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Review #1, by lilyandjamesfan When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

12th May 2008:
the description is emotions here is is so powerful that i actually felt them myself. its different to most of the dramoine's ive seen

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Review #2, by dramione 4 ever When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

17th January 2008:
Beautiful...thats the word.

Author's Response: Thanks VERY much

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Review #3, by LovelyMioneWeasley When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

13th July 2007:
Oh poeticly heartbreaking. You really feel for Draco and Hermione's broken romance in this. You've done absolutely fablous on this very one-shot. It seems to be an earlier one of yours, but it stands just as proud and great as your more recent ones. It was a pleasure read and definitely review :).
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Thanks so very much!! Yep, definately a one-shot that is written earlier than the rest - but I'm glad you liked it all the same.

You're brilliant Lindsey - thanks for another lovely review.

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Review #4, by Ofelia When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

14th June 2007:
That was beautiful, you made me cry.
on a side note, I just want to say that you are an incredible writer and I hope that you continue.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Ofelia. :)

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Review #5, by RachL When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

28th January 2007:
Great desciption! It was soo sad, kinda chilling, i love ur stories

Author's Response: Thank you so much, RachL!!

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Review #6, by sxcgreekgirl_dracofan When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

7th January 2007:
No don't worry about it. It's okay. I'm really sorry that its not working, if you like I could upload it again or make you a whole new one!! But, it's your decision.

~Claire~ ^_^

Author's Response: Actually, that sounds great. Would you? That would be wonderful . . . do you by any chance know how to make it rain, you know, like with amnie?

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Review #7, by Weasley twins rock When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

30th December 2006:
That was so amazingly written. The description of everythign was just so.beautiful. The only word I could think of, all of the emotions were there although I am surprised that Hermione simply passed Ron by without a thought. He was her best friend for at least six years, even if there had never been a romantic relationship there she would still have worried about him as she did when she found Harry and Ginny. Perhaps I am too much of a Ron fan but I think that she could have spared a thought for that poor red head that she passed while he was face down in the mud. It was sad yet beautifully written. Keep on writing I shall be looking forward to reading more from you.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, I'm flattered. Yes, I'm sure you're right about Hermione being concerned about Ron, but I tried to make her love stronger than that - you see, love makes you do selfish things . . . and besides, I'm NOT a Ron fan at ALL, lol. I don't know, I was just looking at love with a different point of view, but I'm glad you told me your opinion upon that matter. It's interesting how everyone looks at this story differently. Thanks so much for the time you spent reading and reviewing, I'm really grateful. xx

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Review #8, by circinusphoenix When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

11th November 2006:
This . . . this is great! Your style of writing is beautifuly descriptive. It's just a wonderful thing to read. I feel like it's the reading equivalent of looking at the painting. It's just great.

The plotline, I admit at the beginning I question how Hermione could love Draco so much. But by the end, you make it painfully clear how much she does. It was surprising to see her just kill someone so easily, or see Ron of all people dead, and keep going. You have that she's focused entirely on Draco and getting to safety though. Of course this is away from Hermione's normal ways of protecting her friends, but again, it's fanfic, you can have characters be OoC.

But aside from the plot, again, just the writing! It's great (I think I've said that three times already). I like how you describe the scenes, and let the reader back up and see things in a larger sense. Of course there were some very wonderful descriptions in there, some that shone out more than others, but I won't bore you with putting them in here. The story as a whole was wonderfully described.

The ending, of course, was very sad, but still a very powerful image, Hermione sitting on the bed with things untouched since Draco's death. I loved how you described Draco's grave being under the Elm tree. Again, very picturesque.

So yes, I'm very glad I came over and read this today. Very good writing, and the story on the whole was great. Wonderful title by the way too.

My score for this, could be no less than 10 / 10

Author's Response: Ah ha, it's you again, and from the looks of it, you're still being kind to me with your comments.

Oh, wow, I'm so flattered. You enjoyed it? I'm so pleased!! That's fantastic!! I really enjoyed writing this fic as well, and although it's not my favourite piece of work that I've produced, I'm still a little proud of it.

