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Review #1, by Draco_Severus_Ginny Guidelines

11th November 2014:
I really, really loved this! It was so different yet so good. x

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Review #2, by tigerseye Guidelines

4th April 2012:
hahahahaha *wipes tears of laughter away* that is so great!
i love it. so sweet! definitly a favourite of mine!

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Review #3, by Jen Guidelines

23rd March 2012:
I luv this fanfic that u've written! It's humorous n fun with drama n love! Absolutely luv it! Do u have a sequel to this 1? If not, make a sequel.

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Review #4, by sarah c! Guidelines

15th January 2012:
I loved it! It was so witty funny and so.DRACO! Love. It.

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Review #5, by ourloveistruex Guidelines

1st June 2011:
This cracks me up everytime I read it! Loved it!!

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Review #6, by pooh Guidelines

5th October 2010:
that was a very funny story...love it...DRAMIONE forever!!!

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Review #7, by NotSuchAPrincessAlex Guidelines

12th July 2010:
haha i loved that it helped make my day!

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Review #8, by Fluffball Guidelines

3rd March 2010:
i absolutely love it... i have nothing bad to say about it except for a couple of spelling errors
i really enjoyed reading it :)

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Review #9, by vivalasunday Guidelines

19th December 2009:
Ahaha, that was hilarious. Draco and Hermione are the best Hogwarts couple ever.

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Review #10, by TizziChoco<3 Guidelines

28th August 2009:
Hahaha i love it, the ending is really cute ^^

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Review #11, by jammiecon Guidelines

5th May 2009:
WOW ahahahahaa that was so refreshing! how did you come up with that?? LOL i'm still hung-over smiling from the part where rule number 8 was actually because of rule number 6 which was OBVIOUSLY based on rule number 3... ahahahahaha..

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Review #12, by mariami Guidelines

23rd February 2009:
i loved it really really :)

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Review #13, by Natalia_Malfoy21 Guidelines

20th February 2009:


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Review #14, by Twilight_Fairy91 Guidelines

19th November 2008:
Love it! Rule number sixteen, i love it! 10 out of 10!

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Review #15, by Lyubov Guidelines

25th October 2008:
Awww I love this story. Especially the end it was halarious I was laughing so hard the whole time I was reading it.
The only problem i found was that it was so short. When I got to the end kept on wishing that there would be more. :) lol
Great story

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Review #16, by gitgit Guidelines

24th October 2008:
ahahahahahha rule number sixteen had to be my favourite rule out of all fo them
that was awesome
great one shot :D

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Review #17, by jenrabbit Guidelines

19th March 2008:
AaWwWwWw! That was SOoOoOo SWEET!!! I like the rules list, and this is SO goin on my favorites, or you are, if you aren't already, lol. Totaly a 10/10, and you're a VERY talented writer.

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Review #18, by groteskq_fatality Guidelines

4th March 2008:
lmao.gotta love it.
amazing really.haha.


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Review #19, by Hermy818 Guidelines

21st January 2008:
*shriek!* I Love it! This has to be the best story I've ever read. You capture their personalities beautifully! Going on my faves!

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Review #20, by haley_baby_girl11 Guidelines

1st January 2008:
that was frickin funny! great story!!! hehe! =-)
keep up the good work!

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Review #21, by celestlyn Guidelines

17th November 2007:
Excellent! So funny! I love it!

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Review #22, by catie07 Guidelines

13th November 2007:
omg i love this story its one of my favourites i read it atleast twice a week i love the end bit about rule number 16 woo hoo
aye a fab a daint think ther is a beta story
(im a geordie) fyi it means im from newcastle in england if u didnt no
lol gr8 work make more xxx

Author's Response: Thanx :) i'm glad that you like it so much. I actually didn't know what a geordie was so thanx 4 explaining :)

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Review #23, by Billion Guidelines

3rd November 2007:
Loved it, absolutely hilarious!

Author's Response: thanx :P

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Review #24, by catie07 Guidelines

14th August 2007:
omg i have i love reading fan fics but this is my favourite i love it at the end where it says
Note to self add Rule number sixteen: All rules are optional… except for rule number one of course…
i have it in my favourites its thebest i always get so giddy its really amazing well done!! :D

Author's Response: Thanx 4 the review. I'm glad that you liked the story so much :)

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Review #25, by Jellyman Guidelines

11th August 2007:
Haha, I think that was brilliant! Rule number sixteen was especially funny, considering the other rules like disbandment =] Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! :)

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