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Review #1, by deep Reflections

9th April 2009:
thank god, you didnt show severus hate albus
every other story shows almost that
good job

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Review #2, by Pookha Reflections

16th March 2008:
Seeing that this was written before DH is pretty awesome, you were correct on almost all of it. Snape's pain is evident here, as is his tortured past. DD's heart is on display, too, with the way he wants Snape to keep him until his part is done.

"And, it was all for not" should be 'and it was all for naught."

Snape really exemplified Gryffindor spirit, even though he was Slytherin, and you really see it here.

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Review #3, by hogwarts_girl Reflections

25th November 2007:
Oh gosh that was really good. It was what I guessed too, and I really do believe in Snape's goodness (: I did a fic on him as well. Great job, you anticipated everything so well.

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Review #4, by SiriuslyCrack (Not logged in) Reflections

21st January 2007:
Juls, this is one the simplest and yet the most beautiful piece I have read. You couldn't have conveyed the meaning in a more better way. I like it how you made Snape the good guy. In my one-shot, he's bad and in the end, he is killed. I didn't want that but it suited my fic. Anyway, like you, I too believe that Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him. That this was all planned. And, instead of going into a whole explanation, you showed it simply, so neatly. Great work, Juls! I'll be looking forward to reading your othre stuff soon :)

Author's Response: Dearest Tahi~~ This was my second story ever written/posted for HPFF, and as you can tell started my Snapely obsession. I had not read HPB yet when I had written so if there is any slight mistakes I am sorry. And yeah... I truly believe that Dumbledore knew of the plans and made plans of his own. Huggles and thanks for reviewing hun. ~~juls

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Review #5, by Anony_Mouse Reflections

12th January 2007:
Wow. This is! I love this fic, I really do. It leaves so much room for imagination and the way you write it has this wonderful quality to it too. I especially liked how how you left so much up to interpretation. I will be thinking about this fic for a long time. Good job. 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Thanks anony-- this is my second fic ever written and posted. It started my love of Snape-- and all things Snapely. glad you like it ~~juls

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Review #6, by TheFalk Reflections

25th December 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks This is the story that started my Snape is innocent campaign, ~~juls

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Review #7, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Reflections

20th December 2006:
Fascinating... I really enjoyed this! Interestingly enough, your story in regards to Snape's motives and true allegiance align closely with my own. I like to see him in a story where he isn't vilified! Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Snape is my victorian tragic hero. Why I am obsessed with proving him innocent, I do not know. Thanks Hermy and big huggles ~juls

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Review #8, by delta Reflections

25th November 2006:
I loved this piece. It was really well-written and the plot is wonderful. I pretty much believe that Snape is a good guy and have the point of view that either Dumbledore didn't die or Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders. This portrayed Snape's anguish at Dumbledore's death very well and how he had no where to turn. Amazing job, juls! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Delta. This was my second story I had even written/posted on HPFF. It was the start of Snape obsession actually. I did a small rewrite from 666 words to 836. I couldn't make it any better I guess. Glad ya liked it hun. And thanks for the fab review. hugz ~~juls

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Review #9, by Nausicaa Reflections

14th November 2006:
That made me cry!! I'm favoriting you, you are awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the FAV add... you make my day!! huggles ~~juls

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Review #10, by Snape Obsessed Reflections

8th November 2006:
Wowzers. =) You just summed up my entire theory about Dumbledor's death, minus the Fawkes is Dumbledore's horcrux thing... But it's trivial. Great job, showing others the light I see Severus in. 10/10 on my favs.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The Phoenix is a horcrux, it was more symbolism for Albus' soul going to heaven OR Snape's being forgiven. And i heart snape through 13 stories now. huggles ~~juls

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Review #11, by Scriblerian Reflections

28th October 2006:
Hiya juls!!!!! It's Scrib, from SAYS. I FINALLY got time to check out your stories, thank I was feeling very out of the loop with all of you in the c-box. But now I'm getting there. lol. Okay, enough rambling, onto this amazing one-shot: Wow! I can already tell that you are a brilliant writer, juls, just from this short piece and that is truly saying something. I thought this was achingly beautiful. You have captured tortured Snape so well and you really draw the reader in through your wonderful descriptions. And that last paragraph!! Oh my gosh, I got teary eyed. So incredibly sad and haunting. An overall fantastic job juls. I mean it. I can't wait to read all your other stories! I just know if they're half as good as this one was, I am going to be one happy reader. :) It might take me a while, though. Just a warning. But I will get to all of them, I promise. I really can't wait! :) Excellent job again, juls. I loved this.

