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Review #1, by DarkName Chapter 1

15th July 2009:
Well, for a first chapter, it's not bad. Though it is extremely ooc for Draco and Hermione, unless marked as AU which I admit a lot of us neglect to check. Not to sound harsh, truly, But Fleur transferring from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts during her Seventh Year is sort of cliche, not to mention mildly impossible as once the TriWizard tournament was over, she graduated school. As well as her being with Draco, three years her junior. For what you have, it seems a pretty good plot. I do, however, strongly recommend hopping over to the forums and requesting a beta reader, just to check on the basics - grammer, punctuation, spelling. Simple things that we over look in our own stories. Also, try to use the hp-lexicon site (12+) to check information in case you are unsure about certain things, such as Fleur's age/ school year, name of previous school. If you have any questions, please ask. I'd love to help!

Constructively yours, Dark.

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Review #2, by Roshy Chapter 1

29th May 2007:
that was really good i can't wait to read the next chapter

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