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Review #1, by *nobody* 24 Hours That Could Never Be

1st February 2010:
This story is absolutely brilliant... the emotions are all shown so perfectly, you can really feel them - only a REALLY good writer can do THAT. And the end is very sad, but it's a beautiful sadness. This really is a great story. =)

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Review #2, by CapricornGrl 24 Hours That Could Never Be

16th August 2007:
Great last paragraph, :)

Author's Response: the last paragraph is one of my best, considering when I wrote it at least. Yeah it was only a year ago but I have improved so much since then I almost find this story embarassing.

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Review #3, by Katielynn 24 Hours That Could Never Be

3rd August 2007:
Awhhh, this was really good. : )

Author's Response: thanks, I honestly find it to be quite horrible because it's my first, but I'm glad you still think it deserves praise.

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Review #4, by Diandra 24 Hours That Could Never Be

18th June 2007:
Wow, how beautiful. I really enjoy reading this ship, especially when it's you who's writing it! It's so sad, I feel bad for poor Remus...never having a proper person to love until Tonks. I loved it! By the way...Remus (or even better, Snape, lolz I'm obsessed with Lily/Snape) DOES deserve Lily; JAMES DOES NOT!


Author's Response: This was my first fan fic and now when I look back it was horrible! I think I could still improve it but I don't want to change it because it's my first. I think that Remus/Lily could totally have worked out if not for his loyalty to his best friend. I guess you can't argue with cannon though.

Speaking of Remus's love life I've got a Remus/OC chaptered fic in the making if you're interested. It's called Dark Secrets and it's my baby. I've been working on it off and on since I joined the site almost a year ago. I;d like to see what you think of that one since you seem to love my writing so much (it's actually a bit scary because I know I am nowhere near being the best on the site)

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Review #5, by Haunted_Lyra22 24 Hours That Could Never Be

12th April 2007:
that was pretty good!!^_^
umm...lily and remus are still some of my favs together cos its so forbidden.
P.S. what's ur fav band?

Author's Response: I don't really consider it forbidden unless it's after Lily and James are married. I'm personally not a big fan of situations like that, especially with Lily. I do agree that Lily/Remus is an awesome ship though.

My favorite band, that's sorta a random question but lets see... At the moment it's bullet for my valentine because I just got a CD by them but Evanescence is always cool and so is Linkin Park. At the moment they fall into second and third place as far as my favorites go.

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Review #6, by * 24 Hours That Could Never Be

10th April 2007:
ps. i liked the message at the end though.. "their lives were going.."

Author's Response: yeah, everyone seems to. Thanks for the review and I'm sorry the story wasn't more to your liking.

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Review #7, by * 24 Hours That Could Never Be

10th April 2007:
ok first, it is well written of course, and dont take this the wrong way but...
have you read the books?
lily fell in love with james.. i think that is clear enough. she didnt like remus nor sirius, like you mention in all your stories. I think that you endings clearly alter the real thing and they have nothing to do with it.
thats just my opinion.

Author's Response: that's why they didn't end up together in the end. Not to mention, we specifically know that James and Lily didn't get together until their last year at hogwarts. I see nothing wrong with Lily liking someone else before James. Cuz honestly, do you think that the first person you date will end up bing your spouse? Think about it logically. They didn't end up together in the end of the story so I don't see what the big deal is about them being together in their fifth year.

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Review #8, by secret_witch 24 Hours That Could Never Be

13th March 2007:
That was an excellent story, brilliantly written. I really like the message at the end as well. 10/10

Author's Response: I love the end as well. Thank you for bothering to review my chapter though it's not very recent.

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Review #9, by SiriusLives222 24 Hours That Could Never Be

15th January 2007:
Amazing fic! I love it, and I love the portrayal of both Remus and Lily. I feel so sorry for Remmy, it's terrible he had to go through all of that. So 10/10.


Author's Response: Thanks I tried. I do feel sorry for him too, but it had to end like that.

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Review #10, by xElusive Memoriesx 24 Hours That Could Never Be

14th January 2007:
West and East would be a great title for this! I really loved the ending- it was witty and clever- would be a great quotes challenge on the forums *wink wink* lol- it was well written and quite sweet :)

Author's Response: thanks. I'm quite proud of the ending myself. I think I will start that challenge. Will you be in for it if I do?

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Review #11, by Harry Potter lover 24 Hours That Could Never Be

8th January 2007:
Loves it. I think Remus and Lily are perfect Together. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! I've always liked Remus/Lily but my views on the why and the how and stuff was in this, obviously. Glad you liked it! Thanks for bothering to review

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Review #12, by jez redfern 24 Hours That Could Never Be

4th December 2006:
thats sad

Author's Response: sad in a good way I hope, but I guess we all kinda knew that it couldn't have worked out with Remus and Lily. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Secret_Muggle 24 Hours That Could Never Be

28th October 2006:
Their lives were going in opposite directions, but if you go west and they go east, you meet up again on the other side of the Earth.

Wonderful imagery... I absolutely loved that sentence and a nice way to end the story.

I quite liked how Lily was so caring of Remus, seems like just the thing she would do! Has she found out that the Marauders are animagi?