I think you'll find Draco/Hermione is in basically every one of my romance stories. I love writing them as a pair because it’s so much more complicated in terms of relationship, and describing their problems and how they rise past them is an enjoyable prospect for me. I made Hermione so in love with Draco in this, so in love that she was blind to all other things - her friendships, her morals, everything. So long as she could be with him, she didn't care what happened. I think love is like that - it's a selfish concept where the pair always think of one another and their importance that is significant to their hearts. Hermione realises, even as she passes the body of Ron, that there will be time to grieve later, she just has to make this through and turn out on the other side with Draco holding her hand.

I wrote this in the present tense because I wanted the reader to feel a connection, like it was a scene happening in front of them, allowing them to imagine with more depth and for the description to have a better flow. Like I said before, in my other response, description is what I strive for, in anything I write or anything I read. I'm just glad mine is satisfactory.

Ah, you'll come to see that I'm a passionate angst writer. Anything overly-happy seems all too false for me, and it is vain to write when you have not got up and lived. Which is why I love so much to describe the pain of loss, because I know what it's like, allowing me to have a firmer connection with the characters and the story, which every writer needs. Yes, I think I write in a more cinematic way - that's a fault of mine I find, because it does not leave the reader any room to picture their own scene before them, because I've already told them. That's just the way I write though, and if you enjoy reading it, then I'm glad our perspectives on writing style are mutual.

Aw, thank you!! And I'm glad you took the time to leave this lovely review. The title is from the Green Day lyrics, (who I'm a big fan of) "The Death of St Jimmy." I'm sure you've heard of it, and yes, I stole them. I do that quite a lot with my stories - I'm a huge obsessive with emotional music and its meaning, and sometimes find lines in the verses that I absolutely love, which inspire me to write a whole story around it, allowing my imagination to spire out.

10?! Really? I'm flattered. Thanks!!!!! :-) xx

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Review #9, by Unicorn Girl When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

16th October 2006:
amazing...I simply loved the last phrase. You're such a good writer...off to read more. :D


Author's Response: Ah sweetie you're great. Thanks so much!!

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Review #10, by Jessamina When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

3rd October 2006:
So this looks to be the first D/Hr I'll be reading. *takes deep breath, and skims up to read* :)

Holy...this line:

~The Dark Lord’s servants stand like thorns within roses, their bristling venomous anger and hate causing a bloodthirsty slaughter of all that was once beautiful and so alive.~

Damn. Yeah, wow. That's a great line. Wow...I don't know what to say. And I'm a writer, so that's saying something. :)

So emotional, this whole thing. You do so well with that, with capturing emotions. It's very Romeo & Juliet-ish, which I love. Draco a killer, but still a lover. I love that dynamic in a man. And Hermione too, strong how she is and turning into a killer when need be...nice. Another great ficlet. I loved it. Damn, my girl was right! You're going to turn me onto Draco/Hermione. *shakes head* I'm already feeling inspired now. If (oh, God, more like when) I write a D/Hr, I'll dedicate it to you, for being the responsible party. :P

Beautiful, brilliant, so full of angst and feeling, heart and gut-wrenching, original, unafraid, and beyond well-written...32/10 and I can't wait to read more from you.

Author's Response: Wow, you're reviewing me? That's exciting!! Rachel (Snitchsita) always tells me how brilliant you are at writing!! So yeah, I'm flattered you're taking time to read my works!! Thank you!!

Lol, that's great that you selected a line you liked. I love this kind of feedback!!

Oh yes, you so should do a Draco/Hermione fic, I just love the two together. There are just so many complications to explore. I think you'd do really well at it.

Wow, dedicated to me? Oh my god, you would not believe how much I am blushing, like - WOW!! You're such a great writer and well . . . I'm so excited!!

Wow, look at that torrent of abstract nouns. Fantastic, what a lovely summary. Thanks so much Jessamina!! xx

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Review #11, by Forbidden L0VE When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

2nd September 2006:
oh snapp!! that was so saddd =[
but it was really good!!

