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Review #1, by bexi_potter Prologue (Part Two)

31st July 2006:
He’d loved her from that moment, and no one would ever come close.
Well save for one.

Ooooo, intrigue. ^_^
Write more soon, it's realy good.
...Remus doesn't die, does he?
Didin't say he did on this chapter, out of all the deceased people.
Please...I don't want Remus to die. >_<
10/10 anyway, because it really is good.
Update soon :)

Author's Response: hehe thankyou
i love the scores out of 10 here...they make me smile.
chapter 3 is in progress - hoping to have it up soon...but i have to work to earn those monies so it may take a little longer.
thanks again for reading and of course reviewing

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Review #2, by bexi_potter Prologue (Part One)

31st July 2006:
:) I like it. But...did I read right? LUPIN DIES?!?! *sobs hysterically* You can't kill Remus! Everyone needs Remus!! >_< *tear*
But I still like it. :)
I'll read the second prologue now...write more soon...10/10...

Author's Response: aww i know i love Remus too.
Sorry about that. But hey if you love Remus you could read my other fic from the Marauders era - lots of remus!
thanks for reading and reviewing

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Review #3, by _Princess_ Prologue (Part Two)

30th July 2006:
she cant be DEAD!!!!!! I am Officially eagerly in waiting!!!!!!!!! hehe cant wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: hehe oo you will just have to wait and see...chapter three is in progress now...
thanks for reading and of course taking the time to review.

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Review #4, by _Princess_ Prologue (Part One)

27th July 2006:
All right now I am waiting for more so I can OFFICIALLY have an opinion on the story cant say much about a small memory of a fight! so come ON UPDATE!!!! lets read the rest!!!

Author's Response: hehe okay - calm down.
am going as fast as the system will let me - the next chapter is up and awaiting validation and chapter 3 is in progress so....keep reading and reviewing.
thankyou xx

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