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Review #1, by Leoanna Sisterhood

18th November 2006:
why did she writte that?!
its a nice story by the way really like it

Author's Response: she wrote it because... we said she did :) It'll work out, promise.

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Review #2, by blackredeyedhorse Crucio

1st November 2006:
please update son !

Author's Response: it's coming!

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Review #3, by green Crucio

14th September 2006:
good. was A telling the truth when she said her dad beats her when he's drunk ? he seemed preaty sober to me. is there going to be more abuse in latter chapters ?

Author's Response: yes, she was telling the truth and he was drunk.

might be; probably only mentions though.

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Review #4, by raven When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do

13th September 2006:
after you replay to the email review, could you please delete it ? i don't want any weridos ( if they're on the site ) being able to contact me.

Author's Response: don't know but will try.

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Review #5, by raven When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do

7th September 2006:
it's adpkampf@msn.com

Author's Response: okay, i'll email u when the next chapter is validated.

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Review #6, by raven When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do

4th September 2006:
good story. if it's possible could you notaifey me when the next chapter is in ?

Author's Response: thanks.

I don't think it's possible, but if you leave your emil address, I can email you when the next chapter is validated.

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Review #7, by vampwolf Crazy New Friends

6th August 2006:
good chapter. does dumbledoore konw she's being abused ? if he does why didn't he stop her father when he took her out of the room to hurt her ? are you going to update soon ?

Author's Response: yes, i'll update soon and all the other questions will be answered soon.

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Review #8, by ntonkslupin Crazy New Friends

26th July 2006:
good story. how many chapters will there be ?

Author's Response: probably around 40. maybe 35. still not sure. glad u liked it.

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Review #9, by malfoyfreak Crazy New Friends

22nd July 2006:
good story. if A is in frist year whear's B and N ? when are you going to update again ?

Author's Response: bellatrix is younger in this story. chapter 2 will be up as soon as our one shot, When I Die, is validated.

Liz and Kit

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