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Review #1, by princess leah  Chapter X

1st December 2013:
Awesome i love it mate

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Review #2, by MadiMalfoy Chapter X

27th December 2012:
Ahh this was fantastic! I had a feeling this was all just a dream for Hermione, but I wasn't quite sure. Also, the irony of Hermione actually seeing into the future when she positively hates Diviniation was a brilliant idea! Loved it! :D

Author's Response: Right?? Definitely a small smack to the face with Divinations haha

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Review #3, by Love Always_ME Chapter X

10th February 2012:
ABSOLUTELY LOVED this story!!! i felt myself getting sadder and sadder the more i read and i cannot even explain how relieved once i got to the end!! You are a really great author =)

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Review #4, by Jakumo1 Chapter X

23rd December 2011:

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Review #5, by Bookaholic Girl Chapter X

13th June 2011:
That was brilliant! I totally fell for it!

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Review #6, by ND Chapter X

21st October 2010:
Shii man! I can't believe you just wrote what you wrote. It was brilliant. Totally unexpected. I like the power of your imagination. You have surely become one of my favorites. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. :)

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Review #7, by couldyoureallyknow Chapter X

11th September 2010:
awuh :)
amazing story!!

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Review #8, by Jack's Jar of Dirt Chapter X

20th June 2010:
HOLY CRAP! I was seriously screaming at my computer the last 2 chapters."No don't leave Harry! No, What about Draco?!?!"...and so on. And then I was so confused when Hermione died and That was a great storyline and a great twist.
Keep writing =]

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Review #9, by pooh Chapter X

2nd March 2010:
that was the best story i have ever read!very unpredictable and first i thought hermione would really die and i was starting to think on how to give you a piece of my mind for killing her but i was really glad that it was all just a dream...the ending was very unexpected. bloody brilliant!

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Review #10, by SuperDramioneFan2009 Chapter X

17th January 2010:
I loved this story so much! It made me cry. My heart was broken when Hermione was gonna be kissed. I'd say you were a master who manipulated others emotions naturally.
Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thank you!! You're too kind with your words, you'll make my head inflate! haha

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Review #11, by Theresa Hammer Chapter X

15th December 2009:
Woww when she was gonna kiss i was gonna cry and scream and be so mad but then i knew it i knew whhat was gonna happen im so glad to you did an excelletn job on this story.

Author's Response: thank you! I just couldn't kill poor Hermione like that, it's just not right!!

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Review #12, by Kaytee94 Chapter X

17th October 2009:
That was an amazing twist. I loved it. I didn't like Greg at all! But the way that you ended the story was amazing. Nice work.

Author's Response: Thank you :) ! I think Greg is my least liked OC that I've made so far, but that was his purpose I suppose lol

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Review #13, by carla Chapter II

21st September 2009:
oh there is definitly something fishy about greg, he absuloutly reaks of it!

Author's Response: You're too right :)

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Review #14, by D&Hfangirl28 Chapter I

19th September 2009:
wow! what an amazing start!

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #15, by RainbowKatie Chapter X

12th September 2009:
They may just be one of the best stories I've read that is a fanfiction. I actually cried at the end as I felt so involed with your plot. That was truly wonderful, I'm slightly shocked by how good it was. Some of these fanfictions are just painful.
Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: Haha well I'm VERY glad that my plot wasn't painful, thrilled actually! I'm glad you liked it, thank you so much for reviewing :D

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Review #16, by SOM Chapter X

10th September 2009:
Loved it! Best Dramione I've read in a while, and I read a LOT of Dramione. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing!

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D

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Review #17, by HarryPotterLover101 Chapter X

9th September 2009:
aw im tearing up thats soo cute!

Author's Response: I hope tearing up means you loved it :) thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Irelandk Chapter X

8th September 2009:
I loved this story!!! I am so glad I came upon your story. The only thing I would have loved for Draco to have pulled away from her kiss at the end and said something really sweet! Thanks for the great twist at the end!

Author's Response: Ah I know! I spent soo long trying to think of something incredibly romantic for him to say, but everything I came up with was cliche garbage, so I left it :/ Anyway! I'm so glad you liked it and thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by Ivanova my love Chapter X

7th September 2009:
i was going to kill you. but i decided not to when hermione woke up. :) that was good. that was very good. but what if it hadn't been a dream? draco would have lost it and run back and saved hermione, right? right? yeah?

Author's Response: Oh of course! If it hadn't been a dream Draco would have rescued her in some fantastically awesome way :)

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Review #20, by Bella Mahina Chapter X

7th September 2009:
That was great!! Thanks for sharing that interesting story line :)

Author's Response: :) thank you so much!

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Review #21, by mikalily Chapter X

6th September 2009:
i reallu liked it :)

Author's Response: thank you! I'm very glad :D

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Review #22, by nikka Chapter I

6th September 2009:
Great job capturing Hagrids voice, all the characters voices, actually. I look forward to finishing the story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Hagrid is a beastly character to figure out, though 4 stories later of attempts I'm glad to hear I finally got it :)

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Review #23, by Wow Chapter X

5th September 2009:
This is one of the best stories ever
absolutely love the ending

Author's Response: Yay! Best review ever :D

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Review #24, by hp4life Chapter X

4th September 2009:
man that was amazingly beautiful. that was wonderful. i love how u made it like impending doom, and sadness...i actually cried - but then how she came back, and...and...that was just beautiful!!!

Author's Response: "Impending doom" - I always loved that saying! haha :) thank you so much for the review I'm very happy you enjoyed this story!!

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Review #25, by Ivanova my love Chapter IX

28th August 2009:
i enjoy how hermione and greg work-- the i hate you, but i don't have a choice becuase i'm married to you thing. it's very believable.
make draco give her a second chance! please?

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see!!

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