

9th November 2006:
Awww, that was so sweet. This whole story was so touching and poignant - the way you portrayed James and his relationship with all the others was beautiful. He was their king, like you should, and you made him their king. He was the sort of James that reminds you so much of Harry, you can almost touch him, and the sort of James that makes you wonder why he had to die, why he had to suffer for fate. This was a truly beautiful piece and the ending - wow - what a way to tie together strings that can never be fully put to rest. The whole thing with Harry - amazing. Everything was written so realistically - even Harry finding him there and Sirius not trusting Remus; everything was written so that it could have happened.

Your writing and your writing style never cease to amaze me. This was utterly beautiful.

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Review #14, by purewings Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

26th October 2006:
I loved this story very much. You must have worked on it quite a while to build it up so neatly and well. The characters are very realistic, not the usual James -Remus-Sirius cliché. The thoughts and feelings were expressed finely, with great care for small details and honesty. Remus' frustration when his friends seemed to have turned away from him was expressed brilliantly. His longing, anger, fear and pain all mixed up to result an uncertain whirl of emotions binding him up... really brilliant. To be honest, I was a little afraid that the end will come to an emotional scene between Remus and Tonks... like "it's so good to have you" or something like that... but to my greatest surprise and pleasure you turned the story (very-very good idea!!!) to the scene in the graveyard. Remus was longing for redemption ever since James and Lily died, but he never asked for it, just like he never asked his friends why they had stayed away from him. The story is written at that very moving point of Remus's life when he finally is able to ask for redemption from James. And who else could give it to him than Harry. It's a drama, not a simple one-shot.
You have very good talent not just for writing (I mean your remarkable language skills) but for building up human dramas, everyday dramas of real flesh and bones people. (I mean the lack of character-clichés, I've talked about before.)
I cannot criticize your style or grammar since I'm not a native speaker, so let others do that for me.
I was always a fan of yours, you must have plenty of us, fans, but you deserve it.

Waiting for further writings!

Bye, wings

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Review #15, by Amanda Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

12th September 2006:
That's a spectacular fan fiction. The part where they were ingnoring Remus for the animagus made me cry. I felt like giving him a hug.

I really enjoyed the ending. It was very touching, to say the least.

James rocks.

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Review #16, by Rebekka Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

14th August 2006:
Oh Missy, you made me feel like I was inside your story. I wanted to be Tonks, watching those wonderful photographs. I wanted to be the one, asking questions from Remus. Oh dear, this was marvelous. Everything just felt so alive, so vivid, so real. I can't believe this isn't real. How can you paint pictures like this?

My favorite line? “No, it’s even better.” That shows yet again how well you know your characters and how much you love them. :) It's beautiful to the very last sentence. I can't even begin to explain how much I adore your words... and even though I don't visit HPFF that often anymore, I really wish to know if you write new stories. :) Your words are magic to me. Always have been and always will be. Nothing can change that.

I could find one "mistake". Can you believe that? I can't. :) “I don’t understand,” he says finally, his voice finally deciding to work. Double "finally". That's all. Everything else is pure perfection. Pure. :)

And a fluffy pink bunny? I laughed out loud in a bus. I blame you for making me sound like a retard. Heh! I loved this. It was wellbalanced angst with a hint of witty humor. What more could an angst-loving girl want? I ::heart:: you deeply.

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Review #17, by Fannytjeuuh Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

13th August 2006:
This story is really great! One of my top 5 if you ask me!

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Review #18, by Lucid Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

12th August 2006:
You capture moments so well, I’ve seen you do it before with other stories, so the premise of this story, memories told with snapshots, just works so well with that terrific talent you have. Each time you write I can’t help but wonder how you always manage to top or equal what you have written before, you never leave me disappointed and I could kiss you for it. Plus, you are really starting to make me like Remus/Tonks, between you and Noblevyne I might start shipping them.

