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Review #1, by ROBERT__1958 Chapter 14

9th August 2007:
Please Post more Dobby stories.

Author's Response: thanks i think I will finish the second adventure just for those that love dobby.

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Review #2, by Nessann Chapter 14

15th February 2007:
I likes this story a great deal. May have even left a review before. Please keep writing.Great Job!

Author's Response: wow I haven't got a review for that story in years. literally

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Review #3, by littlesandy01@aol.com Chapter 14

11th August 2005:
I would love any Dobby adventures Good Story

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Review #4, by littlesandy01 Chapter 14

1st July 2005:
This story was wonderful.Dobby is my absolute favorite.Thanks so much for sharing your talent.I will look forward to more Dobby stories.

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Review #5, by Lee Swain Chapter 14

19th May 2005:
Greta story please keep them coming.

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #6, by Professor Thom Chapter 14

16th May 2004:
I very much enjoyed your story and your talent. I have always enjoyed Dobby. In the future it would ne nice to see a little more attention to layout, spelling and verb tense but overall I enjoyed the characters and the storyline and look forward to more of your "Dobby Adventures". Thanks

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, bye the bye. since the two years that I wrote this I've spent a lot of time impoving my spelling and grammar. It's funny I haven't thought about doing a dobby story in a while but for some reason i did start a new one last week. then I changed my mind and made it my own character. Thanks for reading.

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Review #7, by fastron chapter 12

2nd October 2003:
one of the best storys here!!!!!

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Review #8, by ina otaku Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

23rd August 2003:
plz update soon!!!!! i like it

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Review #9, by Froggyy1 Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

20th August 2003:
I have just found this web site for fan fics.... So far all the ones I have read have been great..... The only thing I have seen that I don\'t like is tht autors hold back chapters and make us wait for their good storis.... I hope you don\'t wait till 400 people veiew your story... That will be a shame for us who want more....... PLEASE POST MORE OF YOUR STORY....I WANT TO SEE HOW IT ENDS AND WHAT IT HAS TO DO WITH HARRY POTTER OTHER THEN DOBBY.......

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Review #10, by Pixie Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

12th August 2003:
Very cool please continue?!

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Review #11, by rebecca Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

30th July 2003:
great story what happens next pppllleeeaaasssee write more soon

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Review #12, by KENNEIB Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

11th July 2003:
This is the start of a great series. well worth checking out. any comments please send them two me.

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Review #13, by riaJem Dobby’s Adventures: Alex and the carvern of lost

11th July 2003:
hey! this is pretty good! it\'s new and original! great job! i have one question: how did u get ur story on the \'top stories\' thing?!?!?! please get back to me! thanx! and if u get a chance, plz read my fic: shattered mortality. thanx! riaJ

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