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Review #1, by jenrabbit Psychobabble

8th May 2008:
Nice little fic. Very well written, sweet, a little clichedy, but still good. Keep writing, your talented, totaly a 10/10!!

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Review #2, by _xDraco Psychobabble

3rd May 2008:
thats really good! :)
it would be even better if it was longer though.
but its still great. :]]

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Review #3, by dramione 4 ever Psychobabble

22nd March 2008:
great story .simply rock

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Review #4, by inkismyworld Psychobabble

12th August 2007:
ooo a cliff-hanger, I like it :) The suspense was gripping and kept me glued until the end.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. -]

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Review #5, by the_zerbiac Psychobabble

4th March 2007:
whoa. that was GREAT!
your descriptions were great.
tho a little bit was a tad confusing, but for the most part, i loved it!

Author's Response: Yeah, I get the confusing thing a lot. -/
But I'm glad you liked it anyway!

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Review #6, by isteppedonsnape001 Psychobabble

20th August 2006:
Very well-written and good chapter! Though I must say, the first time they say I love you to each other, Draco's answer seemed a bit corny. Maybe you couldve made it more realistic? I mean, they were being chased, and I mean, he's Draco so... Anyhoo, I like the over-all plot! The song is nice too. :) Hehe. 9/10!

Author's Response: yeah i realized it's cheesy. but i didn't know how to write it exactly. i wanted the end to be kinda fluffy but not too much.

but whatever... i'm glad you liked it, anyway!

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Review #7, by hpffreader Psychobabble

15th August 2006:
Reminds of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Author's Response: really? hm... never even thought about that. but thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by alyson Psychobabble

12th August 2006:
put a sequal please.

Author's Response: sorry it's a one-shot, but thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by thewaywelivenow Psychobabble

8th August 2006:

That was good!
I wasn’t sure if the song fit the story but after reading a bit more I realised that it did, so great choice of the song.
The thing I didn’t like was this: “[from the study behind them]”. This made the it seem like it was a script and not a story.
Apart from that though, the story was sweet and I liked how you didn’t reveal the two characters names until the very end, it made the story even more intriguing. I also really liked the last line.
Good job.

Author's Response: i didn't know how to make it seem like the voices were from behind them, so i just wrote it that way. i'll probably end up editing it so it isn't that way. but i'm glad you liked the rest of it!

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Review #10, by Ocean Fairy~Jess Psychobabble

1st August 2006:
Very good,I was a little confused at first but I soon caught on and you had me hooked until the end.Grammer and spelling was great.
If you're intrested in Dramione will you check out mine? I would really love some reviews too.You don't have to if you don't want to.Check my signiture for the link :)

Author's Response: okay no problem!

thank you for the review. i'm glad everything was satisfactory.

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Review #11, by GinnyRox Psychobabble

31st July 2006:
Wow. This was really good. I like how even though their lives are at risk they still fight so they can remain together!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you thought it was good!

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Review #12, by GryffindorGoddess06 Psychobabble

30th July 2006:
Um...this was a bit confusing. Not that I didn't like it...I just didn't understand it. Who's chasing them? Who are the two sides?? Otherwise, I liked it a lot, because it was filled with action. I think that you should just change a bit to make it a little clearer, and then it'll be perfect!!

Author's Response: thanks! i'll definitely look into that. i was hoping that it would just be known who the sides and such were, but then again, i haven't been writing long so it was pretty much an empty hope. i'll definitely work on my writing skills to make it better.

thanks for the advice!

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Review #13, by lynnlana Psychobabble

29th July 2006:
Love it. It's so good it pulls at my heartstrings. Need more. So update soon please. It reminds me so much of real life people that love each other should be together no matter what right. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks! that was exactly what i was going for! (the whole being together no matter what, i mean) and i have another one-shot and story in the works. so check back soon to see if they're validated.

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Review #14, by hermione_needz-A_HAIRCUT! Psychobabble

29th July 2006:
dis story is ace gud plot n dat lot n scences prob is y is it draco n hermione?? coz in ALL or at least MOSt of the books draco calleds her a filthly little mudblood n there not egsacly words o luv anyway apart from that its ace!! keep at it !!

Author's Response: well, i wrote it for draco/hermione cause i'm just that kinda of shipper. that's all. but i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by ButterflyVampirez Psychobabble

29th July 2006:
its not bad. i really like it!!!
love, isabella

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you like it!

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Review #16, by Karma101 Psychobabble

28th July 2006:
wow so drama filled but i luved it!

Author's Response: thanks so much! it was my first story, so it's not very good. but i'm glad you liked it!

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