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Review #1, by some girl who likes to make fun of nothing Dream Scream

1st August 2006:
harry likes to cuss in his dreams, huh? and what's with Ghost-Face's name, I mean where did you think of that name? hey like the name says I love to make fun of nothing and Ghost-Face is definatly 'nothing'! and that was funny when he fell onto Draco's innards! i actually laughed! (j/k i actually made a 'EW" face, one cause it's in the morning and i've been awake all night and your story was the first thing i've read and i can picture all that blood and actually see harry licking the walls of hogwarts eating 'ketchup' and falling on the innards of a classmate and getting killed by the scream dude with a hook, and yeah a good picture for the day!) so........if you wanna respond to any of my critique (i like that word!) then email me at lemonysnicketrulz@yahoo.com or if you have a myspace you can look me up a A Satanic Mechanic or just email me. ok baby bro's crying gotta go now bye!

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