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Review #1, by blackruby The last time

28th November 2006:
Love the story and hope you get back to writing

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Review #2, by helloall New things, new house

14th September 2006:
All i can say is better much better. sry if i sounded condescending or anything last r&r. but yeah really good chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. Dont worry about what you say to me it all helps.

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Review #3, by blackruby New things, new house

10th September 2006:
Love the vest that Harry has now and hope for more soon

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Review #4, by ILoveLost1888 New things, new house

10th September 2006:
Wow. It is so good. I love it. ~_~

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Review #5, by helloall Back to the old days.

3rd September 2006:
loved it. full of emotion and drama. very short though, try padding a chapter out with description and not just talk. You write a very good skeleton but you need to work a little more on the meat. hope that helped.


Author's Response: all I am really trying to work on right now is getting the idea out there and then i will go back through it all.
But thanks.

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Review #6, by blackruby Back to the old days.

2nd September 2006:
Love the way Ginny was talking at the end

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Review #7, by helloall Birthday and wedding

28th August 2006:
i really like the story so far and think that ginny should just get it over with and curse harry into mush as she obviously wants to. less mistakes than in the first two chapters and slightly better worded and put together congrats and keep writing.
p.s. two billion is a bit excesive isnt it lol

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Review #8, by wetrge Birthday and wedding

28th August 2006:

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Review #9, by blackruby Birthday and wedding

27th August 2006:
Like the way this is ging and I hope you post more soon

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Review #10, by HighTech_RedNeck Birthday and wedding

27th August 2006:
Much better chapter, and about 3 times as long! Spelling, descriptions, and concepts were great and the only flaw I found were the grammer errors.

Though I have two questions I have to ask;
1. Are you going to make Harry independant or not?
2. Is this going to be a Harry/Ginny story?

Good chapter...8/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I had alot of time to write this chapter, so I hope it did come out okay.

I am not sure exactly what Harry will be like throughout this story. Yes, this will be a Harry/Ginny story as you will learn on the next update. It is a short one though.

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Review #11, by HighTech_RedNeck More then expected

29th July 2006:
First chapter was better but I still really like where this story is going. The spelling and grammer somehow got worse (?) but I've also seen a lot worse too. You should try slowing the story down and descibing the scenes better with more human interaction.

200,000,000,000 galleons??? Jesus, remember that when Harry won the 1,000 galleons from the triwizard tournament it was considered a lot of money. The book of books and the idea of Harry on Sirius' motorcycle sounds pretty cool though.

Sorry but this chapter is only 6/10.

Author's Response: I havnt had alot of time to really write out all the events. I figured i would try and get out as much as I can and the go back and redo the things I want to redo.

I figured 1,000 galleons for the triwizard tourny would have been alot of money for a student but not for two families of the oldest wizards.

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Review #12, by HighTech_RedNeck The last time

7th July 2006:
Nice, very Nice. I haven't found to many independant harry stories for a while so this was a nice surprise. Very good grammer and writing skills although there we're some spelling errors. The major problem I found was that it was way to short so I suggest making the next one longer. Other than that 8.5/10 and I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank alot. I havent ever had a real review ever so thanks. I have been trying to look out for those spelling errors. I will post another chapther tonight. Thanks alot.

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