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Review #1, by harryginny I'm a Seer

22nd January 2007:
hey this was good! a little vague but good! can't wait for the next one together in heaven? waiting!

Author's Response: It was more to set the stage then to be good but I'm glad you like it. =). You just made my day. ~SiriusLivesOn

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Review #2, by hermione_loves_harry_DUH I'm a Seer

24th September 2006:
Kiwi! how dare you say this story was not good! and in the summary too! *harrumph*
Anywho, I liked it as you can probably tell but yeah. Oh and put Together in Heaven up for validation! PLEASE!!! I'll give you a cookie!

Author's Response: I WANT A COOKIE! But how are You going to give it to me? I can't put it up yet, I need to validate Project Love!!!!

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Review #3, by thefunnynamedperson2134 I'm a Seer

9th September 2006:
"..lust for Hermione"? What is up with that? You should of cleared that up!!!!! People want to know!!
I love it!! Can't wait for more.

But you need to make the chapters longer and you are a little vague.

But maybe you want to be, or you want me to think that to take them blame off you for making a small chapter. OR you want me to think that you want me to think that you want to be vague to take the blame for making the chapter so short to trick me. Or......

Author's Response: Well, I just made this story so that the NEXT one, (the GOOD one) makes sense.

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Review #4, by RemusBlack I'm a Seer

16th August 2006:
Interesting view on Harry and very well-written. thumbs up for it! :OD

Author's Response: Thank you! It's just so that the next stroy makes sense, but I had to make it 500+ words. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Brenda16 I'm a Seer

10th August 2006:
ughhh... it's a harry/hermione thing, that ruines it for me, lol. j/k... i liked it! it's sort of mysterious... i seriously recommend u continue it, this story could go far... even if it is harry/hermione, i'll still read it because i like the plot so please continue it.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's acutally just so that the next story(s) make sense. The next one is Together in Heaven. Thanks for the review, I love the support! I don't really like just one pairing, so I try to change it around!

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