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Review #1, by ally34435 Not A Pretty Girl

29th July 2009:
I love the story I read it like four times now it gets better and better

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Review #2, by Singer Not A Pretty Girl

30th May 2008:
good summary, it really draws you in...
you really picked the perfect song to go with the story...

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Review #3, by ginny_weasley_54 Not A Pretty Girl

7th January 2008:
wow. amazing story. i love it.

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Review #4, by o0o_no1_o0o Not A Pretty Girl

20th April 2007:
hey wite to me bak is the story goin on plz don let me dwn

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Review #5, by harrypottersangel Not A Pretty Girl

26th January 2007:
Oh no! I really wanted them to kiss at the end. I definitely think you should do a sequel. I would read it!! Very depressing story but sweet all the same. It pulled at my heart-strings so good job!
Keep writing
Love ~K (9/10)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'll take it into consideration about writing a sequel!!

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Review #6, by Tara Not A Pretty Girl

28th December 2006:
I think if I heard this song, I would instantly fall in love with it. I liked this fic! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks. If you want i can link you to the song or somthing like that. =]

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Review #7, by lothlorien Not A Pretty Girl

27th November 2006:
why i haven't reviewed this story before is an unsolved mistery. i love it! it's great how you didn't show lily as some bimbo but as a strong, independant woman. i also love the song. i didn't know it before i read this story, but now it's one of my favourites.
ps: never mind the spelling mistakes. i'm not from an english speaking country.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #8, by ravenclawqueen522 Not A Pretty Girl

3rd November 2006:
You have to make a sequel. This is such a good story!!! Please make a sequel. Or maybe write a novel Yeah a novel is a much better choice.

Author's Response: I'll consider that....

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Review #9, by nourie!!! Not A Pretty Girl

23rd October 2006:
nice but if you hadn't known that they would end up together, you would think that they would never even see each other after graduation

Author's Response: yeahhh

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Review #10, by nickelei Not A Pretty Girl

26th September 2006:
Wow, good story.

Author's Response: Thanks. =]

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Review #11, by The_Pheonix_Lament Not A Pretty Girl

5th September 2006:
That was awesome! But you know James and Lily get together. How do they get together in your mind? I would like to know. Have you made any fics like that? Reply as soon as you get the chance.

Author's Response: No, i havent wrote any James and Lily Fics. I may soon though.

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Review #12, by qtwitbootie Not A Pretty Girl

2nd August 2006:
humm... yeahh...i dont think so missy

Author's Response: huh?

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Review #13, by Pride3 Not A Pretty Girl

2nd August 2006:
It's good and I loved it! Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, but its a one shot.

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