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Reading Reviews for Taking Over Me
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Review #1, by Quidditch Chick 01 Taking over me...

16th June 2007:
Wow, that was really sad!

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Review #2, by gina_smurfette Taking over me...

28th January 2007:
sad, good writting tho, nice detail too

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Review #3, by saya Taking over me...

8th October 2006:
waow well it made my heart... dunno but your story's beautiful
Oddly I particularly like the beggining XD
but the story is so sad !! well,
sad is synonym of beautiful

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Review #4, by xdarkestxsecretsx Taking over me...

6th September 2006:
Sigh...I really didnt want her to die...just my opinion but I would have loved it if Draco kicked ass and tried to fight off the death eaters...maybe I just felt Hermione was a little OOC. but overall nice write.

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Review #5, by Cheeky Monkey Taking over me...

2nd September 2006:
Wow, powerful story

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Review #6, by Hollyxberry Taking over me...

18th August 2006:
;-; That was sad. I was close to tears at the end. Wonderful story. (:

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Review #7, by Serpentine_Fire_88 Taking over me...

15th August 2006:
OMG!!!!! Okay, I cried...yes, actually, I'm balling my eyes out right now. No offense to your b-e-a-u-tiful story, but I hate it when ppl die in the end!! I hate sad stories, but sometimes i just feel the need to cry. and this story did it! I absolutely loved it, im adding it to my favorites, so i can cry all over again!

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Review #8, by Amor Vedalitas Taking over me...

14th August 2006:
i like this story. its very sad, but no, it didn't make me cry. but i loved it all the same! :)

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Review #9, by Namie Taking over me...

9th August 2006:
I cried.
your piece won me over.
keep it up! *thumbs up*

Author's Response: thanks!!! :) i didnt think it would make people cry... but i guess i was wrong! thanks for liking my story :)

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Review #10, by Hermione_needs_draco Taking over me...

6th August 2006:


Author's Response: I'm sorry that that's what you think :) If you don't like the story, I hope and I know that there are ones on here that ill make you happy :)

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Review #11, by huckleberry_pie Taking over me...

5th August 2006:
o. m. g. sooo sad. im gonna cry!!! expertly written, i love it so much!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!!

That was very nice of you :)

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Review #12, by jusme'k Taking over me...

5th August 2006:
thats so awful! no it did not make me happy. . . *sigh* nice job tho. . . literally, "killer" ending.

Author's Response: lol yep, a 'killer' ending. thanks for your review

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Review #13, by Lunall2000 Taking over me...

5th August 2006:
i loved it. it was so good.

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)

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Review #14, by HaloAngel Taking over me...

5th August 2006:
That was REALLY sad...I'm in tears. Good story but very sad.

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks for your review :)

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Review #15, by xxstormy_eyesxx Taking over me...

4th August 2006:
How could you do that?! What have they ever done to you?!
I think that was the most darkest romance fics I have ever read, and I've read a lot. Poor Hermione, my heart bleeds for her and Draco, he finally got his memory back, too late. I enjoyed reading this fic thoroughly and I'll be looking out for more fics by you!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! there will be more angsty stories coming. I've been writing another one called 'Fallen Evanescence'.

Thats a dark romance. lol.

Thank you for reading this story and liking it!!!!

Thanks for your review :)

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Review #16, by Scarlett_Platypus Taking over me...

13th July 2006:
**coughs** Quidditch is capitalized. And there's the usual quotation formatting that I get on your case so much about. **sighs** Now on to the GOOD things! The angst was extremely well done, although it didn't make me cry (sorry!). Wait. **rereads**. Oh, she killed herself. I love you, Alice. Haha. This is ultimately my favorite out of your works. YAY! **applauds** I can NEVER write a one-shot. I'm more of the 20-chapter type. And I've never finished a story either, so you see...**shrugs** I don't usually like songfics, but I do like this one. Yep. I do. My little Wonderland's all grown-up! **sobs** Bye!

Author's Response: When did I mention Quidditch in this one? Yes, the usual formatting :P Sorry! *bows on ground and apologizes* Lol, it's okay if it didn't make you cry. I was just curious :). Thanks for your really really really really really really nice and encouraging review! ^_^

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Review #17, by Aly4evar Taking over me...

12th July 2006:
dang girl! you are such a great writer! I wish there was more to this one shot :(

Author's Response: lol i wish there was more too :( but its a one shot so... *shrugs* Thanks for your review!

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Review #18, by a_born_hp_fanatic14 Taking over me...

11th July 2006:
wow... this story is so, sad! :( *tear*

Author's Response: :( thanks for the review! I hope it wasn't that sad though...

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Review #19, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:

Author's Response: lol thanks! is it okay if I don't answer your one word reviews down there? cuase i think you were trying to say this :P

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Review #20, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:

Author's Response: lol thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:

Author's Response: you're... lol

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Review #22, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:

Author's Response: i'll take that as a compliment. Gracias!

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Review #23, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:
weel, my review got cut off. i said i

Author's Response: its okay ^_~. i got the message :) thanks for all of your reviews!

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Review #24, by DMHGshipsrocs Taking over me...

11th July 2006:
I lie awake, and try so harddddd not to think of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Author's Response: lol the lyrics ;)

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Review #25, by lilyian Taking over me...

11th July 2006:
I'm loving this anst story :) Great job!

Author's Response: thank you! :)

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