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Review #1, by Josephine Jobson In the Words of David Bowie . . .

23rd November 2012:
This chapter was good. little short, but good

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Review #2, by Josephine Jobson Hostilities and Fronts

23rd November 2012:
This chapter is good. Interesting. It would probably be just a little better if you had read the books.

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Review #3, by dixieland delight In the Words of David Bowie . . .

24th September 2011:
What! Ginny doesn't have a sandwich of captian crunch and pixie sticks! That would have been very funny.

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Review #4, by groteskq_fatality As you walk on by

21st January 2008:
awww that was nice.
short and sweet.
gotta love the breakfast club. :]

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Review #5, by jinx93 As you walk on by

28th October 2007:
sequal? :D

Author's Response: I'm thinking not. A rewrite for sure though! Glad you liked this version enough to ask about a sequal though~

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Review #6, by Tigermusic As you walk on by

21st April 2007:
liked it :D

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Review #7, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Through the Laughter and Tears

10th April 2007:
ok first draco woodnt share his beans or say sorry..

and he wood never dance with hermione or tell the gryffindores about his life or laugh with harry

but good fic

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Review #8, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

10th April 2007:
i like it but u think draco wood let the gryffindores say his first name and also he called neville by his first and harry

good job tho

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Review #9, by IWannaPlay In the Words of David Bowie . . .

31st March 2007:
Harry - Andrew
Hermione - Claire
Neville - Brian
Draco - John?
Ginny - Allison

OK, so Neville is definitely doing John there, with the impersonation of his father and his money..lmao.
That tapping, was the whole whistling scene, right?

LMAO about the switched chair incident, I REMEMBER THAT!

I have NO IDEA what the chapter means, but I hope you will post it in the notes of the last chapter so we won't forget to find out.
10/10 again!

Author's Response: The title refers to the poem at the beginning of the movie. Or was is song lyrics? Not important. But it goes somewhere a long the lines of "But these children that you spit upon, you think are immune to the world around them. They are quite aware of what they are going through." Or something like that. I totally butchered it, but that's basically what it means.

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Review #10, by IWannaPlay Hostilities and Fronts

31st March 2007:
OMG I LOVE IT! I always LOVED the breakfast club, and Draco watching Hermione is awesome, if not a bit creepy.
The heavy double doors, the chair being pulled out from under his feet, Snape stalking back into the room to check on them, Ginny chewing on her nails, the casual 'basketcase' reference... omg I could go on and on!!!
The only thing I am confused about is who is supposed to be who.
Harry makes the quidditch reference, so I think he would be Andrew. Hermione is the dorky type, which COULD be Brian, but is probably Claire, right?
Ginny is obviously Allison, no doubts there really.
That would mean that Neville is either Brian or Claire's Geeze, I need to break out the Breakfast Club again since I haven't seen it in ages.
Then Draco would be John? Or are we making Neville John? Draco with his money could be in place of Claire...lmao, I'm so confused, but I still love this story!!!
NO, DRACO HAS to be John since he is being the most vocal. Shoot, I'm just gonna shut up and keep reading! 10/10, only because 11 isn't allowed =/

Author's Response: lol. You're too funny. I'm trying to remember what I had the characters as. I wrote it for someone in a previous review. Hang on.
Harry - Athlete
Hermione - Brain
Draco - Prince(ss)
Neville - Criminal
Ginny - Basketcase
I didn't write the characters to perfectly fit the ones in the movie, but I just based them off those traits. I got a few flames about Neville. I for one happen to like this Dark Neville. We see so many stories about an Evil Harry, why not an Evil Neville?

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Review #11, by Regina Noctis As you walk on by

26th March 2007:
Great job! Are you planning on continuing this? RN

Author's Response: Umm, probably not. Maybe I'll rewrite the whole thing sometime.

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Review #12, by Elfgal In the Words of David Bowie . . .

17th February 2007:
In response to chapter 2's question, In the Words of David Bowie means "Let's dance" because David Bowie had a song called "Lets Dance". I LOVE HP AND THE BREAKFAST CLUB! in my mind, THe Goldon Trio is just the English Brat Pack.

