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Review #1, by Makeira Truth or Dare

23rd December 2007:
I think the plot of the story could be great, but you might want to work on your punctuation and placement of capitals. I noticed them sometimes spread randomly through sentences. But I really think that your story has a lot of potential and if you ever need a beta or proof reader, I'd love to help out. :)

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Review #2, by His.Horcrux. Truth or Dare

21st July 2007:
I recommend a little more details and descriptions.
More feeling.
Everything sort of just happens really fast

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Review #3, by hermione_mugglewitch Dani, Cedric, and... DEREK?

12th July 2007:

Author's Response: great i'll check it out asap

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Review #4, by hermione_mugglewitch Dani, Cedric, and... DEREK?

6th July 2007:
thanks and also keep looking because i am waiting for chapter 2 to validate so i hope it validates soon, how do u nop when it will?

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Review #5, by hermione_mugglewitch Dani, Cedric, and... DEREK?

4th July 2007:
OMG OMG OMG u updated i was sitting her on my cmputre board when i noticed ther wwas an other chapter so i read it, all thohg it took me 1 minute is was pretty good dun dund dunnn i luv that movie heheh

update soon n please tell me what u think of my story

Author's Response: i was looking foward to your response :) and i am glad you like the chapter. I know it must not seem like something that should've taken this long to write but in all honsety i didn't know how to make the first date work right away.
p.s. I luv ur story :)

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Review #6, by hermione_mugglewitch Truth or Dare

22nd June 2007:
its ok i dont mind waiting as long as its good n u dont abondon it read my sotry please?

Author's Response: Trust me i have no desire to abandon it's just that i need to get my thoughts out just right . I promise there is another chapter coming but i have no guarantees when it will be posted

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Review #7, by hermione_mugglewitch The begining

15th June 2007:
i'm dieing i need moree!!! you havent updated in like 6 months

Author's Response: i'm sooooooo sorry for the inconveince i have so many ideas but when i put them together it sounds like a big mess so i'm working on it honestly i'm trying :) thank you for your paitence

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Review #8, by hermione_mugglewitch The begining

7th April 2007:
i'm getting ready to stop reading UPDATE

Author's Response: I'm trying but i dont have any promises i'm trying to a get A chapter validated and B think of ideas for how this story is going to go . i have 2 ideas so far but i can't decide which to ise please have paitence i'm trying

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Review #9, by hermione_mugglewitch The begining

8th March 2007:
why is it taking so long i cant take it :(

Author's Response: i'm gonna take a litle bit of a break from this story i have to get an idea of how this is gonna flow sorry.

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Review #10, by hermione_mugglewitch The begining

21st January 2007:
she siad yes!u need to update soon i need to find out about the date!!

Author's Response: I'm trying my best the next chapter is coming soon!

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Review #11, by hermione_mugglewitch Truth or Dare

20th January 2007:
hey great story so far i'm loving it its going stright to my favs and i think u need to space everything out abit oh yeha and if u want keep checking up on my story if u wanna read it


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Review #12, by Laurana Study Buddies

26th December 2006:
this is getting good, but please update very soon i cant take the waiting

Author's Response: i'll do my best

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Review #13, by lustandenvy Truth or Dare

1st August 2006:
I like the idea of this story. It could go somewhere big, but you should double check your spelling and your sentences to make sure they make sense. If you need any help or anything like that I'd be glad to be of some assistance.

Author's Response: thanx for the offer and the review! I'll think about it!

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