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Review #1, by darker side of happy A Dragon's Tale

19th January 2009:
I loved this story.
I think what Draco says is so true.
I can understand why Dumbledore and otehrs are tolerant, theres nothing wrong with that.
But its as if the purebloods see what the others dont
That once the muggleborns begin to take over and have more influence then sooner or later the muggles will come.

And the muggles wont be as tolerant of the wizards as Dumbledore and his followers are and would like to believe.

Alot of people see the pureblods and Death Eaters who followed Voldemort as evil, but I dont agree.
their actions may have been brutal and at times wrong, but they were only trying to protect the life they loved, tehir heritage, who they were.
And they did what the had to in acts of desperation.
Maybe in the end they were not as wrong as many believed

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Review #2, by Snitchsista A Dragon's Tale

29th July 2006:
Spoken like a true Draco. Fab. I love the way you write!!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I tried to get into Draco's head as well as I could and this was the result, so I'm glad that you liked it

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Review #3, by Dark Princess 06 A Dragon's Tale

17th July 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks :) I thought I'd try something a little different.

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