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Review #1, by Seacoastmuggle Chapter one

25th February 2010:
Skanky and fun to read - but hard to read as well. I know its an old one, but you should really work on the grammer.

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Review #2, by Nana Chapter one

5th March 2005:

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Review #3, by fkodsjfa Chapter one

12th June 2004:
hermiones sercret was that she wanted to join in!! jeez ppl pay attention....neways......

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Review #4, by boo Chapter one

6th April 2004:
Hi, really great story hope you write another one, i don't like well....umm slash, but it this one was great !!!!!!! : )

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Review #5, by Shiseidox Chapter one

6th April 2004:
Only one question: what was Hermione's secret? Was it that she knew about Harry and Ron? Other than that, good job! I usually don't like Ron/Harry slash, but you did a good job on it! It's a great story.

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Review #6, by ltnaconejita Chapter one

31st March 2004:
wow , that's funny and deep at the same time, lol. ron and harry.... lol what's hermione's secret? that she felt left out? well, that was really good, and i love all ur stories!

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Review #7, by Anonymous Chapter one

30th January 2004:
I really liked this story, are you going to write any with all three of them together?

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Review #8, by arukas Chapter one

15th December 2003:
wow, i dont usually like slash but that was way cool! I liked hermione's whole jealous and confused thing. It was good to see her not know it all and be so smug for once. Nice one!

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Review #9, by Mindy Chapter one

9th December 2003:
Hey that was great, really moving story. Is that all? Are you going to do a sequence??

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