Loved it... 9/10

Author's Response: at the time of that story she didn't know the Maurauders were animagi yet. I'm really happy with the way that story turned out (especially the last line) and I personally think I did a pretty good job of writing Lily's caring side. Thanks for the review, I haven't got any in ages!

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Review #14, by Scorpions_rock 24 Hours That Could Never Be

27th August 2006:
i am a total Remus/Lily shipper!!
so i luved this exept that it was incredibly sad!!
rOcK oN!!!!!!

Author's Response: I know it is sad. It's supposed to be. I'm glad you like it though.

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Review #15, by Unicorn Girl 24 Hours That Could Never Be

21st August 2006:
nice story

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #16, by JolieFille252 24 Hours That Could Never Be

2nd August 2006:
Hmm...I've never read anything with Lupin hating quidditch...a but indifferent to it, but never hating it. different. fresh. I like it. ;)

“Have you read ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’? It’s a good book, portrays the rules much more understandably than James does,” Remus chuckled...

maybe a line of space after Lily's quote, so it's easier to read..

I really liked how you ended the story. love that could never be. :(

I'm generally very anti-lily/remus...but I read this objectively (or as objectively as I could and I liked it..I liked that even though you made it lily/remus, you kept it cannon...they didn't stay together...remus cared too much about his friendship with James...which I think would've been the situation if that HAD been the case in the books (I firmly believe it wasn't the case. GRRR. lol ok sorry..fine line b/w attacking a ship and attacking a story, and I certainly have no intention of crossing it) but anyway, nicely done!

Author's Response: Yeah, I like keeping it canon too usually. On the line you mentioned, it was Remus saying the quote. From what I've heard from other readers they liked this story even though they usually hate Lily/Remus. Thanks for reviewing it!

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Review #17, by lil_lupin_lover 24 Hours That Could Never Be

30th July 2006:

Author's Response: thanks! I liked it too. (obviously) :D

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Review #18, by lil_lupin_lover 24 Hours That Could Never Be

30th July 2006:

Author's Response: you left multiple of these

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Review #19, by lil_lupin_lover 24 Hours That Could Never Be

30th July 2006:

Author's Response: you left multiple of these

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Review #20, by natnco 24 Hours That Could Never Be

26th July 2006:
wow what an amazing ending that is so good- please write more because that was brill!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it. I am writing more stories, but I'm leaving this one just as it is. I like ending it with a cliff hanger/profound statement that leaves my readers loving to hate me, or hating to love me, depending on how you look at it.

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Review #21, by kei_sainter 24 Hours That Could Never Be

20th July 2006:
Heya fallenstarr! How's it going?

I loved it! I truly did. Do you have a beta or do you proof your own work? Because it was really lovely-written. I can totally see fiery Lily doing that, following and being stubborn and all.

And of course you foreshadowed James/Lily with the stag thing-- which I thought was pretty special too. I think it could've worked out between Remus and Lily though, but... hmm, I suppose you make choices.

First your fic was just like cruising along nicely, and then those last two paragraphs bam-- im pretty sure something was lodged in my throat. you wrote it beautifully and im glad you enterred the challenge!


Author's Response: I proof my own work and I had my sis read it before I sent it in. I tried to write the characters as believable as possible. Like I've said before, I think it could've worked out between them too, but as you saw in this, Remus wouldn't have done that to his his best friend James. I had something lodged in my throat too when I reread it, and I'd known how it was going to end for however long in advance. Everybody seems to have like the end even though it was so sad. I like writing things sad, one of my one shots (I haven't sent it in yet but I will) is sad too in the same sort of way.

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Review #22, by slytheringinny 24 Hours That Could Never Be

19th July 2006:
Fallenstarr, I've finally gotten to yours! -sniffles- Wonderfully beautiful and sad! I really liked it alot! Remus/Lily is a ship I hadn't considered much and I like the way you had Lily follow Remus and James and Sirius trying to push her out in their animagus forms. It was wonderful!!!
Well, I'm not much of a long reviewer unless I ramble, so unless you want to hear me ramble, I've got nothing more to say other than: absolutely brilliant and 10/10!
Oh, also my name:

Author's Response: glad you liked it! Now you've reviewed mine I'll go reread your fic and review it. I tried to add just a hint of lily/james (her calling him beautiful unknowingly) because they do kinda end up married. I like writing things that are a little bit sad, I think it adds a nice effect.

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Review #23, by moonys girl1 24 Hours That Could Never Be

19th July 2006:
that was really good. It was easy to read yet cerpt you wanting to finish it.i liked all the description.

Author's Response: thanks, glad you liked it, welcome to HPFF and the 24 hour challange

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Review #24, by kathy 24 Hours That Could Never Be

19th July 2006:
aww omg. great story

Author's Response: thanks glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by anni 24 Hours That Could Never Be

19th July 2006:
that is so sad. even though I'm a total Lily/James shipper, that is really sweet, and I didn't get mad about you saying Lily wouldn't like James. You wrote that really well. great work!

Author's Response: I set it in their fifth year because that was before lily liked james because I am a lily/james shipper too. Nice to know you liked it!

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