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Review #1, by slytherinchick1996 Why?

4th August 2013:
You need to update really soon I love this story :)

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Review #2, by tasha Why?

1st November 2012:
omg cliff hanger :) i love your storey pleas update as soon as posible

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Review #3, by APotterGirl The Past Can Come Back To Haunt, You Know

6th November 2011:
Draco and the Slytherin's hate Harry so I don't see why they would help him.

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Review #4, by angel_devil_chick15 Why?

10th April 2009:
i love this story please keep on posting chapters
- angel

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Review #5, by Immortalis Amor The Past Can Come Back To Haunt, You Know

29th December 2008:
Hi, no offense, but your story barely makes any sense. I can't seem to make sense out of it. Sorry

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Review #6, by Miss Haggan What’s been going on at the Dursleys?

7th December 2008:
Hey very good start to the story at first I was a bit aprehensive to read this because of the warning of violence and rape, but it s accuatly a very good start to the story.


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Review #7, by Queen of Irish Dance The Hospital Wing AGAIN?!

13th January 2007:
Please update soon!! I want to find out what happens next!!!

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Review #8, by Flower123 The Hospital Wing AGAIN?!

2nd January 2007:
WHAT!?harrys really a girl in this story, wo thats a strange twist.update soon

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Review #9, by chikakt36 Off To Hogwarts We Go

28th November 2006:
hey there. i really like this story so far! youre a great writer! cant wait for the next chapter!

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Review #10, by JennRose What’s been going on at the Dursleys?

20th October 2006:

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Review #11, by Luckygurl102 What’s been going on at the Dursleys?

28th September 2006:
Keep up the fantastic work! I always love your story! I like the twists you put in your stories, they sound more reaslistic than they hp books, like the abuse and stuff, i think i likeur stories better cause they relate to me! Keep up the real stuff! I always rate ten!

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Review #12, by emerald_princess92 What’s been going on at the Dursleys?

28th September 2006:
i like it keep up tha great work!

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Review #13, by kandy What’s been going on at the Dursleys?

25th September 2006:
Ok so he is being abused and petunia is a witch.ok but where does his parents come into play?update sooon

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