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Review #1, by EvansPotter last chapter

14th December 2007:
this is really the past, the present ,and the future. i really enjoyed it.10/10

Author's Response: thank you for your review! i' glad you liked it

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Review #2, by EvansPotter chapter 7

14th December 2007:
i enjoyed it. i could have just killed that peter right away.

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Review #3, by EvansPotter chapter 5

14th December 2007:
i really enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by EvansPotter  chapter 4

14th December 2007:
i loved/enjoyed it but lily called dumbledore by the name dumbledore not albus.

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Review #5, by EvansPotter chapter 3

14th December 2007:
i really loved this chapter. all that seeing the future is cool.

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Review #6, by EvansPotter chapter 2

14th December 2007:
i enjoyed it. it's getting interesting.

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Review #7, by EvansPotter chapter 1

14th December 2007:
i liked it a little bit. am hoping the next chapter will be much better like the first one.

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Review #8, by EvansPotter prologue

14th December 2007:
iam loving this. cute

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Review #9, by SunSation Gal 07 chapter 1

22nd September 2006:
I can make you a banner. Just go to my website and fill out a request. The link is in my profile.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #10, by navygirl529 chapter 7

22nd September 2006:
aww sweet! it's ok if it's short, it was still fabulous!! i loved the part where James and lily are talking, and Lily says "now that I've found you, I'll never let you go"--very chick-flicky!! i love the fluff fluff FLUFF!!

Author's Response: thanks, thats my best part too. so do have any ideas? thanks for reviewing

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Review #11, by navygirl529 chapter 6

19th August 2006:
whoa...that was awesome, but so sad!!! i don't blame James for wanting to stay in the enchanted sleep! i'm so happy you've updated!!! great story, i can't eait to see how they are going to solve this!!

Author's Response: well, thanks i'll try to update as soon as i can

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Review #12, by Padfootz_luvr chapter 5

14th August 2006:
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That'd be really helpful...I only ask for the name of the story and your pen-name because I am sometimes fulfilling a few requests at a time and it wouldn't be so good to get banners mixed up, lol...so lemme know, k? You don't have to have all of that little questionnaire filled out, obviously, but it is very helpful to have some of it so that your banner comes out to your liking!


Author's Response: i've send you an e-mail!

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Review #13, by navygirl529 chapter 5

13th August 2006:
whoa!!!! oh my gosh i absolutewly must know what happens next!!!! i psyched to see what you have him see next....awesome!

Author's Response: hey, i'll post it today but then we have to wait for validation :p but u will like the next chapter,its ful of details.

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Review #14, by navygirl529  chapter 4

6th August 2006:
wow...I really liked how you included Alice and Frank in this section! very sad, my only question is would the marauders cry? I normally would doubt, but here it maks sense! nicely done! i can't wait to read on and to see where you go with it!!:)

Author's Response: hey, thanks, the next chapter is just for the reactions...i'm just waiting for validation.......really glad u like my story....as this is my first fic.

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Review #15, by _Prongs_Lily_Flower_ chapter 3

5th August 2006:
Hi, I liked the story, and I know someone who will make you a banner. HarryPottersFantasyGirl makes awesome ones, and she does requests, she has her email up on her author page, all you have to do is ask

Author's Response: hey, thanks i'm really glad u liked my story.....and thanks for the tip..

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Review #16, by Remus_tonks_harrypotter chapter 3

1st August 2006:
I really like the story. How far into the future are these "dreams" going to go exactly? Do they find out they die?

Author's Response: YEP, but i wont say more, you have to read and find out, keep reviewing

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Review #17, by navygirl529 chapter 3

1st August 2006:
awesome! i like how you built up Sirius' role as best friend; it really solidifies just how close the two guys were. i can't wait for more, keep it coming!!!!!

Author's Response: well sirius and james are my best characters so expect really loads of them! :p.......... just waiting validation......keep reviewing..........you are my number 1 reader! : )

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Review #18, by navygirl529 chapter 2

29th July 2006:
coolness! i liked the singing entrees in this one! very awesome! updaqte soon!

Author's Response: thanks, already did, just waiting validation.......enjoy!

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Review #19, by navygirl529 chapter 1

25th July 2006:
awww! wow! that was awesome! i love the scenes where the guy shuts the girl up with a kiss! very classic and romantic(especially if it happens in real life!!) this is an amazing story! i can;t wait to see where else you'll go with it...perhaps through the proposal? well, whatever you do, i'm very excited to see it all unfold!

Author's Response: hey, thanks for review, chapter 2 is going through validation right now so it'll be up soon!!!

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Review #20, by navygirl529 prologue

16th July 2006:
cute prologue! update soon! i'd love to read on...*hint hint*:)

Author's Response: hey, thanks for the review, i've already sent chapter 2 but sth was wrong with the validation so i've sent it again, it'll be on soon.
**You will LOVE it, trust me**

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Review #21, by cookiesmakemegoYUM prologue

7th July 2006:
It was OK. You didn't tell a lot though. Post soon!

Author's Response: hey, thanks for reviewing, this is just the prolouge, i promise the next chapters are more detailed :p

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