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Review #1, by Blackatt Confusion and some more bad news

1st November 2007:
good story but i feel obligated 2 tell you lee's second name is Jordan not Gorden

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Review #2, by jameslilypotter Confusion and some more bad news

8th September 2006:
p.s how exactly do james and lily play into this is it just from the past chapter when the twins Apaula and Adamien were telling about there life? I gotta no
pp.s great chap again 100/10
ppp.s keep up the good work

Author's Response: thank u so much plese keep reading and trust me james and lily come in once in a flashback and once in ghost form.

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Review #3, by jameslilypotter Find Out some important information

8th September 2006:
I cant believe it
off to read next chappie

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Review #4, by LolaStars Find Out some important information

7th August 2006:

Author's Response: im glad you liked it once my the first chapter of my latest story about Lupin and y he doest want to get with Tonks is validated i will put the next chapter in this story up thanx for the reveiw!!!

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Review #5, by TheHerioneHermione Dealing with death,Brothers,sisters and cussing.

25th July 2006:
Very good. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thank you see i said it would get better. chapter three is giving me a hard time for ot to get validated but hopefully it will be up soon thanx 4 the review keep reading please

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Review #6, by Myself again Dealing with death,Brothers,sisters and cussing.

14th July 2006:
back i am to comment on my own story!!!! hahahah!!! better but I still like the third chapter better.

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Review #7, by Myself Finding the first Trouble

14th July 2006:
the first chapter is crappy, the second better, but when the third comes out that's the big one

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Review #8, by suppastar101 Finding the first Trouble

12th July 2006:
this is good....and i just wanted to let you know i made you a banner....seeing as you didn't have one....and i was check it out...if you like it...i might let you have it...j/k what else would i use it for? :) christine

Author's Response: Thanx for the banner!!!!

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Review #9, by TheHerioneHermione Finding the first Trouble

7th July 2006:
Good job. So sad about Oliver Wood. Got teary...

Author's Response: thanks! I know its a little slow going but the story will get better. please keep reading!!!! my second chapter is awaiting validation.

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Review #10, by Calm before the storm Finding the first Trouble

6th July 2006:
This story, none the less, S-U-C-K-E-D!!!! You don't say in the summary that it turns out good and that its your fanfic. Everyone thinks this is a waste of time, hello! Duh! Yah, pretty much the whole story reeked of rotten eggs.

Improve though! I know this is your first fanfic! Everyone does bad on their first ones... LMAO


Author's Response: im sorry you thought that but like i said its my first fic and its going to get better i promise. its just well its a really long drawn out story so a few chapters will as you said suck. almost every story has a chapter that sucks this just happenes to be mine. im sorry you didn't like it but i know that it is going to get better cause i have the whole plot figured out for all the other chapters. i'll make you a deal if you read the next chapter and you dont like i will take the story off the archieve and you will never have to see the story that reeked of rotten eggs again. (basically i have another story in mind that i know for a fact is good and i want to write it.)


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