Author's Response: Hope it didn't make you cry! Lol. It's mainly thanks to the flashy banner that I get the attraction to this story . . . It was good fun to write, though!! Thanks for the review. xx

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Review #12, by Malfoys_Mistress When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

18th August 2006:
As you can see, I'm getting round to checking out more of you stories and omg, this one was so sad *wipes away tear* but at the same time it was beautifully written, I don't think I could pull off what you did with all the detail and emotion like that. That was just written amazingly well. Wow! Lol sorry, it's kind of disabled my speech a bit... Our lovely Draco...gone ;( 100% brilliance! And I'd rate it more than just 10/10 if I could. xXx Tanya

Author's Response: My god girl, do you know how much I love you? You're actually spending the time reading AND reviewing a lot of my stories!! That makes me feel so positive and more confident, because I'm not really anywhere near the top authors on this site - some of us just kind of get ignored!! Well, I'm off to France on sunday so I promise to post up another chapter before I go, when the one in waiting is validated! I'm glad this story was emotional, as that was my motive, although please don't cry!! I hate killing Draco off because he's so beautiful but don't worry, he is alive!! Our Draco rocks and I only killed him because I wanted to explore Hermione's feelings. Thanks again Tanya for another lovely review. xx

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Review #13, by sxcgreekgirl_dracofan When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

8th August 2006:
OMG!!!!! i finally read it and at the end i had tears in my eyes.....*sniff* i loved it and you expressed everything so well....excellent job and i am thrilled i made the banner for this story....

~Claire~ ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you. Hey, I'm thrilled that I asked you to make the banner and you so kindly agreed. I love the banner, it's so pretty, and the latest one you did for my is brilliant! You're the talented one - I give more than half the credit to you!! xx

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Review #14, by Padfoot4 When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

6th August 2006:
u almost made me cry! the tears were filling up in my eyes.
why must you write so depressing!

Author's Response: ha! Find some of my other stories and perhaps they will cheer you up! Try the Death Eater Undercover, when it all comes out. That's attempted humour and is much more fun. Sorry, but depression is reality . . .
Thanks for the review, and please don't cry! Lol, I'd hate to make you sad. :-)

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Review #15, by dreamR24 When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

5th August 2006:
Woha! This is an AMAZING story. i LOVED it. the struchure and wording is amazin. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you!!!!! Read some more of my stories???? xx

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Review #16, by sxcgreekgirl_dracofan When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

3rd August 2006:
Excellent NEWS!!!!! it's finally FINISHED....so I just need ur email...becasue last time I used ur fwends.....could u leave a review on one of my stories again (lol) so i can send it to you....i keep using up all ur review space...lol

Regards Claire

Author's Response: Brilliant. Because I can't get on the internet much, my good dear friend Snitchsista is sorting it for me. Thanks again.
x x

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Review #17, by Snitchsista When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

29th July 2006:
Oh my Merlin, Helen! This actually made me cry. I loved it so much!! The description is amazing, and the way you structured your sentences was just fantastic. I really felt as if I was a part of the last battle; it was so realistic. I loved the bit at the end with the grave. Poor Hermione. Even me, being a complete supporter of Draco being bad, stopped to think what it would be like if this happened in the last book. Amazing- I thought that this was undoubtedly the best one-shot you've ever done! :) xx

Author's Response: lol. Thanks, although you told me yesterday A Lust for Revenge was your favourite. I'm glad this made you cry - or at least, I'm glad I achieved my motive in making it as emotive as possible. Thanks again for reviewing. xx

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Review #18, by sxcgreekgirl_dracofan When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

29th July 2006:
im sorry it's taking a long time to make the banner...but i have been sick lately and i have loads of homework plus assigments to do...i hope it will be ready in a week....and i am sorry it is taking a long time...

Author's Response: don't worry about it. Take as long as you need. Hope you get better soon! xx

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Review #19, by Karma101 When you've lost your dreams in the rain . . .

28th July 2006:
whoah!!!!! so sad i give you a 10000000/100000 id give you something higher but you knoe why!

Author's Response: lol. Thank you. I was thinking about writing a one-shot and I was bored and it just kinda . . . you know, popped up in my head. Thanks for reviewing. xx

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