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Review #1, by sapphire snape Back with a vengance!!!!

25th December 2010:
Hi FredWeasleysGF

I have read your story so far and it is totaly cool. I hope you fin this story. Good luck with your story. PS: so cannot wait to read your next chapter.

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Review #2, by Nymphie Lupin Like someone from a dream.

23rd February 2007:
Obviously, wonderful chapter!!! Wow, "...the one who will help us bring an end to Albus Dumbledore." Now that makes the plot all the more intriguing!!! You really know how to write an awesome chappie with a killer cliffie!!! I absolutely hate cliffies!!! Perhaps a gazillion out of ten could do your genius justice!!! I really loved the twins' part in this. You did a marvelous job!!!

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Review #3, by Nymphie Lupin Albus Dumbledore

20th February 2007:
Trust me, this is NOT boring!!! I have read a lot of boring fill-in chappies and this is not one of them. There is a lot of detail in this! It reminds me of when Dumbledore came for Tom Riddle, and the Weasleys agreeing to kind of take her in and show her what the Wizarding World is all about was a cute little add-in! Fred and George... WOW!!! Subtlety is definitely not their middle name!!! Lmao! You really captured their character personalities well!!! This is excellent!!! 10/10 for you my dear! You deserve it! Keep up your marvelous work!!!
;) have a great day! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much you are so nice!!

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Review #4, by bearcollector07 Evil Has Many Faces

9th February 2007:
This was a good chapter! I'm starting to fall in love with all of your stories. They are all just soo good!! GOOD JOB!!!

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Review #5, by Nymphie Lupin This is as good as its gonna get!

24th January 2007:
I can tell that this is gonna be a good fic. I had promised to read some of your fics before, and I finally got around to it! This is so great! I love the details! Poor her! Living in an orphanage has to be horrible! I feel so sorry for orphans. This is going on my faves! This has such a great story line so far. (And it's only the begining, how awesome are you?) You're also going to become one of my fave authors! YAY!!! I love adding people to my fave authors list! You're doing a great job with this fic.
This gets way way way over a ten outta ten. more like a thousand outta ten! This is such a perfectly written story! And I can't get over that I am absolutely in love with this fic and it is only the first chappie! OMG! YOU'RE GOOD! ;) Have an excellent week!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! That was def myt fave review from like ever, you are so going to be one of my fave reviewers and one of those people I wait ages to read my stuff!!!

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Review #6, by kat Evil Has Many Faces

13th January 2007:
hey awesome story! I can't wait to find out why Carrie can make fire. Do you think she'll end up with oliver wood? lol write next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, I think I will go and write the 8th chappie now but I warn you not much creepy stuff will be happening, I need some comic relief. Take a look at my Sirius/OC fic, I'm very proud of it!

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Review #7, by Healer_25 A secret behind every story.

12th January 2007:
heh, snape oh you make me happy. Not that I have an affair with him, its just hes so much fun to write and read.
the little interludes to Lucius are incredibly creepy! But kudos! I don't know if I could do him so accurately.

Keep going!

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Review #8, by Healer_25 The Truth Hurts

12th January 2007:
Interesting...she's smaller than Ginny? a girl thats three years younger? wouldn't Ginny be 8?

Gah stupid prophecy balls, they really are the death of people did you know that? Otherwise, I don't know why the twins didn't notice the smoking paper, saying that I want to say smoking gun. If they were inquisitive like Hermione they would probably research it, but I'm not too sure about them.

Author's Response: I don't think the twins are that inquisitive or that observant, I mean they are boys!!!

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Review #9, by Healer_25 Like someone from a dream.

12th January 2007:
herm.prophecy you say? I noticed a small spelling mistake earlier. nothing much though, I like the idea of prophecies, I wonder how you'll use them.

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Review #10, by Healer_25 Albus Dumbledore

12th January 2007:
heh I wondered when you said two boys if this was the twins...oh you have definitely perked my curiosity! I've actually never read a decent story that involved the twins, most people use them as side. Not the filler. Thanks!

Author's Response: I really like the twins and wanted to use them in a story where they had a lot to do with the main character!

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Review #11, by Healer_25 This is as good as its gonna get!

12th January 2007:
in the very beginning theres this odd word flip, I think its the first sentence, however I like your start, I'm curious to see how this will work with the magical world, I can see the outline, but still, I'm curious.