I thought that you wrote Remus and Tonks’ interactions well, there is an ease between the characters, a familiarity that speaks so much. Through the small glances and affections they show each other and the speech they share, I think you achieve a wonderful rhythm between them. I really liked this line - “Tell me some stories from your past, Remus,” - I have noticed that many couples love hearing about their other half’s life and tales, just from pure nosiness and curiosity, but here - I don’t know I can’t find the word to say what I mean – she wants to know his essence, his history of spirit, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t and I’ve overlooked, then don’t worry. All I know is it just resounded with me, as I was reading it.

I also loved the memory of the dorm, and how they were all unfamiliar with each other. You always make me believe in the memories you write, and this is no exception, and I was there with Remus, grinning. I particularly liked the line - ”In a matter of moments, there is a tangle of boy limbs—scrawny and long, not yet toned or attractive” - perfect imagery.

I loved how you focused on James, rather than Remus or Sirius, as you have done in the past. I liked how James is relived through Remus’ memories and the pictures themselves. James isn’t a character I easily identify with, and while you’ve always written him well, I don’t think until now that I have loved him this much. You draw out so much in him, and I can clearly see the parallels between himself and his son Harry, though not in everything because you don’t fall into the traps of making them seem the same in everything. I love that you balanced that so very well.

I couldn’t help but notice the overall theme of belonging, you peppered it throughout and compounded the feeling so very well, especially where Remus discovers what his friends have been up to for so long. There were a couple of really excellent lines there, with the nicknames, but my favourite there was - “They’ve done this because of me, Remus thinks with a smile. But most importantly, they’ve done this for me.” - if I was going to cry anywhere in this piece it would have been there, because I felt the welling up. The total sense of belonging and acceptance Remus must have felt would have been so wonderful for him, he would have been so happy; it makes me ache for him.

The end was wonderful, and beautifully crafted. I have to admit I was expecting it to be really sad but I have to admit I just couldn’t be upset for Remus, I felt his pain, yes, but when he asked for forgiveness and Harry replied, I could have jumped for joy. I was so happy to see his ghosts and demons released, putting the past to rest, and moving on. I really loved that you gave him the chance to carry on without that burden of guilt, brilliant!

I don’t normally spot any discrepancies or grammar mistakes in your work, but this one time I did in the line “There were doubts as to where my loyalties lied.” -- I think that ’lied’ should be ‘lay’ a small thing, but I know that you like to be told.

I loved this, and as usual, I am recommend this to everyone and adding it to my favourites. Exemplary!

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Review #19, by PhoenixStorm Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

12th August 2006:
You are officially the author who has made me cry the most :p . Wow though, that was simply amazing, you write such touching pieces that you can really tap into the emotion of the characters and really get drawn into the story. That's probably the thing I love most about your stories.

There were one or two mistakes I thought, but I think mainly that was just being ultra picky. However, this but even though the positions are awkward, he could care less don't you mean couldn't? You say somehting similar at another point too and it made me wonder the same thing. Otherwise I didn't really catch anything worth mentioning :) .

I love how you've written about James in this piece, through Remus. He's not usually the focus of your stories, and I'm very impressed how well you can capture him. This little paragraph especially She is innocent in her quest to gain knowledge of the man Remus once called his king—in jest, while they were once drunk—but Remus knows that he meant what he said and James deserves the title. He was a king to Remus and to the rest of the Marauders, a king without a crown., that was perfect, and I like how you kept the theme throughout the fic, right up to the end.

I thought you wrote the Remus/Tonks aspect of this brilliantly too, they seemed to fit so well together, and i especially liked And he’s willing to do anything, whether it is to tell a story about his childhood or lay his life on the line for this woman, if only to see her smile this way every day. It's not your usual ship and I thought you handled it well :) .