Author's Response: Actually, I had chosen the title of the chapter to reflect the words shown at the beginning of the Breakfast Club Movie. In the chapter, I had a professor paraphrase those words. "These children are quite aware of what they're going through." That was my idea behind it. Good guess though and thanks for the review! I love the Breakfast Club too. Totally changed my view on high school and people in general.

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Review #13, by jez redfern As you walk on by

28th December 2006:
this is really good

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Review #14, by Potterholic As you walk on by

4th November 2006:
Great ending! I love it that you didn’t make Hermione and Draco got together immediately. Again, you misspelled Hermione’s name. But that aside, this was a good chapter. Well done!

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Review #15, by Potterholic Through the Laughter and Tears

4th November 2006:
Aww, how sweet! That was a really well-written chapter. The whole thing was believable and well-explained. I love the idea of Harry destroying Tom’s medal, very plausible. The only thing that bugged me was that you misspelled Hermione’s name all through the chapter. You wrote Hermoine. But other than that, you did a great job. Keep it up!

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Review #16, by Potterholic One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

4th November 2006:
Nice chapter! You explained their reasons of being in detention very clearly, and the emotions really came through to me. I always thought that teary-eyed Draco was cheesy, but you pulled it off here. I also like the subtly building friendship between them. Keep up the good work!

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Review #17, by GinnyRox(not logged in) As you walk on by

1st October 2006:
I really liked this story! It was very true to the characters in the books despite you never having read them! It was an honest take on all the characters and how they could be. I could also picture it all in my head as I read it. So to this story I rate it a nine out of ten!

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Review #18, by lola Through the Laughter and Tears

29th September 2006:
great story

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Review #19, by Kaykay As you walk on by

28th September 2006:
Don't think i'm being lazy, i was logge in but it logged me out so oh well.
This story was awsome! I hope you'll write a sequel so that Hermione and Draco can get together and then Ron can take a flakey at them. That would be good. Anyway, for someone who hasn't even read the books you did great. Even if you had read the books i still don't think it could have gotton any better. I loved it.


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Review #20, by Potterholic In the Words of David Bowie . . .

27th September 2006:
Again, great chapter! I like the part where Neville’s mimicking the Malfoys, and then I feel really sorry for him. If he could be that sarcastic then it must’ve really hurt him. And I love the scene where Harry asked Draco to dance. Great job!

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Review #21, by Potterholic Hostilities and Fronts

27th September 2006:
Hey there, this looks like a start to a great story. I like your characterization with everyone. I wonder why they’re in detention, especially Draco and Hermione. You did a good job with the argument between them. Just one small typo, Hogsmeade is spelt with an ‘e’ at the end. Keep up the good work!

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Review #22, by *dee* As you walk on by

26th September 2006:
I love that movie! and you're adaptation was very cool. For someone who proclaims they haven't read any of the books, you did very well! not sure about Neville - but it added to the story :)

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Review #23, by Dark Princess 06 As you walk on by

26th September 2006:

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Review #24, by fairgirl As you walk on by

23rd September 2006:
Awww it's already finished? I'm sad it's finished but that was great, even if I would have liked that Hermione and Draco share a kiss before going back to normal but're the author and maybe this is better this way 10/10

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Review #25, by melleyg As you walk on by

22nd September 2006:
This was so cute, girl! I only found one mistake in this chapter:

"He grasped her hand and led her off to Hogsmead." Should be, "He grasped her hand and led her off to Hogsmeade." That was my only complaint with spelling and grammer, etc.

Also, I would have liked it if the lyrics at the end were in italics. I don't know if others feel that way, or maybe it's just me. At first I wasn't sure if it was an oddly spaced paragraph or lyrics, and the italics would make that it are lyrics immediatly clear.

Anyway, I loved this fic. It was so cute, and I loved the ending. Neville and Ginny are so cute together. I also love the whole hinting at Dramione. Are they going to get to together? No? Yes? Haha.

Is there going to be a sequel to this lovely piece of writing??


Author's Response: thanks! i apprechiate the corrections! you know how i am about that stuff. um, a sequel? hmm. who knows? we will see. perhaps i'll ask for opinions on the forums.

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