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Review #1, by Cherry lips and Blackened eyes Poking Cheekily At Her Heart

30th November 2006:
Aw, its soo sweet! They hooked up; YAY!
Luv ya chicken!

Author's Response: Thanks hun!!

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Review #2, by Ms Independant Poking Cheekily At Her Heart

23rd November 2006:
Awww so cute!! and 'FINALLY'S' RIGHT BUGGSY!! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH! We have all be waiting here...tortured by the though that you might NEVER update this adorable story!! I was most definitely not dissapointed, great job once again! :) your fan, as always, d&g :P

Author's Response: thanks bub, i'm just about to go read you story, lookin forward to it

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Review #3, by Gabby_Nini Poking Cheekily At Her Heart

21st November 2006:
this is really good i really like it =D

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #4, by fuzzy_kitty_rubber_dukie Poking Cheekily At Her Heart

19th November 2006:
wow that was good . what was kinda wierd was the word wiltst ya coulda said while
but other than that it was really good!

Author's Response: Thanks! Do you mean the word "whilst"? That word just suited the mood of the story at the time, whilst is used in everday language just as much as while where I'm from, but it doesn't really matter. Thanks for reviewing, it means a lot!!

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Review #5, by kandy Poking Cheekily At Her Heart

18th November 2006:
I"M SO HAPPY!yes they kissed and may be together now!update soon

Author's Response: It was such a relief to write that chapter, I was on the edge of my seat to get the kiss scene in. I'll update soon, I'm just about to finish assessment.

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Review #6, by Gabby_Nini The Incident

28th October 2006:
i like this story alot..........UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! lol i love the story cant wait to read more about it

Author's Response: I'm about to update now. I hope you enjoy!

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Review #7, by Gabby_Nini The Alarm

28th October 2006:
lol i like the ending its really funny

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #8, by Ms Independant The Incident

18th October 2006:
:D Glad to see uv put one up :) COME ON BROOKSIE :( DONT KEEP US HANGING LIKE THIS! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??!! Cant wait to read next chapter :) lol xxx d

Author's Response: But I like to keep you hanging, it's amusing...

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Review #9, by kandy The Incident

17th October 2006:
so harry and laney almost kissed but didn't. dame. hope they get together soon that should make for intersting read.update soooon

Author's Response: they'll get together soon, relax... =p i'll try and update in the near future, promise

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Review #10, by La Vie De Phase The Incident

17th October 2006:
I love this fan fic it's great

Author's Response: Yay warm fuzzies. Thanks so much, that's made my day!

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Review #11, by Ms Independant The Alarm

28th September 2006:
yay!!! FINALLY BROOKSIE! :) No really, it was very cute, i liked just took a while to, u know, get up and running. When are you putting the next chapter up? SOON I hope!! :D I'll have you know that i have checked this site nearly everyday...loser that I am, in hopes that another chapter will be on... ah well. :p see u in a week :) Can i look forward to reading another chapter when i get back? xxx d

Author's Response: i'll put another chapter up in the next few days, i promise

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Review #12, by kandy The Alarm

26th September 2006:
Their getting there!update sooon

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing, it's nice to know that someone wants to read them!!

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Review #13, by Ms Independant Minnie and a Meeting

23rd September 2006:
Hey brooksie :) I know this is for the 3rd chapter, but i couldnt leave another on the 4th one. so...whens this new chapter coming on ????!!! or are u just going to leave us to die from

Author's Response: i'll put another one up soon, right now i'm doing our modern... kill me xx

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Review #14, by Ms Independant Moving In

18th September 2006:
aaaahhh! Sugar Katee, did u write this all urself?! It is absolutely FANTASTIC!! I love it! its been promoted to my favourite!! I can not WAIT to read the next chapter! Keep it up! AAAAAAH ...*looks around* sorry lol i got excited again. Hurry up and write the next chapter! xxx d

Author's Response: Thanks so so much hun!! I'm glad you like it, it means a lot coming from you! I'll go and update now, xo!!

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Review #15, by Gabby_Nini Moving In

17th September 2006:
lol i like this alot its really interesting you should start updateing quicker though

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'll try and update quicker but I've been swamped with school, I have a break for the next 2 or 3 weeks though so i'll try and update more! =p

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Review #16, by kandy Moving In

15th September 2006:
HOT and heavey not now but you can tell that this is going to get interesting!UPDATE SOOON

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing Kandy!!

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Review #17, by Cherry lips and Blackened eyes Minnie and a Meeting

8th September 2006:
BROOKSIE!!! WOOOO!!! I love it!!! It's so cute!!! Kawwai ne! I love the part with Tonks and the green and gold hair!!! WOOOOOO!!!
Luv, Me!

Author's Response: hey ceej, you forget i have no idea what japanese-ness "kawwai ne" means... i'll ask you monday. i love the bit with tonks too, i'll keep making 'intertextual' references to australia!! you have to keep reading it hun, thanks for reviewing btw!!
Kate xo

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Review #18, by Gabby_Nini At The Leaky Cauldron

2nd September 2006:
i really like it its sooo interesting i love it its kinda short tho

Author's Response: thanks so much!! it's not finished, so it'll be longer... except i'm kinda stumped for ideas right now but i'm sure i'll think of something! =p

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Review #19, by Gabby_Nini Minnie and a Meeting

2nd September 2006:
i really like this story but Ginny!? why did Ginny have to die!? she has always been one of my fave characters!!!! Why Hagrid!?!? also you kept putting hostel isnt it supposed to be hotel?

Author's Response: i love ginny too, she's my favourite and the reason i killed her is that apart from an oc i'd want her to be with harry, and i couldn't write it without them flirting and Laney would hate that ( i dunno if that made sense but whatever) i killed hagrid because he's so hard to write in my opinion, so i made it easier for myself by having him be dead. hostel are places where young ppl stay, youth hostels?? hotels sometimes have accomadation but are usually just bars, at least that's the way it is in australia. thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #20, by kandy Minnie and a Meeting

31st August 2006:
Their already felt the shock whats goign to happen when they move in together?UPDATE SOON

Author's Response: I bet you can guess what's going to happen when they move in together (hint: chemistry)! I'll update soon.

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Review #21, by Ms Independant Ridiculous Amount of Bushy Hair

5th August 2006:
Ooh great start katee! :P Set the scene and everything, your english teacher would be proud ;) keep it up xxx

Author's Response: thanks so much!!!! that means a lot to me, i hope my english teacher likes my writing coz i've got a short story assignment due in a few days =p

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Review #22, by Gabby_Nini Ridiculous Amount of Bushy Hair

31st July 2006:
what happened to Harry? i like your story alot update soon plz =)

Author's Response: thanks i'm glad you like it and you'll see what happened to harry!!

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Review #23, by kandy Ridiculous Amount of Bushy Hair

29th July 2006:
So this girl is harrys soul mate.mmm interesting.UPDATE SOOON

Author's Response: thanks so much, i'm just putting a chapter up now!

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Review #24, by Amy Ridiculous Amount of Bushy Hair

27th July 2006:
God chapter. Update soon.

Author's Response: thanks, it's my first fan fic so i'm a little nervous

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