I adored the little moments you gave Remus as the fic went along (very well paced by the way), that were really touching and very Remus, like Moony. A nickname. A name that means more to him than it probably should because it means that he belongs. I loved all the memories you wrote about form the photographs, but what got me most was the bit at the graveyard, when Remus was talking to James. That was incredibly written and I don't think you could have done it any better. And then when Harry forgave him, it was just perfect. It felt like it was all completed somehow, and you ended it really nicely too Thank you, James. Really loved reading this fic :)

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Review #20, by xobebeox Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

8th August 2006:
Alright, I am here. I've been meaning to get to this for awhile--as you know--but you also know how meaning to hardly ever pulls through. This was outstanding. Absolutely beautiful, as always. I loved the glimmer of hope and light at the end, this was such a heavy story and so sad, but so incredibly well done. I swear, every time you write it leaves me completely speechless. You know, there's not many stories that really show Remus and James and their relationship. There's plenty with James and Sirius--how they are brothers, and whatnot, but this is a new perspective. I thought it was good how you contrasted the story in the past to that with Tonks, because it's kind of where the past and present meet. The emotion flowing through the last scene was absolutely outstanding, that was so touching.

I loved the way you made Remus and Tonks' relationship. It was really sweet, but not overdone... you did it well. Lily was portrayed stunningly, I loved the interaction between her and Remus.

I want to step back to the last scene again, just because I'm so glad you offered Remus some closure, if in the form of Harry. Again, you had past and present unite, and I think that was most important because Remus has so many ties to the past, and here you have the present kind of... change the ties. The ending was bittersweet, but perfect. Happy Birthday and great work, Missy!! This was stunning.

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Review #21, by Pipperstorms Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

19th July 2006:
This was an absolutly fantastic story. The only wish I have, is that there were more memories. Briliant! It now resides in my favorites.

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Review #22, by slytheringinny Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

18th July 2006:
Let me say that I was nearly crying. Your portrayal of Remus telling Tonks the memories through photographs, and your use of the present tense is brilliant! I nearly thought it was James saying "I Forgive you Remus," but then it was Harry and after I thought for a while I realized why you did that. :D It's a wonderful story you told and it's going to the favourites where it belongs.
You've got a wonderful writing technique. I know I couldn't have kept up that present tense without screwing up somehow and you've got great characterization skills and scene setting skills. You set the scene without even describing fully. I could just see in my mind's eye Remus' apartment, the marauders sitting around a table, half drunk.
Absolutely brilliant.

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Review #23, by PurityPride Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

17th July 2006:
Great story. I like the reminiscences about each of the photos, getting to see snapshots of the Marauders. The ending is definitely powerful, too.

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Review #24, by LaDorki Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

17th July 2006:
Oh, Lordy, Missy. You know I loved this. There was a certain connection between the characters and the reader that was simple and easy, yet strong. You're SO good at doing that. =) Remus and Tonks felt so natural even though it's not your number one ship or anything. It was interesting to see that from you and I really liked it. I liked seeing a lot of James, especially. I really love your interpretation of him in this piece, it felt really honest and not glorified. Although I wish the bit with Harry and Remus at the end was a bit longer (haha, I bet that's where you and I differ the most when it comes to this fic =P), I enjoyed what I saw. You wrote Harry very well, it was just like him to step up and speak the words that James couldn't. He was sort of saving Remus, wasn't he? Saving him from that guilt and the unresolved feelings. And that's Harry for you. =P As for Sirius and Peter - spot on! There's not much else I can say about them. They were both done very nicely. The tension between Sirius and Remus in particular during part six was good. I really liked how you handled that. So good, Missers. Really well done. =DDD Oh! One other thing - the Sorting Hat should be capitalized, remember? =P Lovely piece, definitely one for the favourites.

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Review #25, by LaliathIell Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise

16th July 2006:
Let's see if I can code a review correctly. I haven't exactly left one since the recoding. *blush*
Beautiful story, Missy. The characterization is amazing. I love how you show every mood and every stage of the Marauder's friendship - the beginning happiness, the warm, fuzzy times, the rocky times and the times when it's like they only have each other.
Also, the plot line - the pieces just seem to fit so perfectly together. Who knew such an emotional and tear-jerking story would start with a simple little box?
And this quote right here: "Sort of like codenames based on our Animagus, and well, your werewolf-ness. "
I don't know why, but that made me crack up. 'Werewolf-ness' sounds like something... I don't know... something us penguins would say. And as weird as it is, it's kind of like I can relate better to what the characters say.
So, yes, a wonderfully written! Another brilliant story from a brilliant author. :) -The Rachel

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