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Review #12, by love2BaHarryPotterNerd Evil Has Many Faces

26th December 2006:
is she gunna get with cedric i hope so i love that boy so much!

Author's Response: I have decided that she will end up with Cedric only for a little while though, her future is as yet undecided! Thanx for reading anyway!

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Review #13, by _Lexi_ Evil Has Many Faces

29th November 2006:
oh yess loved it as usual!!
can't wait for the nxt chappie!!
=D =D

Author's Response: Thanks when I get the chance I'll update it so it should be up sometime next week!! Thanx for the review!! Could you take a look at my other story?

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Review #14, by Reading Fool Like someone from a dream.

27th November 2006:

Author's Response: PLease read the rest of the story when you can!! Thanx for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Reading Fool Albus Dumbledore

23rd November 2006:
So I am guessing she is in Fred and George's year eh?

Author's Response: Cheers! and yes of course she is!

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Review #16, by Reading Fool This is as good as its gonna get!

23rd November 2006:
Good story. Can't wait to read more so I think I will.

Author's Response: Thanx for the review!!

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Review #17, by Liadan Lightflower Evil Has Many Faces

22nd November 2006:
Hey, this chapter was good. It brought out a little jealousy on Fred's part. I can tell you wrote this rather quickly. You have a few grammer mistakes, but they're not bad. I really enjoyed it. It was well done. =)


Author's Response: Thanks huni, I did write it in a rush but I couldn't be bothered to correct it coz it takes too long to get validated!!

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Review #18, by quidditchlover83 Evil Has Many Faces

12th November 2006:

Author's Response: That is so nice, thank you so much!! I had an awful day at school today and that review cheered me up!!

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Review #19, by Gold Raindrops Evil Has Many Faces

11th November 2006:
Of course every chapter doesn't have to have something wierd or interesting. In fact, it's better to have filler chappies like this one.

Nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!! I'm actually off to write the next chappie to my other story!

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Review #20, by Miranda Evil Has Many Faces

8th November 2006:
No, something weird does not have to happen in every chapter to make it good! lol I actually really liked this chapter. It was funny, a tad bit serious, and also a tad bit romantic. But i have to say, you are predictable(in a VERY good way) I knew that Fred was gonna have something for Carrie. Or George. But Cedric...I did NOT see that one coming! But i like it, i like it a lot ~_^
"Its not cheat money, we don't cheat we..."George trailed off and glanced at Fred.
"We adapt to circumstances, but never cheat", Fred finished.

"Thats hardly fair..." said Fred.
"Its not fair at all" I grinned.
My two favorite parts! lol Please update soon! 10/10!


Author's Response: Thank you so much those were my fave parts aswell, you are def one of my fave reviewers!! A big thank you to you!!
I had to put Cedric in coz he is just so fine but I must warn you that I'm not changing what happens between him and Cho!!
Thanx again

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Review #21, by MoonysChick19 Evil Has Many Faces

8th November 2006:
No nothing weird has to happen in every chappy. I actually don't mind having a chapter where nothing creepy happens! Once again Katy, you have out done yourself! I absolutely love this story and this update was fantastic! Please update soon and I promise to read it!
Georgie.Porgie. no comment. JK, it's funny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much that was a lovely review! I am planning on making the next chappie a bit more normal with a bit more romance! I had to say Georgie Porgie, it just suited him so well! hehe Thanks again!

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Review #22, by FredWeasleysGF Evil Has Many Faces

8th November 2006:
Big thank you to Gold Raindrops, TheMagicWithin, Liadan Lightflower, Moonyschick19, Lexi and everyone else who reviews this story and don't worry, one day I will get round to typing out all of your names!!

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Review #23, by fireball Back with a vengance!!!!

7th November 2006:
love it. are you going to make snape bad or good ? ( imanges snape bad, rolls around on floor and dies horribley and slowley and painfuly. ) update soon.

Author's Response: Have written next chappie and it has been waiting since, friday I think so hopefully it should go up soon!!! Thanx for the review!

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Review #24, by Gold Raindrops Back with a vengance!!!!

2nd November 2006:
yay! I loved it, of course! Good job!


Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #25, by Gold Raindrops A secret behind every story.

26th October 2006:

I love Fred and George. They are so hilarious. Also, I think it's intriguing how you made Ollivander a seer. yay! I love it!


Author's Response: Firstly, there is something I should tell you, if you read chapter six, Ithink you will be quite happy that a certain character will not die! Cheers, I love Fred and George too!!

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