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Review #1, by the_spladle_of_doom A Trip to the Shopping Centre

24th November 2006:
Oh my goodness... this is awesome. kind of confusing at first, but okay, I can deal with that. ^__^ those two are so weird...

haha. Sirius is my slave. but he can't do anything right! He ran away from my wrath, I think. Oh well. Here's your prize! a big shiny 10/10 AND an imaginary lollipop bigger than the size of-- well, anybody's head. ^o^ happy be-lated turkey day!

Author's Response: OH THANKS!! =D

LUV the rewards *licks lollipop, pokes shiny 10/10* =D thanks! glad u liked it so much!
oh poor u, sirius ran away...
well instead i'll give u this giant chocco brownie!!
thanks for the review!!
=D =D

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Review #2, by HiJane_2 A Trip to the Shopping Centre

10th November 2006:

Author's Response: oh gosh thanks!!!
yep i'm going now to read ur story...

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Review #3, by Glass_Surviver A Trip to the Shopping Centre

9th November 2006:
Oh. My. Good. Graces.
How old are those two?

Author's Response: lol yh it makes u wonder doesnt it?
thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #4, by KiaraJamesKeenaLobo A Trip to the Shopping Centre

16th October 2006:
heehee, got to love the high-jinx of James and Siri! I just love random stories like this! 10/10!

Author's Response: lol thanx!!! i luv random stories too! =D

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Review #5, by Voldemortisevil19 A Trip to the Shopping Centre

15th October 2006:
I love this story! Maybe because this happened to me before. I went to the store with my best friend and drove my mother crazy.

Author's Response: lol, your poor mother!
hehe, thanks SO much for the review!!!
=D =D

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Review #6, by 125hive A Trip to the Shopping Centre

15th October 2006:
Not Bad For An joking its very nice and funny

Author's Response: ha ha funny (note sarcasm). Thanks for reading anyway (even tho i asked u to) And thanks for the nice review i guess... cya lil bro. Thanks again! =D

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Review #7, by Miranda A Trip to the Shopping Centre

14th October 2006:
OMG!!!!! I am luaghing so hard that i am in tears!!!!!!!!!!! cages with wheels....OMG!!! lol and Superman, and the shampoo!!! It kinda reminds me of me and my friends...we have shopping cart races all the time....^__^ haha Anyways, 10/10!!! Please write more one-shots like this soon!!! you really are talented!!! Maybe you should write a story about Sirius....and make me his girlfriend....haha He's hott. Or sounds Hott.....anyways, sorry about this long pointless comment....I'm hyper, and my friend is laughing at me. ok, i'll put you out of your boredom, and end this!!!


Author's Response: lol thank-you so much!!!!!!!
i honestly didn't know how good this story was going to be since i posted it lyk 4 months ago and i didn't get any reviews for it... but thanks so much!!! I'm certainly gonna think about writing more stories lyk this now! glad you thought it was so funny and once again thank you for the brilliant review!!

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Review #8, by aimee_not_amy A Trip to the Shopping Centre

14th October 2006:
hahaha!!! that was hilarious!!! you should do a sort of thing where Lily takes them to all sorts of places, such as restaraunts or amusement parks! just a suggestion.

Author's Response: lol thanks for the suggestion!! i'll certainly think about it. Thanks for the review!! =D

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Review #9, by elle127 A Trip to the Shopping Centre

14th October 2006:
dude, how could that suck? it's so funny. but it's a little hard to understand. you don't have to *Action* "quote" *action* you could just do "Quote" as he did something it's less confusing! ;^) but you'll get the hang of it! ~lissy

Author's Response: lol thanks!! yeah i know it was a bit confusing sorry about that but i wrote this like around four months ago and i wasn't really concentrating on theses things.. i just wanted to get the story done and posted! lol and thanks for the suggestion i'll keep it in mind...
anyway thanks so much for the review!!! =D =D

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Review #10, by FredWeasleysGF A Trip to the Shopping Centre

14th October 2006:
Hey you reviewed one of my stories so I'm reviewing yours! Good story, i wasn't sure about it but it was actually quite funny. My only critiscism is that it read a bit like a play but to be honest I thought that way it was easier to imagine them getting all exicted and stuff! You should write some more comedy stuff coz I would so read it! Please take a look at my one-shot or actually if you could review all mystories I'd appreciate it, I think you already reviewed "Nothings Fair in Love and War" so the other two if you have time of course, I love your reviews! this is going into my faves, well done

Author's Response: Oh wow thanks so much for the review!! I wasn't sure whether it was that funny or not, so thanks! Yeah now that i think about it is kinda like a i never realised that =D You really think i shud rite comedy?? Wow, yeah i'll think about doing that. Yep, and i'll go chek out ur one-shots soon, no prob. =) Once again thank you so much for the amazing review!!! =D =D

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Review #11, by nazozink A Trip to the Shopping Centre

9th October 2006:
Wow actualy that was really good! Do u like comedy? I love the shampo thing I hate it when It gets in your eyes and can u please read some og my stories? I read in ur bio u like to read and as long as u dont mind a couple spelling mistakes (that if u point out Id be happy to fix) you should like them and even if u dont tell me what I can do better I recomened Zink though O I don't think your story suks one bit! I actualy think It roks Im gonna tell my friends and add to fav list!

Author's Response: OH WOW, thankyou SOOO much for the review u don't kno much it means to me cuz this is the first review i have ever gotten!!!
i love comedy btw and i'd love to chek out your stories...actually i'm gonna go chek them out rite now!
Thank you so so so much for the review i'm glad you liked it! and thanks for adding me in your fav.! yes shampoo does suk wen it goes in your eyes... =D =D

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