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Review #1, by HermyLuna2 Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

23rd June 2015:
Draco is actually a character I sort of... expected this from! Great oneshot! Actually, I think the decision 'there had to be another way' was kind of bittersweet.
Not wanting to coorperate any of this in my own writing, just came here to read the story.
Also, I like the title.

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Review #2, by gottalovem Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

30th July 2013:
What if the story doesn't end with them deciding that there has to be another way? Is that still acceptable?

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Review #3, by siren song Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

30th April 2012:
would you be able to clarify what you mean by 'glorifying' a selfharm scene?

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Review #4, by DetectiveMenace Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

25th June 2011:
I'm still rather confused. Say that a character if actively seeking not only to mutilate, but to kill himself. Would a scene like that be acceptable, not glorifying suicide, but showing the emotions of a desperate man? I'm not sure. I'll check and double and triple check my one-shot before I post, though. Thank you, Staff!

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Review #5, by Milzy Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

16th November 2007:
Just one question - how are you suppossed to do a death scene?

I asked here because cutting was the closest thing I couyld find towards death.

You should put up a tutorial.

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Review #6, by bemyescape Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

25th August 2007:
Oh My Gawd! I LOVE IT! It is SO much better than mine. God, I love it. Eee!

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Review #7, by MrRemusLupin Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

26th January 2007:
Thanks for the help. I understand now why my chapter was rejected.

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Review #8, by irocksuspenders Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

21st August 2006:

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Review #9, by Islander Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

19th August 2006:
Pretty reasonable. I'm not much of a fan of cutting scenes myself (at least not when it comes to actually writing them), but I did have an idea with Kreacher fulfilling his greatest ambition (which Fred or George mentions in book 5). Of course, I never even considered putting that story on this site, so you needn't worry about getting trouble from me over this issue.

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Review #10, by Sky Goddess Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

3rd August 2006:
It's a very good story as one shot. I like the writing style, and you could fel teh emotions, but I couldn't really picture it, which is bad as a writer because that's exactly what you wanted to do, right? Also, I've seen stories ge away with much more detail, ones where I could really get a good picture. Otherwise. I love the writing style. Good grammer. ^_^

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Review #11, by statiksiren Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

29th June 2006:
It wasnt really all that decriptive as I had hoped. I couldnt really picture it.
I did understand his feelings. I like your style of writing, and you have refreshingly good grammar

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Review #12, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

29th June 2006:
Alright, thank you staff. I don't know if i will ever write a scene with self mutilation but now i know what's acceptable if i ever feel the need to. It's really all that horribly graphic, but then this site isn't made to be so i should have figured. now i know, so erm, thanks? ;D. Anywho, on another note not that this will make any difference but to the person who wrote this i thought the story was good as an example. I feel very weird saying this because this is meant to be an example, but hey the person who wrote this was probably assigned and i figure way let it go with out some sort of reward? So yeah, it was good--as an example and one-shot. So that's all, i can't think of anything else. ciao.

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Review #13, by Pipperstorms Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

28th June 2006:
I am not entirly sure, if what I plan to do would be considered 'glorfying' I think I will just have to wait to cross that bridge when I get there. Thank you though, this was a beautiful example.

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Review #14, by Serenity0047 Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

28th June 2006:
i agree with PottersGoddess16. great way to describe something like that without making it too graphic. i look forward to reading more of your works!

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Review #15, by PottersGoddess16 Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial

28th June 2006:
Beautifully written example. I'll try not to make my future stories too gory.

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