Author's Response: Ahhh, Scribbie ty. I fell for snape because of this story. This was writen way before I read HBP (don't be shocked plz) So, the small inaccuracies to canon ia explained by that. I'm so glad you loved this piece, because it was my second story. huggles ~~juls

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Review #12, by tiffers Reflections

17th October 2006:
I love that you used your own ideas about why Snape would possibly kill Dumbledore and make them into a story. You do such a fantastic job of taking your theories and running with them, and more often than not you manage to convince me as well. I love the raw emotion that Snape exhibits in this chapter, you really do have his personality written perfectly. Your explanations for everything make sense, and I think it's a great little one shot. Well done!

Author's Response: Thnks tiff... this story I can't seem to length. But, it is the story that started out my love for snape... and my desire to redeem him. huggles juls (i'll take a slice of finally aged swiss with please tiff)

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Review #13, by almost_witch Reflections

27th September 2006:
Now I like this fic, and I enjoy so much of your theroy that Dumbledore was already dying - your fics have made me start to believe this theroy and I enjoy the thought of it so much!

It came as a shock to me for how short your chapter for once acually is, haha well done.

This was well written and I can see soo much that you love writting about Snape, so keep on doing it because you can so well.

Spelling is fine as always and before I forget thumbs up for this line - 'But grown wizards don't cry. They get even.'

- It just screamed Snape and other wizards like him. I just love those little lines that add so much more!

Yet again well done,


Author's Response: Thanks again. And I knew the length of this fic would please you. And, Snape has become my passion. huggles ~~juls

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Review #14, by ValhallaAdonisSnape Reflections

6th September 2006:
Very interesting reflection. I would have liked it to have been a bit longer, but one can't pull these things on forever? Great Job! -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: Thank you Valhalla for reviewing this piece, it was originally 666 words, and it still is my shortest piece. It was my second fanfic baby, and I think it really got me started on the fact that maybe Snape isn't the monster that act made him to be. Only time and JKR can tell us. It will probably once again go through a rewrite as my skills improve, but I just couldn't seem to keep on the crying part. Maybe add more of his memories of what Albus meant to him? Every review is a challenge to me to improve. Thanks for your kind words, and your encouragement. huggles ~~juls

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Review #15, by Jessi_Rose Reflections

5th September 2006:
juls, I really do love this piece. It's so simple. It gets the point across without getting lost in unnecessary details and it gives yet another reason why Snape is a good guy :D (by the way, you're spelling phoenix right) ;)

Author's Response: Thanks jessi =) When I rewrote it i fixed phoenix hehe.. it was my second fic and I felt it needed just a little more (prob still does...) but I'm glad you love it, cause its one of my favorites that I have written also. Thanks for being one of my beta team (you and jackie are awesome) you both challenge me with with it needs more create it, not just filling it in for me. I'm so glad I took that step in requesting you as my beta that first time, for if I didn't I don't think I'd still be writing, eh...
huggles ~~juls

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Review #16, by nicalyse Reflections

4th August 2006:
Short, simple, and to the point. I like that you addressed yet another theory, the reasoning behind Snape killing Dumbledore--or rather, not killing him. There are a couple of typos near the beginning, but they aren't anything terrible. I can tell that you are developing your writing style, and I think that you're on a good path so far. Take the next step. :) Good job, and keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for noticing my little twists. I'll most likely expand this out fuller, but it was for a challenge, so kinda leaving it as is for awhile. Thanks for your kind words.

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Review #17, by PadfootandProngs91 Reflections

30th July 2006:
"But, grown wizards don't cry."

Without the comma this line would be fantastic. I'm not sure you're spelling 'pheonix' right. Also not sure of how to spell it, just know that it doesn't look right.

Love the Order's equivlant of the Dark Mark (the necklace). You had it in your Draco story and I loved it then.

Not much to say this time. But I did love the fact that you used Snape instead of someone like Hagrid or of all people, Harry.

Only question is why in world is this concidered an Alternate Universe piece?

Author's Response: I consider it AU cause most think of Snape as a villian, not one of the good guys. Thanks for reviewing =)

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Review #18, by elsbeth22 Reflections

27th July 2006:
Very very short...I can see how it could be made longer, but it was interesting nevertheless. I've read many Snape reflection pieces and i have to say that end line was amazing.


Author's Response: It was short cause I had trouble NOT revealing it was Snape til the end, and part of the challange was not to reveal him. I'm glad you liked the ending.

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Review #19, by daqu Reflections

25th July 2006:
ahh, the cruel irony of 666. the narcissa being snape's old lover was an unusual twist. excellent story, and good job with my challege!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The new story I'm writing will expand on the Cissa/Snape part. And tie in both Dumbledore's Death one shot and Decisions one shot. and, really... the 666 was so unintential cause I do not have a word counter on my word pad. I am so glad you enjoyed it. =)

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